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sakuatsu, nsfw implied | kiyoomi finds out about atsumu's degradation kink at practice; not in bed, not anywhere at home, not even in the lockers — in the middle of the court, with all of their teammates around.

atsumu takes a bit more time to change than he usually does and, when he finally joins the team for practice, kiyoomi notices that he's wearing brand new shorts.

“do you always have to wear such small clothes? these shorts barely cover your ass, whore.” kiyoomi says it playfully, with an obvious smile to his words, thinking he's gonna get a fun reply he could use to jumpstart their usual banter. that's not what he gets.

atsumu gasps, his cheeks turning a ridiculously bright shade of pink. he asks kiyoomi to repeat himself, and kiyoomi does, a little bit confused. atsumu moans so loudly it shatters the peaceful atmosphere of the court, the room turning deadly silent.

they've been dating for a few weeks now, so it's understandable that they haven't discussed /all/ of their kinks yet. not to say that things have been entirely vanilla; but still, degradation hasn't come up yet.

and really, this one shouldn't even surprise kiyoomi, anyone could've seen this coming. but here he stands; in the middle of the court, the ball rolling away from his feet with thundering volume, wondering what he's supposed to do about this fucking boner.

he's got two options: 1. pretend this never happened and move to pick up the ball, resuming practice as if his own shorts haven't tightened considerably so. or 2. grab atsumu and power walk to the locker room for the quickest fuck of his life.

kiyoomi, as levelheaded as he likes to pretend to be, is a weak, /weak/, man. and the idea of leaving his spluttering, blushing, insanely hot, boyfriend like that when he could be dragging out more of that delicious noise from his lovely mouth is unbearable. so he power walks.

tbc? idk where this came from just. Atsumu. its 3am i snooze

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