How To Spot a Manipulator? Mega Thread on the psychological traits of manipulative individuals:

Disclaimer: It is important to keep in mind when spotting a manipulator that most of them are not aware of their manipulative behavior as we will see. But it’s even more important not to make a judgment on people based on isolated incidents.

What constitutes the traits of a person is defined by their recurring and repetitive actions. With that out of the way, let’s look at the main traits of manipulative people.

1. They lack self-awareness: As we’ve just said and as we will explain in further detail in the following chapter, people with manipulative tendencies are often not aware of their own misbehavior and poor-intentioned actions.

They simply seek their own interest at all times and at all costs. As such, they are unable to question themselves and consider that their behavior might be wrong and potentially harmful & deceptive towards others.

Although they are good at spotting people’s emotions and leveraging them, they are very inconsiderate and feel very little empathy. This is definitely hard to notice at first but the next traits will make it easier.

2. They are judgmental: Manipulative people are constantly on the lookout for potential weaknesses to exploit in others. Which makes them spend time observing others in an attempt to better understand them.

This is not to be confused with empathy; as this does not involve any sort of emotion. They collect information and try to notice what others don't. But how do we spot this behavior? It’s very simple. Everyone has a limit of self-control.

Like everyone else, manipulators feel the need to express their internal dialogs As a result of constantly observing others, they will often betray themselves and openly criticize others behind their back. This is a sign of manipulative behavior This takes us to the next part.

3. They are experts in creating tensions Have you ever heard of the expression “Master of Puppets”? (see first tweet's picture) Well, the manipulator seeks to be exactly that. Which often gets them involved in drama and other problems that would normally not concern them.

One situation that many manipulator often find themselves in, are situations of triangulation. Where the manipulator feeds an argument between two people by playing double agent and poisoning the conflict and leaking information to both sides.

Remember: Everyone’s friend is nobody’s friend.

4. They have an urge for virtue-signaling: To continue on our last point, their desire to be the friend of everyone makes them very wary of their image and reputation.

The important thing to remember is that manipulators often crave external validation as much as they are in denial about it. It’s for that reason that they will constantly express and try to show how good of a person they are.

An easy way to differentiate between naïve virtue-signaling and manipulative virtue-signaling is the fact that the manipulators will only communicate that they’re a good person without following up with actions to prove their claim.

They don’t want to be a good person, they want you to think that they are.

5. They break their promises: As we’ve just seen, manipulators consider the words that they say as weapons to influence others who don’t value what they say. Just like they will lie about being a good person, they will lie and break their promises.

The fact of the matter is that they often don’t intend to honor the promises they make in the first place. Quite the opposite, they make promises to fool their interlocutor and give them the illusion of security and guarantee.

6. They know to apply pressure: Whether it’s through demeaning words and behavior or through other techniques that are included in this program, manipulators have a certain way of leveraging the information they gather about you, against you.

The pressure they apply aims at triggering specific emotions in their target so that no logic and rationality takes part in the target’s decision-making processes. It’s because if you take the time to think, you'll realize they’re fooling you. Which they don't want to happen.

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