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#HQHybridWeek2022 #sakuatsu | foxtsumu - nesting - in heat kiyoomi likes to think he isn't a jealous person. he likes to believe that he can remain indifferent in any and all situations. however, there's not much he can do when his inner alpha sparks a fire under his feet. +

he isn't even courting atsumu. he has no reason to feel the way he does. sure, they've gone out a few times, but that's no reason to be feeling this way. as much as he hates to admit, in his mind he's already claimed atsumu as his own. maybe, without even realizing it.

perhaps that's why he feels a quiet rage simmering right under his skin at the sight of atsumu leaning against meian, nuzzling into his neck. kiyoomi watches in silence as atsumu's tail flicks left and right, ears flattening against his head as he leans closer into meian.

it looks like he's trying to merge their two bodies into one. if meian was in his natural form, his ears would have pricked up, but kiyoomi doesn't need the visual indicator. he can smell the exact moment meian's energy changes. there's a shift in his eyes.

he gently steps away from atsumu, examining him with a few once-overs. atsumu's scent sweetens—its almost enough to spring kiyoomi into action. he doesn't, though. he contains himself. he simply observes as meian quickly pulls the omega into his side, and speeds out the gym.

kiyoomi tries not to think about it too much on his way home. he tries not to think about how usually him and atsumu walk home together (for convenience sake, of course—living in the same building and all).

they never did say they were exclusive, did they? surely he'd remember if they did. atsumu is allowed to see other people. he simply has to be okay with that. as if the fox had read his mind, kiyoomi's phone rings, atsumu's name filling the screen.

"hey." kiyoomi tries his best to sound chipper. "omi." atsumu pants, making kiyoomi's anxiety spike. "can i ask ya a favour?" "what's going on?" "will ya do it? the favour?" "anything." he answers, way too quickly.

atsumu sighs in what sounds like relief. "scent some clothes for me, would ya?" "oh? don't you still have that hoodie of mine?" "not enough. doesn't smell strong enough anymore. please?" "atsumu." kiyoomi pauses, slowing down as he enters his apartment as if +

to hear better. "are you in heat?" there's a pregnant pause. "yeah." "why didn't you tell me?" kiyoomi hurries up, dropping his bag and rummaging through his closet. atsumu laughs. "i didn't exactly want ya to see me like this." "hold on, i'll be right up."

kiyoomi pockets his phone, making his way toward the elevator. — atsumu doesn't look too worse-for-wear. it's only the first day of his heat after all. kiyoomi has to steady himself as he enters the apartment, though, the pure scent of atsumu so thick and pungent.

he waits a few moments in the genkan, catching his breath. "ya don't hafta come in." atsumu stands sheepishly in the living room, wearing an onigiri miya hoodie around 2 sizes too big. "no, no, im okay. my scent's not too much? im still wearing my patches from practice, so-"

"nah, you're good, you're good. uh, sorry about all this. normally, i've got enough things for a good nest, but this heat's quite early." atsumu guides kiyoomi through the apartment to his bedroom. "stop apologising. here." kiyoomi hands him a tote bag full of comfy clothes.

"so, who do you normally recieve things from?" atsumu sighs as he pulls items from the bag, inhaling deeply. "mmm, samu, rin, aran, kita. the usuals, y'know. recently, bokkun and akaashi-kun. i've got meian's jersey somewhere in here too."

kiyoomi laughs to himself. how could he have possibly been jealous of meian? he sees now that he'd simply been taking care of his kouhai. "now you've got me too." atsumu smiles. "yeah." he pauses after draping another hoodie onto his bed.

"thanks, omi. for comin' throigh for me." "of course, atsumu. any time." "it's been hard on me, emotionally, to deal with my heats so far from my family. it's good to know there's someone here that'll care for me."

kiyoomi can feel his cheeks heat up. "im glad that you trust me, atsumu. i, uh, i better get going." he says quickly, seeing how atsumu's eyes are starting to dilate even more. he shouldn't be here much longer. "oh, yeah. thanks, again, omi. i really appreciate it."

kiyoomi allows himself a small smile as he exits atsumu's bedroom. he lets himself out of the apartment, chest heaving as he breathes in the fresh air. he finds, however, he wouldn't mind suffocation in atsumu's sweet, vanilla scent for a little longer.

// fin //

@hqhybridweek #HQHybridWeek2022

this is super rushed, but i rly wanted to contribute to hybrid week before bed so :)

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