Buddha REJECTED x,y,z,kkkk! Stop ! •Buddha ACCEPTED Yajña as a BLOODLESS SACRIFICE •YAJNA ( GOMA<--HOMA) is performed in TIBETAN,SHINTO&other Mahayan Tradition by same Vedic way •TANTRIC text CLAIMS that VEDAS are Taught by Previous BUDDHA only An EXPOSE thread

1. Jajnavidhana "The horse human sacrifice the grand sacrifices, fraught with violence do not bring great fruit. The great seers of right conduct do not attend sacrifice where goats,cattle, etc.are k!lled..But when they regularly offer by Ritualssacrifices free from violence

.. The wise person should offer this; this sacrifice is very fruitful. For one who makes such sacrifice / it is indeed better, never worse. Such a sacrifice is truly vast and deities too are pleased" ~Buddha,Cattukanipata,Sutta 39,Pali canon

2. In Kuttadanta Sutta of the Diggha Nikaya,Buddha explained how to conduct successfully the triple sacrifice(bloodless sacrifice) with its sixteen requisites; Buddha Says - The sacrifice was carried out with ghee, oil, butter, curds, honey and molasses...

...Thus there were the four assenting groups, and King Mahavijita was endowed with eight things, and the chaplain with four things in three modes This,(To Brahmin) is called the sixteen-fold successful sacrifice in three modes" ~Buddha , Kuttadanta Sutta

Interestingly he mentioned 4 groups that should be present at the sacrifice Khattiyo, councellors, brahmans and householders; No Sudra?? No AthiSudra??

3. In SuttaNipat Buddha Said that ancient Brahmin perform bloodless sacrifice- and Praised Lifestyle of Brahmins “ holy life, and virtuous conduct, uprightness, mildness and austerity, meekness and non-violence, and forbearance” ~SN36

"They performed sacrifice with rice, butter and oil and when the sacrifice occurred, they did NOT k!ll COWS ” He also says- "Brahmans at present don’t live in conformity with the brahman principles of ancient brahmans” SN 2:7 This proves that buddha OPPOSSED wrong Practices

Kausitaki Upanisad Also said that brahmans of the ancient times lead virtuous lives and do not conduct sacrificial rituals @VedicWisdom1

4. “I do not praise all sacrifice, nor do I withhold praise from all sacrifice” ~Buddha , Anguttaranikaya429 •offering to Ancestors •offering to Sangha •offering to holy ones ..

5. In Tantric text of Mahavairocana SUTRA " I taught Agni in the Vedas of the Brahmins in order to reduce the amount of slaughter of creatures" ~Buddha Vairocana to Boddhisatva Vajrapani Non Buddhist scriptures are referred as Tirthika

In this Sutra there is whole description of HOMA and various types of Agni and Vedic way to perform them this became basis of many HOMA ( Goma) practices across Mahayan/Vajrayana from tibbet to Japan There is great Explanation ,l urge neo-Buddhist to read that

6.Tantrik literature of BUDDHISM is filled with Sacrifices ( some time animal too) other Tantric text such as Mañjuśrīmulakalpa,Tattvasangraha sutra ,Sarvadurgatiparisodhana Tantra etc.. Homa is performed by mantra and ending with " swaha" स्वाहा there is great expl.

7.Yogini tantric Homas are more furious ones / Sadhana BUDDHISTs goddess along with those borrowed from Hindu goddess are completely Vedic,Hindu connotation are diff. Another fool spotted earlier

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