ranger danger 14/14

ranger danger 14/14



skts // nsfw glory hole Atsumu feels nothing but pleasure when he's on his knees. He's a giver; he called Tobio a good boy once but really, all he wants is his hitters to win and these strangers to come. The men who fuck his mouth, night after night, and call him baby?

Say he's doing great, say he's just what they need? That he's got a skilled mouth, talented lips, that he must be very pretty to suck cock so good? They make his mind go fizzy with pleasure, drunk on the sheer ecstasy of a job well done. But there's one guy in particular.

He sticks in Atsumu's mind because he doesn't use any of the words. He comes up to the stall, knocks three times then twice, and Atsumu opens his mouth eagerly, waiting for his cock to emerge. And it's a beautiful cock. Atsumu would suck it down anytime.

By now he recognizes the way it curves a little to the left, just a little too thick for him to feel perfectly at ease. If a cock could challenge him, this would be it. He licks his lips, kisses the head. Really fondles the slit.

The only thing he has to go off of - after weeks of this guy visiting - are the subtle movements of his body and the breathy, cut off gasps he releases sometimes, like he's biting his fist or soemthing. What Atsumu's realized is that the men who come here are vulnerable.

Stuffing their cock through a whole in the wall, hoping that someone who cares enough is on the other side. Hoping they won't get caught. Relying on Atsumu to bring them the pleasure, joy, release. Atsumu's a giver. He gives them what they want. He knows what they need.

He hasn't got the shape of this guy yet, so he tries everything. Licks into his slit, just a bit too deep, which makes the stranger shiver. Kisses along the bottom and stretches out a tongue to play with his balls, earns him a gasp.

Toy with the head while he sucks and kisses sloppily along the base, so he never knows where Atsumu's gonna come from, to keep him on his toes, earns a fist against the wall. "Hey, hey, settle down," Atsumu grumbles, because he doesn't want them to be caught. The man freezes.

"No, come back," Atsumu whines, even though he didn't leave, and throats him down suddenly so he can't escape. Wants to keep him in his mouth forever, the lube and artificial strawberry on the condom mixing with his spit to drip to the floor. Wants to know what makes him tick.

He swallows him down, gulping desperately to constrict his throat and make it tight for him, good for him. Grinds his palm against his cock, too, to stave off the orgasm he knows is coming. The stranger gasps again, mumbling words that are starting to take shape.

An old hook-up told Atsumu it was "weird that you come just by sucking someone off," and now he sucks anonymous dick in a bathroom just to prove a point. Finish what you started. Omi taught him that. Funny how he comes to mind now, huh?

He keeps sucking, reaches out a hand to fondle the stranger's balls, twists his head and hums a goddamn symphony. Every trick in the book. Soon he's rewarded; he feels the stranger tense, his balls tighten, his entire body pull back before he comes in his condom.

It fills Atsumu's mouth in the strangest way; he's come hungry, too, wants to be fed, but there's a time and place for that. Here, he feasts on praise. Nice words. Affirmation. And finally, face pressed almost to the base as the aftershocks of the stranger's orgasm ring out,

He gets it. "God, so good," he hears, muffled words into the wall. "Ats-atsumu... please..." They cut off abruptly as the stranger realizes he's speaking, and Atsumu /knows/ that voice, knows that tone. He's just never heard it say his name like that.

Kills his orgasm now before he bursts out of his stall and into the neighboring one. "Omi," he says to the man panting out labored breaths into his arm. "What brings you to my neck of the woods?" He's a giver, but let him take this. (fin)

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