Nick Schmidt

Nick Schmidt



I've been trading for 10 years. Everything you need to know is in these 25 threads:

1. The Holy Grail:

2. Art, not science:

3. The best indicator:

4. An alternative perspective:

5. Master this setup:

6. The 10 mistakes you are making:

7. How to build a trading system:

8. My 20 top trading lessons:

9. New trader 101:

10. Learn from my mistakes:

11. The top traders all share these:

12. You'll want to use weekly charts:

13. Chart pattern cheat sheet:

14. Become a great trader:

15. Jesse Livermore's top lessons:

16. How to reach super performance:

17. PTJ top lessons:

18. Alternative entry techniques:

19. Trading truths:

20. Dr. Wish's top lessons:

21. The only trading books you need:

22. Peter Lynch's top lessons:

23. Technical Analysis 101:

24. Top Trading YouTubes

25. The most important rule:

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