Twila❄ | 📌atsn Tangled fic!

Twila❄ | 📌atsn Tangled fic!



CW // NSFW , omegaverse , SunaAtsu , vampires , blood , violence Day 3: Supernatural for @HQsoulmatesweek He's being followed. If they weren't being so obvious, Rintarou would think it's a hunter. Maybe it's just some common criminal, but if they think they're going to +

mug him, they will be sorely disappointed. He could confront them, but frankly, he doesn't care all that much. He'll be more irritated if he actually has to interact with them. The Tokyo streets are still busy at this time of night, and that's the whole reason he moved here in +

the first place—to attract /less/ attention. It's so much easier to find food here, and if he gets a little careless, well... people go missing all the time. But Rintarou /is/ careful. Relocating is such a pain, and he finds that he quite likes Tokyo. It has everything he +

could need, and it's quite entertaining to live right under the Hunter's Association's Headquarters' nose. He's walked several blocks, and the person is /still/ trailing him. They're too far away to get an accurate read on them at all, but he /knows/. +

Annoyed, he ultimately decides to ignore it and ducks into a crowded bar, hoping to scout out a blood bag for the night. He sits himself at the bar strategically so he can scope the room and lights up a cigarette. There are few human vices that appeal to him, but smoking is +

one of them. It's not like it can fuck up his lungs anyway. Another is sex, though Rintarou thinks it has less to do with being human than it is about the instincts of secondary gender. The front door opens and a gust of wind blows through, allowing a mouthwatering scent to +

reach him. He whips his head around to see what kind of creature it could belong to. What he sees makes him lick his lips. Not only is it an omega with a delicious scent, but he’s attractive too—tall with bleach blonde hair and shining golden eyes. The omega makes eye contact +

with him, and Rintarou smirks, yearning him a deep blush on that tan skin. The scent of his blood swells, and Rintarou /must/ have a taste. He motions with his finger for the omega to come over. It’s almost too easy. As he comes closer, Rintarou can smell his true omega scent, +

and not only does his blood smell divine, but so does his scent. It makes his fangs ache. Both vampire and alpha inside of him are begging to /bite/. “Keep me company, won’t you?” he asks, leaning toward the omega as he sits next to him. "What's your name, sweetheart?" +

Rintarou can feel several emotions coming from the omega—nervousness, determination, excitement. Poor thing. "Atsumu. And what's yer name?" Oh, and he has an accent. Precious. "You can call me Suna. Can I get you anything?" Atsumu shakes his head, fidgeting in his seat. +

He just keeps looking at Rintarou like he's taking in everything about him. Okay... Weird, but he's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth if Atsumu just wants to leave with him immediately. He's just about to ask him when Atsumu goes and ruins it all. +

"I've never been this close to a vampire before." Rintarou freezes, managing to keep his face blank and scent neutral. "What are you talking about?" He laughs, trying to play it off. How does he know? Is he from the Association after all? But why approach him like this? +

"Well, that's what ya are, ain't ya? I've seen ya." Rintarou narrows his eyes. So he's the one that's been following him. "I think you've been watching too many movies," he says flatly. "No, I /know/." Atsumu leans toward him, and Rintarou moves back. Bold little shit. +

"Vampires aren't real," he says, standing. "Get your head checked and leave me alone." He storms out of the bar, not looking back. If he thought for a minute that a hunter wouldn't be on his ass, he'd kill that omega where he stands. But if /he/ knows, then +

the Association must know too. Then it's already too late. Is this what he gets for being too cocky? Rintarou refuses to be /paranoid/. But if he doesn't get an ounce of rest for days, then that's his own business. And if that omega doesn't leave his head at all +

during those days, then that's just a coincidence. When he's not accosted by hunters, he deems it safe enough to go out again. He's thirsty and pissed. Not a good combination for anyone involved. So of course, he feels that presence following him again. Rintarou growls. +

