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Thread #top10picks #nifty #nse #StockMarket and about my conviction to these stocks. Just saving this for future me.😬

1. Praj Industries holding when it used to 77β‚Ή Indias only leader in ethanol mfg. Good order book. Government orders. Brewery and waste water treatment. Strong market reach. Min 4.5% cagr per year of bio-ethanol industry.

2. Network 18 and Investments ltd. holding from 38β‚Ή MoneyControl, news18, firstpost, infotainment, broadcasting viacom18 in entertainment, print and digital media as forbes. bookmyshow (39%) OTT cagr 22-25% Subscription business model SUBTA cagr 17.33% hathway/net18 merge

3. ABFRL holding from 134β‚Ή investment by #flipkart / #walmart deal made on price 205β‚Ή on ~23 October 2021 (7.8% stake) branded clothing cagr 8% per year fashion market cagr 15% 2022-2028

4. MTAR Tech (my fav) still undervalued. holding it from 1880β‚Ή Global space tourism cagr 19% per year after 2025 Aerospace cagr India 5% clean energy cagr 9% it takes time to establish and build trust for company, because of high precision equipment. nuclear energy cagr 7%

5. Sonata Software (old but gold) holding it from 500β‚Ή good trust of clients. product based it company helps to transform digitally for small companies particular industry cagr 17.42 consistent returns.

6. TECH Mahindra holding from 740β‚Ή leading 5G solution provider as infrastructure builder. (For JIO and Airtel) accepting no limits, Alternative thinking and driving positive changeπŸ˜… 5G technology cagr 69.4 πŸš€ 5G revolution impacts Gaming, VR / AR metaverse, sensor and IoT

7. Info Edge Naukri holding from 4400β‚Ή (dont think about India mart intermesh) CMP Still Undervalued key participant of industry 4.0 and web 2.0 and web 3.0 by its investment in startups invested in successful startups of india. Zomato is ok but next one is Skylark Drones.

8. IRCTC (dont look for criticism by bears 🐻) holding from 311β‚Ή only IRCTC πŸ‘Œ online ticketing cagr 53% in last 18 years e-catering tourism for foreigners in Maharaja express. catering, air ticket, cruise ticketing... high growth ahead. one has to believe govt 😬

9. Happiest Minds holding from 1100β‚Ή #ashoksoota πŸ—½ SaaS , AI and IoT has a good cagr ~54% yoy product and service based both. Almost solution tk every modern IT vertical specially support blockchain, iot, ar/vr and drones robotics.

10. Sona comstar holding from IPO EV Skelton and assemblies builder. high RnD investment that makes successful growth in company. 75% export revenue and 25% home revenue. Electric Vehicles expected 90% cagr 2021-30 πŸš€ Good relationship with vehicle manufacturing comapnies.

Dont borrow the conviction, build own!

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