the past, present and future do not exist: a thread.

often times we ruminate on bad experiences or overthink the future when both of those don’t actually exist anymore or at all. the present moment is the ONLY thing that exists. here i will explain why.

the past happened in the present moment at that time. the future isn’t happening but you feel it’s happening in the present moment. both of those are felt in the present moment but in YOUR MIND. they only exist IN YOUR MIND. they don’t exist in reality anymore.

the past and future only exist in your mind. circumstances don’t exist anymore, they only exist in your mind. they are a result of your consciousness and wherever you change in consciousness, so does your life.

the present moment creates the future, so because the past and future don’t exist, the future is completely up to you because it’s just where you choose to go in consciousness. even if circumstances are happening in the present, you’re still choosing to live there within.

you can choose where you want to live. you can live in the past or future that doesn’t exist, or you can live in the present where you are free to create your next moment. this is why the past cannot influence your life because it only exists in your mind.

and because it only exists in your mind and your mind creates reality, you can choose to live where you want to in your mind and therefore choose what happens next. you don’t need any permission but your own.

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