ying 🫧 comms open!

ying 🫧 comms open!



atsumu plops onto the sofa dramatically, soft sigh spilling from his lips. “finally, a vacation!” “don’t be stupid.” kiyoomi locks the door behind him, fitting every deadlock and activating the alarm system. “this is a safe house, miya-sama. you’re still in dan-“ “oh, omi.”

atsumu’s voice changes into something sly. “just call me atsumu like you usually do when we’re alone. miya-sama is my father too, anyway.” kiyoomi can feel his hands trembling as he inspects the windows. “i know, atsumu-sama. but in this situation, i’m your bodyguard, and we -

should keep a professional distance so i can keep you safe.” kiyoomi says, keeping his voice firm. atsumu laughs. “one month in this safe house and you’re going to be bodyguard omi the entire time?” when kiyoomi doesn’t answer, he sighs.

“why don’t you come here and let me sit on your lap, hmm?” “atsumu.” kiyoomi turns around suddenly, fists clenched. “the last thing i want is for you to get hurt.” “and i definitely won’t get shot, hurt, or kidnapped if you’re here, right?” atsumu pats the sofa beside him.

“besides, isn’t it better if you’re as close to me as possible?” kiyoomi feels his resolve crumble when atsumu winks cheekily at him. he makes his way to the sofa, and atsumu swings a leg over him when he sits down, settling onto his lap. kiyoomi grabs atsumu’s waist.

“as long as you don’t stop me when i’m actually trying to do my job.” kiyoomi buries his face into the crook of atsumu’s neck and murmurs. atsumu giggles. “maybe my dad having too much money isn’t so bad after all.” kiyoomi rolls his eyes, but there’s only fondness there.

“it’s cute that you’re trying to be professional.” atsumu says, breath hitching as kiyoomi presses a kiss to the side of his neck. he pulls kiyoomi’s face away from his neck by the hair to talk to him properly, ignoring the dark look kiyoomi sends him. “but we both know you -

don’t need a job to want to keep me safe.” he continues. kiyoomi laughs. “no. i don’t.” “well.” atsumu shifts his hips slightly, grabbing kiyoomi’s face and brushing a thumb across his lips. “i’m safe with you.” “you are.” kiyoomi removes atsumu’s hand from his cheek -

and kisses it instead. “i promise.” atsumu smiles. “this is going to be a good month.”

// end!! sorry its not really clear but atsumu’s a rich heir who’s received death and kidnapping threats and kiyoomi’s his bodyguard 😁😁😁 hehe not me posting the most self indulgent shit right before my birthday and that’s on self care!

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