Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open! 🎄

Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open! 🎄



SakuAtsu chef AU in which Osamu hires chef Kiyoomi to work in his restaurant and where Atsumu volunteers to work in the kitchen until Osamu can afford to hire helpers Chef Kiyoomi is mostly silent and very strict about cleanliness standards

Atsumu doesn’t have a problem with that even though Kiyoomi can be nitpicky. They fall into an efficient routine in which Atsumu prepares the ingredients and Kiyoomi cooks To fill the silence, Atsumu chatters about his life, sports, k-dramas and his brother-in-law

At first he thinks Kiyoomi doesn’t care because he simply listens but then Omi begins volunteering his input about k-dramas and volleyball, and they both start looking forward to their shifts Kiyoomi starts attending Atsumu’s volleyball games

Until Atsumu introduces him to the team as his super sexy chef boyfriend 😌

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