rin (taylors version)

rin (taylors version)



#sakuatsu nsfw // toptsumu bottomi - oral fixation Kiyoomi has an oral fixation. He didn’t notice it at first, but after some time it became quite obvious to both himself and Atsumu a few months into hooking up. +

It started when Kiyoomi came untouched for the first time after Atsumu shoved two of his fingers down Kiyoomi’s throat with a hoarse whisper of, “If you don’t stop moaning like a whore begging for my cock, the guys next door will hear you. Be a good boy and /suck/.” +

Kiyoomi swore he blacked out for a second from the sheer force of his orgasm. Since then, Atsumu has been trying out different ways to sate Kiyoomis need for having his mouth stuffed full, have it be fucking his throat raw with a cruel smile on his face +

until theres tears streaming down Kiyoomis face and clinging to his lash line, full pink lips stretched obscenly around Atsumus thick cock, spit leaking out of the corners of his mouth, literally drooling for it, or have it be Kiyoomi sucking around three of his digits staring +

up at Atsumu with a look of wonder in his eyes. The sight never fails to get Atsumu to cum straight away, much to Kiyoomi’s dismay.

That aside though, Saying they got along was a complete stretch in Kiyoomi’s eyes. Atsumu was insufferable and annoying, a complete asshole at times, but that didn't stop Kiyoomi from thirsting over him as if he were a tall glass of cold water on a hot summer's day. tbc? mayb:]

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