Nick Huber

Nick Huber



Being successful is miserable if you were expecting verbal praise from other humans once you got there. Quite the opposite happens. The hate (from the jealous folks) comes out from areas you'd never expect it. And very, very rarely do you get that glory...

You may be working hard for this specific thing you want to get. The house. Boat. Car. Even title. When you own it and you bring someone special to you to see it... The interaction will be awkward. And you'll be disappointed.

I won't lie to you and tell you that I don't care what people think. And that there aren't people in my life who I really want to earn approval from... But you owe it to yourself to have an honest conversation about your expectations once you get there... Or you'll be hurt.

The bottom line: Life isn't much different (if you're living right) when you're doing okay and when you're super successful. Find joy in the people and the process and not the shit you buy with the money.

FWIW I have a super supportive group around me. This is more of a 1,000 foot view observation about success that was surprising to me.

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