India is now ranked 107/121 on Global Hunger Index. This thread will teach you everything about GHI. Save it to your notes! ๐Ÿ“š ๐Ÿงต(1/10)

What's it? A tool to measure & track hunger at 3 levels: - Global - Regional - National (2/10)

Released by 2 European NGOs every year in October: - Concern Worldwide - Welthungerhilfe (3/10)

Score based on 4 indicators: - Undernourishment - Child Stunting - Child Wasting - Child Mortality (4/10)

5 categories of hunger based on 0-100 scores - Low - Moderate - Serious (India is in this category) - Alarming - Extremely Alarming (5/10)

Data sources: - Undernourishment: FAO - Child Stunting/Wasting: Joint data of UNICEF, WHO, World Bank - Child Mortality: UN- IGME (6/10)

Global scene: - Owing to multiple factors like war and pandemic, global fight against hunger is off the track - Food security is threatened - Africa & S. Asia are regions with highest levels (7/10)

Indian scene - Poor in child wasting and undernourishment - Improvement in child stunting and mortality - GoI calls FAO data collection methods unscientific (8/10)

GoI's discarded report. Why? - 3/4 indices are only about children (wasting, stunting and mortality) - The data collection methodology is considered unscientific by GoI (9/10)

Indian efforts wrt eradicating hunger - Eat Right India Movement - POSHAN abhiyan - PMMVY - NFSA 2013 - Fortification - Mission Indradhanush - ICDS scheme (10/10)

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