The Shroud of Turin. It's quite interesting, because with the amount of Scientific data we now have, it's safe to say that it's an undeniable proof that Christ rose from the dead.

The fake news that they would like you to believe say that the Shroud is a medieval forgery. This is based on a single test done in 1988 on a patch added to the Shroud later. All other samples show that the Shroud is much older.

Research of the linen alone undeniably shows that the Shroud is much older than from the Middle Ages. However, we also have a lot of data that precisely pinpoints it to the 1st century Jerusalem.

The average from three independent chemical and mechanical studies dates the Shroud to 33 BC (±250 years).

However what really 100% debunks the forgery theory is forensics. If it was a forgery, it would be the most perfect forgery ever created by an absolute genius who predicted things which were not known to Science before 20th century. Every single bloodstain is forensically correct

Blood type of the Shroud is the same as the bIood type of ancient Hebrew burials (the bIood group of ancient Hebrews was only discovered in 1977). Plant pollens are specific to Jerusalem. Dirt particles are also consistent with the calcium carbonate Jerusalem soil

Of course, someone could say that the Shroud could just be a random burial linen from 1st century Jerusalem. But it's not. Everything about the Man of the Shroud is consistent with the Jesus of the gospels, nothing similar appears in any other descriptions of Roman crucifixions

The theory that it's a forgery is also debunked since ultraviolet spectrometry, infrared spectrometry, fluorescence spectrometry, thermography, pyrolysis-mass spectrometry, lasermicroprobe Raman analysis & microchemical testing all show no sign of any pigment. It was NOT painted!

Some more forensics: all 100+ scourge marks are perfectly consistent, and specific to a period accurate Roman flagrum

The pattern of the scourge marks is so consistent that it's unfeasible it could be this perfectly recreated even by a very skilled artist knowing exactly how a 1st century Roman flagrum looked like

Some skeptics tried to reproduce the Shroud. Photographic techniques can produce an image similar to the Shroud (this would suggest that some genius invented photography in 13th century just to fake the Shroud, as a funny prank). Other "reproductions" are just low effort scams

Skeptics' reproductions look laughably bad and inconsistent upon closer examination. One interesting thing: the Shroud can be converted to a 100% anatomically correct 3D hologram. No "reproductions" can do something even barely similar, all are distorted.


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