Atsumu has to be either the stupidest or bravest person he's ever met. He's more inclined to go with stupid. Who follows a fucking vampire? He's /not/ in the fucking mood. Sighing, he turns around and heads toward where he feels the omega's presence. Stalking down the street, +

he finds Atsumu hiding in the alley, wide eyes looking up at him. Oh, so /now/ he's scared. Rintarou slams him up against the wall, earning him a yelp. "I thought I told you to stay the fuck away from me." He can smell Atsumu's fear, but there's still lingering +

excitement and... is that arousal? What a little freak. God, he smells good. "Technically, ya said to leave ya alone." "You're still doing a shitty job." He leans in, baring his teeth. He can hear Atsumu's heart beating frantically in his chest, pumping all that blood +

through his veins. The sound pounds in his ears, and he's so fucking thirsty. "It's not like I was doin' anythin' to ya! Yer the one who came over here and pinned me to the wall!" He struggles futilely in Rintarou's hold, releasing more of his sweet honeysuckle scent. +

The more Rintarou inhales, the closer he feels to losing control. He's never had a scent affect him like this. His nails elongate, sharp tips pressing into Atsumu's soft skin, and his eyes glow a menacing red. "What the fuck do you want?" "Listen, yer the first vampire +

that I've been able to get close to. Yer kind is a lot more skittish than they let on." That doesn't answer his question at all. "How do you even know about vampires?" Atsumu finally gives up his struggling when he understands that he's not escaping. "Okay, so like, don't +

freak out." Great start. "So I come from a long line of hunters, but the Association wouldn't let me become one 'cause I'm an omega. So I started doin' my own thing, and I really think that vampires and humans can co-exist peacefully. I just need a vampire to +

work with me to prove it." Rintarou blinks at him, unimpressed. He's not about to be someone's science experiment "What part of that sounds like a good idea to you?" Atsumu's cheeks puff in annoyance. "All of it! It'd sure help ya out! Ya could have willin' blood donors!" +

"Willing blood donors, huh?" He smirks, sliding a leg between Atsumu's. "You know, I think I know what you really want. You want to be one of those donors, don't you?" The omega shivers as he trails his fingers down his side, landing on his hip. Rintarou leans in +

further, breathing in that intoxicating scent. His head swirls with the pheromones, the taste of blood, the feels of skin on his. He presses his thigh into Atsumu's groin, and he can feel how hot and wet he is. The omega gasps and clutches at Rintarou's arms. +

He presses his face into Atsumu's neck. The scent is incredible. His jaws want to clamp down and take and take and take. Experimentally, he flicks out his tongue, taking a lick. The hold he has on Atsumu tightens, and he groans. Fuck. He tastes like /that/ just +

on his skin? Atsumu whimpers, completely at his mercy. But he /likes/ it, and Rintarou feels drunk on the power he holds. "Is that really all it takes for you to whore yourself out to a vampire? What if I just sucked you dry and left your body here?" Atsumu grinds down on +

his thigh, and god, he's so wet. Slick is already seeping into his jeans. And when Atsumu bares his neck to him, Rintarou can't hold back any longer. He sinks his fangs right into his carotid artery, and as soon as Atsumu's blood touches him, he thinks he's achieved Nirvana. +

Greedily, he laps it up, unsure if the moans he hears are Atsumu's or his own. His tight grip on Atsumu's hips helps guide him as he rides Rintarou's thigh. All he knows is Atsumu's warm body against him. He smells like summer—jasmine, rose, lilac—and all of its sweet floral +

scents. His vision is lost in gold. Gold like the sun or honey or— Every sense inside of him is lost. Lost, crumbling before this singular man—this omega. The /sounds/ Atsumu makes. He wants to hear more. Taste more. Feel more. Atsumu's scream of pleasure as +

he comes is what finally knocks Rintarou out of his trance. He pulls away from Atsumu's neck only to see his fucked out expression. His puffy red lips from biting them, his rosy cheeks, water eyes. Then there's the blood trickling down his neck, staining his shirt. +

He removes himself from Atsumu, ignoring his achingly hard cock in his pants as he realizes what he's just done. Atsumu slumps against the wall, bleeding, smelling of sex, and looks up at him with pretty doe-eyes. "Suna?" He reaches for him. "Alpha?" No, no, no. +

This was a mistake. He didn't glamour him! Now he really /is/ going to tell the Association about him. He looks down at Atsumu, and the alpha in him wants to go to him. Fuck. /Why/ does his alpha want him? Slowly, he backs away, blood still dripping down his chin. +

He leaves Atsumu in the alley, disappearing into the night. The omega's cries for him to come back haunt him, and it takes everything in him to not return. But what can he do? Messing around with Atsumu is a fast-track ticket to getting himself killed. +

