cw hurt/comfort, homophobia atsumu knew before the night started that his boyfriend’s family was…different from his own. kiyoomi rarely talked about them, and when he did, it was always in a detached tone. they were brief words spoken in passing before he changed the subject.

a touchy part of his life that atsumu didn’t try to prod at. he kept in contact with komori and that seemed to be enough for him. atsumu couldn’t imagine what this was like. for him, family was everything. osamu and him were like two peas in a pod, but he was close to his whole

fraternity: his ma, his pa, his cousins, his aunts and uncles, all the family’s spouses. and he had brought kiyoomi to a family dinner two years after they started dating, because that’s when he was sure that kiyoomi would always stay a part of him, and would therefore always

somehow be family. it was another year afterwards now and he was finally meeting kiyoomi’s parents and sisters. he’d acted cool about it at first, but with all the warnings and red flags that kiyoomi gave him, atsumu was starting to be nervous about being thrown into

the lion’s den. osamu thought it was classical first-time-meeting-boyfriends-family-stage-fright, and he’d let atsumu borrow his finest suit for the occasion. wearing a fancy outfit did little to soothe atsumu’s nerves, but at least he looked appropriate.

none of that mattered though, because kiyoomi seemed to be even more stressed than he was. he had barely even glanced at the full black suit atsumu was wearing before saying that "yes, you look fine", and he was silent during the entire ride.

they had to rent a car in tokyo, because none of the hotels near kiyoomi’s parents’ house were affordable. the only sound they could hear in the car was the rain pattering against the windows. atsumu stole a glance towards his boyfriend, a little worried. "are ya okay?"

"hm?" kiyoomi raised his head, hands faltering. he’d been toying with his cuff links, but atsumu didn’t see anything wrong with them. kiyoomi was as handsome as ever, looking tall and fit in his blue suit and white tailored shirt.

"it’s been a long time since i’ve seen them," kiyoomi said in lieu of a response, sinking back into his seat. "well, hey, they invited us, right?" "yes." "then there’s no reason for it to go badly, darlin’." atsumu glanced at him again from the corner of his eyes

and moved his hand from the shift to gently squeeze his thigh. kiyoomi nodded wordlessly, keeping his eyes down. atsumu wished that he knew what to say or do to reassure him, or even briefly change his mind, but they were only a few minutes away.

he settled for patting, stroking or squeezing kiyoomi’s thigh every time he got until he parked the car. "you sure yer ready to do this?" atsumu asked once they were there. kiyoomi looked at him and gave a little nod, seemingly bracing himself.

"yes, i’m sure. just…" kiyoomi took a deep breath. "don’t expect too much of tonight atsu, okay? please." atsumu licked his lips, glancing outside the window at the sakusas’ home before looking back at kiyoomi. "okay. got it, omi."

atsumu didn’t get it. there was nothing that could have gotten him ready. their umbrellas were wet by the time they got to the front door, but their overcoat kept them warm. still, the first thing kiyoomi’s mother did after she opened the door was to rush them inside.

"oh kiyoomi, dear, come in come in." atsumu and kiyoomi shuffled inside together and wiped their feet on the indoor door mat under the eyes of kiyoomi’s mother, who looked at them in slight surprise. kiyoomi’s mother was a fairly beautiful woman in her 50s, tall and lean

like her son. it was just as kiyoomi and atsumu put their umbrellas away in the stand in the corner that kiyoomi’s father joined them. he was a smaller man, standing about 5’9 in a clean suit. his features were hard and strict, his face framed by short cut grey hair.

he looked between kiyoomi and atsumu wordlessly, and for a crazy second atsumu wondered if he might be yakuza. he bowed politely. "hello, i’m miya atsumu. thank you for welcoming me into your home." "i-it’s quite alright," kiyoomi’s mother spoke, sounding unsure.

"my dear, didn’t you tell us you were bringing your life partner?" atsumu slowly stood upright, glancing at her in confusion before he looked towards kiyoomi. kiyoomi, who wasn’t looking at either of them but who stared at the ground like it was the most interesting thing

in the world. dread flooded atsumu’s stomach. "atsumu is my life partner, okaasan," kiyoomi finally mumbled after an agonizing moment of silence. blood rushed to atsumu’s cheeks in apprehension and he couldn’t make himself look anywhere but kiyoomi.

and he watched as kiyoomi’s face pinched when his father spoke for the first time. "i told you this would happen," he addressed his wife before he addressed his son. "let me guess. he plays /volleyball/ too? that’s great. is that why you picked this career? so you could find

a /boyfriend/?" atsumu’s eyebrows rose to his forehead and kiyoomi seemed to do his best to sink into the ground he was still staring at. it was almost funny, the level of helplessness atsumu felt in that moment, like watching a catastrophe go down from a few meters away.

