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Agatha Foo



Sakuatsu au where— Atsumu’s a big guy; he’s nearly 190 cm, big muscles, and a bigger personality. He towers over people, used for intimidation factor, and taunts people into submission. Then, Kiyoomi calls him sweetheart and he’s all putty dumpling soft.

Sure, Kiyoomi has the height but they’re almost the same size, with Kiyoomi having bigger shoulders and him having thicker thighs (and a bigger butt, Kiyoomi adds)

Back then when they were still friends, Atsumu didn’t felt like this. “Like what?” Kiyoomi asks, his chin on top of Atsumu’s head. “Like,” Atsumu thinks, “like ‘m small.”

Ever since they started dating, Kiyoomi says sweetheart in the morning and a large blanket around the shoulders when it’s cold. He cups Atsumu’s cheeks when he’s sad and he pats Atsumu’s head when he does good.

He makes sure to add “and please get me one of your specialty as takeaway.” whenever he goes out to eat when Atsumu can’t join and he says “let me take care of that” when Atsumu’s swamped with work and forgets to buy their groceries like he’s supposed to.

“Do you like feeling like this?” Kiyoomi smiles. Yes, Kiyoomi’s still an asshole. He leans away when Atsumu leans in for a kiss in the morning before he brushes his teeth. He cringes and says, “that’s bad” when Atsumu says a bad joke.

He thinks his high school hair was piss ugly and he never fails to let Atsumu forget about that. He kicks Atsumu out the bed when he comes home drunk and hasn’t showered. He laughs when Atsumu cries because “that dog looked so fucking cute okay?! stop laughing, ya asshole”

He makes a show of opening Atsumu’s favourite popsicle and eating it in front of him when he’s recovering from a tooth extraction. He makes fun of Atsumu together with Osamu and gets mad when Atsumu does the same to him with Motoya.

Kiyoomi’s still an asshole but… “Yeah,” Atsumu nods, “I like it.” He smiles, “You make me feel loved.” Cherished, treasured…

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