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#sakusa thought As Atsumu looks at the man at the other end of the bar once again, he finds him staring with want, just like he's being doing all night long When some of his teammates had suggested some bonding time, a.k.a going out to get drunk

All of them were quick to jump at the idea, even Kiyoomi, who's not exactly known for taking part on the team shenanigans Atsumu wasn't really planning on flirting with anybody tonight, really But as Bokuto proceeded to tell the same story for the nth time that night

He finds himself watching the place with curious eyes, those landing on a light haired man just at the other side, who's own eyes were already looking at him like if he has been starving for a week and Atsumu was a whole meal in front of him

It wasn't a secret that the blonde loved attention, plus he was bored and if some hottie wanted to get on his pants, he might as well indulge it Even if the man is not his type at all, but not everyone is lucky enough to have their hot dark haired crush give them the time of day

Besides, the man was hot, and he seemed to be able to promise Atsumu some mind blowing sex, so, definitely enough for a one night stand But just when their little eye fucking moment seemed to push the man enough to finally come closer, a weight was suddenly placed at his right

This one completely pressed to his side and just as the blonde was about to complain, a known fragrance made its way to his nose, mixed with the smell of whisky, as a husky voice found his ear "Miya" The simple call of his family name made his breath itch and his cheeks redden

"Whassup, Omi-kun?" The raven didn't seem to like his response, as he invaded Atsumu's personal space like it was nothing, a frown shown on his face. "Wow, what's with the glare?" A tsk was all that came out of the others mouth, and this made the blonde show a frown of his own

"The fuck? Who pissed on yer drink man?" The only response he got was Kiyoomi getting closer to him, his face just centimeters away from his own, one of his arms thrown over Atsumu's chair, he didn't say a word but the proximity was enough to make of the blonde a flustered mess

Just when he was able to avert his gaze just a little to try and find some help, for his heart most of all, the raven grabbed his face, squeezing his cheeks with strong fingers "Why are you looking at him? Look at me" His face showed a serious expression, this confused him more

"Wha..." "Do you think he'll be able to satisfy you Miya? Please, don't make me laugh" A mocking look made its way to his face and it was Atsumu's time to be mad "The hell? Who do ya think ya are? Stay away from my shit" But he didn't get a chance to stand up and leave

As Kiyoomi grabbed him by the waist, forcing him to stay in place "What? I'm only saying the truth. Come on, you really think he'll be able to fuck you just like you like? You think he would be able to treat you the way you deserve?" A blush made its way to the blonde's face

But he didn't cave, getting closer to the raven's face and snarling back "What? Like ya could do better?" This only earned a smirk from the other man "Baby, I'll have you screaming my name the moment I put my hands on you" Suddenly their faces were just inches apart

"Ya really seem too sure of yerself, I wouldn't go around flattering myself that much if I were ya" An amused laugh came out of the raven, low and hoarse "Well, I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true, why don't I prove it to you, darling?"

"Oh fuck off, ya tryna get on my pants after insulting me, really?" "Oh, I wasn't insulting you, I was insulting your poor taste in man" "Well what does that say about ya then?" And maybe he should learn when to shut up, but he had a few more shots than usual

And really wanted to be kissed stupid by the man in front of him "Oh? Well I believe we can say your taste isn't entirely horrible" "Ya know what, Kiyoomi? Fuck ya!" And those were the last words that came out of his mouth before crashing their lips together

Within a few seconds he had already moved from his spot to Kiyoomi's lap, strong hands and long fingers making a home on his ass as the raven grabbed this one hard Atsumu was too far gone to notice the raven staring at the man across the room, a smirk plastered on his face

As his hands made a show of touching the blonde's ass Just when it became too much, Atsumu grinding against Kiyoomi without an inch of shame in their bodies, the raven was the first to separate, earning a whine from the other

"Don't worry baby, we have plenty of time for that, but I wanna fuck you somewhere where I can hear you scream for more, loud and clear" And the blonde never moved faster, happily walking out of the bar with the promise of the best fuck of his life and maybe even more than that

//not sure what this is, just wanted to write some jealous but sure of himself Kiyoomi👀

//#sakuatsu ** I am way too tired for this

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