"that’s not-" kiyoomi stuttered. "we invited your grandparents to this dinner, kiyoomi," his father hissed, snapping kiyoomi’s mouth shut. atsumu’s blood ran hot. "they expect better of you." atsumu had never seen kiyoomi like this. so subdued ans vulnerable.

he looked like he’d just been slapped in the face, but he didn’t fight back. this wasn’t the first hit he’d been subjected to. "i’m sorry, oto-san," kiyoomi said simply, fingers curling, before he practically fled out of the house and left everyone else on the threshold.

atsumu looked at the empty space kiyoomi had been in for a moment before he allowed himself to raise his head. another couple of women stood in the hallway behind kiyoomi’s parents, probably alerted by the arguing. the sisters, atsumu realized. their hair were inky black

and curly, just like their brother’s. the entire family was looking at him with wide eyes, as lost as his own, and it spurred him into action. he cleared his throat, reaching out to grab his umbrella from the holder and giving another quick bow. "excuse me."

then he was running out after kiyoomi, who didn’t go far. atsumu had the car keys, so kiyoomi was left walking fast down the street, already soaked wet, with his shoulders hunched up and head bowed down. atsumu could feel his heart ache.

"omi!" atsumu called out, trotting towards him with his umbrella above his head. it was pouring down rain now and his shoes were already wet all the way up to his ankles. "omi, where are ya goin’?" he caught up to him and matched his pace, trying to see his face.

poor kiyoomi was shivering. "c’mon babe, talk to me." kiyoomi stopped at that, raising his face. his hair was flat on his head, rain drops heavy on his curls and pulling them all the way down his jaw. his face was wet too, eyelashes sticky with rain. then kiyoomi sniffled,

and atsumu realized he may have been crying as well. "yer gonna catch a cold," atsumu said slowly. "come under the umbrella with me." "why aren’t you yelling at me?" "what?" kiyoomi wrapped his arms around himself and glared up at atsumu which would’ve been intimidating

if kiyoomi looked like anything but a puppy dog taking a shower. "that must’ve been horrifying for you, so why aren’t you yelling at me?" "’cause i love ya and i don’t like seein’ you cry now can ya be a doll and come here?" kiyoomi stayed still for a while more before

begrudgingly joining atsumu underneath the umbrella and fitting his body against his. he was wet from head to toe and atsumu had to hold back his cringe as he pressed himself against him. sobs were quietly racking kiyoomi’s body, so atsumu wrapped his free arm around him.

they stayed like that for a bit, kiyoomi crying and atsumu holding him, soothing him with a couple "shhh"s from time to time. none of them spoke until kiyoomi calmed down and even then, it was quiet between them. "i’m here, omi, we don’t have to go back," atsumu whispered.

"i’m sorry," kiyoomi said back, pulling back a little bit to look at atsumu properly. "i was scared to tell them before. i was hoping they’d be okay with it." /you were hoping they wouldn’t make a scene if you forced me down their throats/, atsumu wanted to argue, but this

wasn’t the right moment to confront kiyoomi on that. maybe it never would be. right now atsumu needed to be there for him. "do you wanna go back to the car? have a snack at the hotel?" kiyoomi blinked then looked down between them. they were both wet now, and shivering from

the cold. "we can’t go in the car like this…we’ll lose the deposit." atsumu groaned, closing his eyes. "then what the fuck do we do?" another silence, then a whisper. "we can go back in." atsumu opened his eyes, raising an eyebrow. "yer sure?"

"do we have another option?" atsumu thought about that briefly. they were in the middle of a preppy neighborhood, a couple miles away from any sort of restaurant or bar that would accept them in this state, with no way of getting back in their car. they seemed pretty doomed.

"yer sisters are nicer than yer parents, right?" "they’re okay." "alright," atsumu laughed, looking down at kiyoomi fondly. his arm was starting to ache from holding the umbrella, but he didn’t want to move. "they’ll adapt to me. ya hated me at first and now look at us."

kiyoomi gave him a small nod, then leaned forward to kiss him. the cold tips of their noses bumped together and they shared their breaths for a warm minute, pressing lips against lips. then when they walked back together towards the house, it was holding each other’s hand.

together, with a promise of never letting go. end!!

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