It stews in his mind. The image of Atsumu blissed out, the taste of his blood, the way he smelled... Rintarou can't get it out of his head. But he needs to forget it. After leaving Atsumu in the alley, he fully expects the have a stake thrust through his heart when +

he's not looking. As the days pass with nothing, that physical stake in his heart becomes metaphorical. He left an omega in an alleyway, bleeding and weak. Rintarou doesn't consider himself a /good/ person, but he's not /bad/ either, and what he did was /bad/. +

What if some other vampire found Atsumu like that? Or just some seedy alpha? He shouldn't care; he doesn't even /know/ Atsumu. So why does he now find himself back at the alley he left Atsumu in almost a week ago? There's nothing here now, the scent of their +

meeting covered and washed away. Really, he should be /glad/ that Atsumu isn't following him anymore. Instead, he feels... strangely empty. Rintarou is a loner by nature. It's how he's always liked it. But right now, his alpha calls for another. His fangs ache with the need +

to /bite/ and /claim/. He hasn't even been able to drink any blood. Oh, he's tried, but his body rejects it. It's concerning, to say the least. It's like his whole being hungers for one soul: Atsumu. There's a pull he feels, and he's convinced himself to stay away. +

But as the nights grow colder and his thirst gnaws at the back of his throat like a feral animal, he follows it. The pull becomes more urgent, and Rintarou breaks into a run, flying through the streets of Tokyo. It takes him to a warehouse down in the business +

district, and a foreboding feeling washes through him like a chill in his chest. He approaches the warehouse door and leans his ear against it. With his vampiric hearing, he can easily pick up anything that might be said. "We know your brother is protecting you," a deep +

voice says. "But he isn't here right now. So just tell us where the vampire is." Hunters. He picks up at least three pairs of footfalls. They're probably armed. Those assholes are always armed. "Still not talking? We don't want to have to scar your pretty face." +

"Don't fuckin' touch me!" Atsumu—! "You bitch! He fucking spit on me!" He hears a loud smack and a whimper. Rage boils inside of him. Hot and angry red. How /dare/ someone lay a hand on /his/ omega. His nails elongate into sharp claws and his fangs enlarge, being more +

prominent. His muscles are taut, his skin tingling, on edge and ready to pounce. He rams his shoulder against the door—once, twice, three times before it gives way. His eyes quickly take in his surroundings. Three men and a woman are facing him, ready to fight, but there in +

the center is Atsumu tied to a chair. "Suna?" Atsumu's eyes are wide in surprise. As much as he wants to run to Atsumu's side, he has a few hunters to deal with first. He rushes the one on the right first, throwing him to the ground before he can even make a move. +

It leaves his back open for the other three to attack. Two fire their goddamn, stupid-ass crossbows. He twists his torso, bending out of the way of the bolts. Then he turns his attention to another hunter. Closing the distance, he delivers a bone-shattering punch +

to the man's chest. He falls with a thud. As he dodges another bolt, he misses the knife thrown at his leg. It sticks into his flesh with searing pain, and he sinks down onto his knee. Fuck, is this a silver knife? He needs to get up. He /has/ to get up. +

Pushing through the burning, he pulls out the knife. It leaves his palm pink and raw, and his black blood oozes from the wound. His eyes narrow in on his next target, pouncing on them and slashing with his claws. There's no time to scream. Rintarou finishes off +

the last hunter, his chest heaving and his hands blood-soaked. He turns to Atsumu, who hasn't said a single word. Even as he cuts the rope to free him, he's silent. Maybe he scared him. Most people would be shitting themselves right now. Maybe it was too much. +

However, his fears are alleviated when Atsumu throws himself at Rintarou. Arms wrap around his neck, pressing close to him. Tentatively, he encircles Atsumu's waist, and the omega melts into him. "Ya felt it too, right?" Atsumu whispers like he's afraid of the answer. +

"Yeah." He doesn't know exactly what /it/ was, but he felt it. "I should never have left you in the alley." "I was real scared when ya left... But yer here now." He scoops Atsumu into his arms, letting him cling to him as he heads out into the night. +

Yeah, he's here now. And he doesn't plan on going anywhere. //end

This thread was a high key mess and all over the place, so I apologize for that. But I hope you liked it anyway lmao

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