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Teddy Fenton



Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum in 1971. It is very hard to find information on Klaus Schwab. We know that he was born in Germany in 1938. This seems to be a video of him talking about the WEF.

Klaus Schwab has also written a number of books including; ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ & ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’

WEF Members include… Larry Fink; Blackrock…and his son.

George Soros

Bill Gates

WEF ‘partners’ found on website include: Amazon BAE Bain Gates Foundation Blackrock Bloomberg Carlyle Chevron Deloitte Deutsche Goldman Sachs GE Google IBM McKinsey Moderna Morgan Stanley New York Times Nikkei NYSE Pfizer Shell State Street SWIFT Verizon Visa + like 300 more

More members include; Angela Merkel

Mario Draghi; international banking elite.

Christine Lagarde; international banking elite.

Boris Johnson & Joe Biden

Emmanuel Macron

Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland

Jacinda Ardern

Isabel Maxwell; sister of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jim Smith; Reuters/Pfizer

Boris Nikolic & Melanie Walker; both are Gates cronies

Mark Zuckerberg & Pete Buttigieg

Scott Morrison; Australia Treasurer

Albert Bourla; CEO of Pfizer

Devi Sridhar & Chelsea Clinton

Arthur Caplan & Leana Wen

Some Priest & Richard Walker

Al Gore & Anderson Cooper

Dr. Ibram X Kendi, Peter Thiel, Jimmy Wales, & Mario Bartiromo

Event 201

More nepotism{?} Klaus Schwab’s son; Oliver Schwab is a WEF member. Klaus Schwab’s Wikipedia {atm} says that his son ‘heads the WEF office in Beijing.’ _____ Link;

Speaking of Beijing…

Sheryl Sandberg; Meta {formerly Facebook}

Tony Blair; former PM of United Kingdom.

Michael Bloomberg; another WEF agenda contributor.

Fauci also spoke at the WEF virtual Summit today.

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