cw miyacest What are the chances the twins find each other on om*egle? Osamu's face isn't in the frame. But his dick is out. Creeper. Atsumu's in his dorms and his lights are off, so Osamu doesn't know it's him. But Atsumu immediately recognizes his brother, the background of

Their room, the birthmark, hell even the bedsheets. He doesn't click off. He stays. He's just homesick. Really! What's closer to home than this? He doesn't speak. He makes use of the chat instead, goading Osamu on. Dirty talking, anything to keep his brother

On screen. His brother's cock** His brother's sloppy wet sounds. Those hands that cook for him. So veiny. The hands. Not the cock... oh but the cock too. He's never seen it like this before. It's not long before Osamu's asking him to show up. Turn on the lights. "Let me

see that perfect ass." How does he know it's perfect? It is, but- Fuck it. It wouldn't kill him to show off. He'd love to hear his brother's reaction. Maybe some real praise for once frrom him. He switches on the dim bedside lamp, keeps his head out the frame, and shakes his ass

For his creeper brother. He's close he says. Moans. His chest is heaving. Biceps flexing at his sides. Forearm locked and tense. Wrist working swiftly. Atsumu's eating it up. His brother's so good at this. Telling him what a pretty body he has. So perfect. How he'd like Atsumu to

Bounce on his cock just like that. Keep throwing it back baby. You're so hot... Turn around... Yer so toned... I have a birthmark just like that... I have a brother just like that- Anyone else, and they wouldn't care that it's Atsumu's name leaving his mouth as he comes.

But what are the chances? It isn't anyone else. Osamu can't say Atsumu's never done anything for him.

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