Cori Arnold | Debt-to-Millionaire

Cori Arnold | Debt-to-Millionaire



Microsoft Excel is one of the best personal finance tools. Below are 7 templates which will improve your money:

1. Budgeting Template - gain insights to your spending - increase your investing - be more prepared

2. Debt Tracker - see how much interest you're paying - create your pay-off strategy - watch your progress

3. Debt Amortization - calculate time to pay off debt - run multiple payment scenarios - run multiple interest scenarios

4. Spending Tracker - realize small expenses add up - find out if what you think is accurate - gain awareness to decrease spending

5. Compounding Scenarios - see the impact of your contributions - realize the power of compounding - view multiple rates of return

6. Net Worth Tracker - see compounding firsthand - watch the impact of your behavior - gain motivation through your progress

7. Retirement Calculator - plan your future - realize retirement isn't an age - estimate how much you need to retire

TL; DR; 7 Microsoft Excel templates to improve your money: 1. Budgeting Template 2. Debt Tracker 3. Debt Amortization 4. Spending Tracker 5. Compounding Scenarios 6. Net Worth Tracker 7. Retirement Calculator

Get all these Excel templates plus additional templates and my course for $19.99 here:

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