What I did to destroy Russian pantonne bridge over Siverskyi Donets - a thread 🧵 Here you go -> -> ->

The context: I am UA military engineering + EOD officer. I have served one turn in Donbas prior to the recent invasion. Recently, I have accomplished a mission which made huge impact on Russian losses and completely screwed up their plans to encircle Lysychansk.

Initially, there was intelligence from frontline units that there are Russians on the other side of the river and they gather various vehicles. So, my commander asked on 6th May me as one of the best military engineers to do engineering reconnaissance on Siverskyi Donets river

Together with recon units for backup, I went to explore the area of Hryhorivka and Bilohorivka on 7th May. Frontline units in Bilohorivka reported multiple RU vehicles gathering on the other side of the river.

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