Agenda Buster (ST⭐R Boy)

Agenda Buster (ST⭐R Boy)



Neuroscience of Violence (Thread) If U r given a knife n asked to chop a dead body, U wont be able to do it, probably u will start sweating n vomiting but few people specially from particular community r indifferent to violence, they can easily chop a body in 35 parts 1/9

Why ? Answer of this question is in 3 concept of neuroscience- 1. Neural wiring 2. Neuroplasticity 3. Syndrome E Our conscious mind is just tip of iceberg of our mental processes. Larger part of our thoughts and behaviour lies hidden from view.

There is a neural network in our brain that is called pain matrix that assess pain by mirroring so when we see someone in pain, ur neuron in brain cant tell difference n u feel like its happening with u n u fell pain this is basis of empathy We r hardwired to be social creature

Then why do some people r so indifferent And answer of it is in neuroplasticity It says our brain is like plastic. Neural network in our brain keep changing. Old network breaks n new network forms. Neural network in our brain is basis of our behaviour

So u can re-program ur whole brain if u want But how this reprogramming happens ? 3 ways 1. Conscious efforts 2. Environment 3. Education The clue that we receive through our surrounding by friends, family, society, media n education act like electric signals

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