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First time I tried selling my one on one coaching. I fumbled and lost a $2k client. A few minutes ago I closed a $5k deal for one of my programs The difference? I used a sales script that has been proven to work over and over again. Here's the script I use

1. Build Rapport: Purpose: Establish a connection. This might seem unimportant...but. There's research that proves that...having an initial talk BEFORE the main sales process increases conversion by 30%. How to build rapport: Next

2. Set the frame: This part? Very vital. Do NOT skip it. Here's how to do it properly

3. Know the decision maker Purpose: To pre-handle the "I'll need to talk to someone about it" objection. How to do it:

4. Understand the motivation: Purpose: To know why they're on the call. How to do it: "So tell me man...what made you decide to get on a call today?" Let them talk. Simple. Don't sweat it.

5. Discover and Clarify Purpose: - To understand their current situation - To know their pain points - Know their desired situation Asking some of these questions here will help you: P.S. questions 15 - 24 cover these.

6. Double-Check Purpose: - To make them know you listened... - To be sure they need (Your) help. - To be sure they can commit the time. Questions 25-27 help with this:

7. Pitch the offer Purpose: Here you show them how what you have is going to help them solve the problems they mentioned. Pro tip: Your pitch is not as important as you think. It's the only time you talk and it shouldn't be more than 7 mins. It's always better to show not tell

8. Handle all Objections The most dreaded part of a sales call... For beginners. But if you follow this process you'd have only a few objections. (Related to price or around it) Here's how to handle them:

9. Take payment. Purpose: You don't want to leave that call without them making a form of commitment at least. So ensure your stripe...paypal link etc. is ready. to receive payment. I lost a sale once simply because this wasn't readily available Don't make the same mistake

10. Next steps: Great! Now you've closed the sale. But don't let it end there... They need to feel good about this decision So let them know what the next step is and what they should be expecting from you or your organization. Now. One thing I didn't mention in this thread:

Reading a thread... Buying a book... Doesn't make you great at closing. This script was 30% of the reason I closed that sale... The main reason was that I had a coach. and not many on Twitter can help you but @StrongJawSales will coach you 1 on 1 and get you to $10k/m But.

It will cost you a few $$$$ But I can guarantee you that you will make it back...If you follow his coaching. so if you want to 1. Make $120k/yr from high ticket sales 2. Level up your sales game. Dm @StrongJawSales the word "Coach Me" P.S. he doesn't know about this aand

@StrongJawSales That's a wrap! If you enjoyed this thread: 1. Follow me @bruno_nwogu for more of these 2. RT the tweet below to share this thread with your audience So you can help even if it is just one more person get better at sales and closing

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