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cw: atsuosa, underage, size difference, age gap I just suddenly thought of a very curious 15yo Osamu asking for 25yo Atsumu to be his first partner in sex. His curiosity made him all confident until it deminishes completely when he sees Atsumu huge cock springing +

right in front of his face. "We could stop 'ere if ya want." Atsumu, despite extremely aroused, still tries to coax his little brother before he regrets doing this with him. He knows he is /big/ for Osamu to take. He doesn't wanna hurt him if he pushes further onto this.

Osamu, with a crazed look in his eyes, swallows a lump. "I /can/ do this." And he positions himself on top of Atsumu whilst guiding his cock just by his thoroughly prepared hole. Atsumu watches carefully and considerately as Osamu starts to sink down, and the tightness of his +

ass enticed a groan out of his mouth. "F-fuck." Atsumu cusses but Osamu is nowhere past half and he's already shaking and whimpering from the pain. "Take it easy, 'Samu." Atsumu places his hands just on Osamu's waist, caressing his skin as his way of comforting the pain away.

When Osamu finally manages to bury all of Atsumu's cock inside him, he stifles a wail whilst tears run down his cheeks. "Ya did great, 'Samu." Atsumu pulls Osamu closer and locks their lips together, letting him relax in his grasp.

He, then, securely holds Osamu's waist and starts moving his cock out of his ass. Osamu's moans are muffled in their kiss, and it gets louder when Atsumu suddenly slams his cock right back in.

Atsumu knows it's Osamu's first but holy fuck his ass just feels so incredibly tight and hot. His fingers dig onto Osamu's supple ass as he controls his thrusts as best as he could. Osamu's moans are music to his ears despite a mixture of incoherent words rolling out of his +

lips and nails digging on Atsumu's shoulders, he still continue on fucking Osamu and not stopping for a moment until they reach their orgasms.

"Too rough?" Atsumu hesitantly asks after catching his breath. Osamu's face is buried on his shoulder and not intending to look up, but his response makes Atsumu feel hot again. "No. I like it."

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