The Room: Chapter 2 ZZH had just cut his hair for his new drama, and his neck kept feeling oddly bare. Now that the hair he had kept for so long for the last drama was suddenly gone, his heart felt a little empty too.

But no matter, as the Buddhist saying goes, hair is a symbol of worldly troubles, so less is better. It's not like he was any less handsome. As he stood in from of the mirror and squeezed out shampoo, he added the thought that it was easier to wash his hair too.

He didn't even need to blow dry his hair anymore. Grabbing a towel, he rubbed at his head vigorously, walking out of the bathroom. A sudden moment of faintness made him pause. He thought it was low blood sugar from playing golf all afternoon and not eating.

He held onto the wall and took a couple breaths, then headed toward the kitchen to get something to eat. Then stopped, because when was his house carpeted? ZZH pulled the towel off his head, and his eyes grew wide.

"Hi," GJ waved at him from where he sat on a not-unfamiliar king sized bed, grinning like a Samoyed on a walk. "Good evening, Zhang Laoshi." ZZH stumbled back, turned to stare at the bathroom, then back at GJ. "Shit..."

He pointed at the bathroom, "Did I just come out from there?" GJ nodded. ZZH walked into the bathroom in disbelief. It clearly wasn't his own bathroom at home. He walked out again, still in shock, "Good thing I wore clothes..."

GJ made a small sound as he seemed to finally realize, "Zhang Laoshi, did you just get here?" ZZH replied, "Of course. Do you think I'd be in the mood to take a shower after getting here?" GJ said, "I thought you were getting ready..."

ZZH responded without thinking, "What would I need to shower to get ready for--" He hadn't finished his sentence before he realized where they were and what they were about to face, and stopped abruptly.

Compared to the fear and anxiety of the first time, this repeat performance was more awkward than anything else. To be honest, neither of them expected it to happen again a second time.

GJ dropped his gaze as he poked at the sheets, as intently as if his mission in life was to count how many threads it had. In actuality, he was thinking: so he wasn't-- he wasn't getting ready.

When he appeared in this room again, the first things he heard when his senses returned were the water sounds in the bathroom, and ZZH singing as he showered.

Without knowing why, he suddenly felt relaxed, as if ZZH had been waiting here for him, and this was just a normal hotel room, and they were meeting here in secret, to do what they both understood.

"Have you looked yet?" ZZH suddenly asked him. GJ knew what he meant, and shook his head, "No." "I was waiting for you," he added. ZZH took a deep breath as if he was preparing for a 200m sprint. He walked over and sat down beside GJ, indicating with his chin, "Turn it on."

GJ looked at him, his face clearly asking, "Are you okay?" ZZH wanted to say of course I'm okay, it was just you giving me a hand job last time, why would I not be okay. But saying this seemed a lot like he wasn't okay, so he pretended not to see GJ's look.

GJ hesitatingly picked up the remote and turned on the TV. As expected, even though he had a vague premonition, but actually seeing the lines of text on the screen still made GJ's heart thump loudly in his chest.

GJ took out two bottles of water from the mini fridge, then walked back and offered one to ZZH, "Water, Zhang Laoshi?" ZZH's head was lowered, thinking. Hearing his voice, he reached for the water.

But GJ seemed to think of something and, putting one bottle under his armpit, he twisted open the water bottle before handing it to ZZH with a smile, "Here." ZZH took it with a "is this necessary" puzzled smile.

Holding his bottled water, GJ sat carefully on the edge of the bed, hesitatingly shifting a little closer to ZZH, as if prepared for ZZH to kick him off the bed any moment. ZZH felt a little exasperated. It was just a haircut, was there any need to act like he didn't know him?

GJ squeezed the bottle until it crackled loudly in his hand. He opened his mouth a few times, then finally managed to say, "I'm sorry..." ZZH blinked, then immediately understood what he was apologizing for.

"It's not a big deal," ZZH wanted to say, but then realized that his stiff expression would not convince anyone. "At least it's you," saying this would only make the awkwardness between them reach new heights. So he said, "There's no other way."

GJ was silent, which ZZH took as agreement. ZZH took a drink of water, his gaze falling blankly on the TV screen, as if he was looking without seeing it. He said softly, "It's not like we can really do that to you..."

GJ looked at his profile. His ear was red, a tiny earring sitting on the lobe. With the short haircut, that soft, exquisite &mist-like air he had was gone. Every line seemed more clear, like a 5-minute character sketch drawn with fountain pen, the strong strokes piercing the page

And so GJ was afraid to look at those eyes, completely revealed, as if they no longer gently avoided his gaze, but would stare straight into his heart and see his evasion and hesitation, his weakness and shame.

GJ would only wait for these eyes to not be looking at him, for them to be looking elsewhere, with their lost look, before daring to look at them. GJ didn't know if ZZH was referring to option 1 or 2 with his words. He swallowed, following ZZH's gaze to the screen.

Time remaining 10:34:21 A. ZZH must cause GJ to lose no less than 2000cc of blood B. GJ must perform penetrative sex on ZZH

"Do you think," ZZH asked him, "it will always be like this?" GJ thought for a moment about what he meant, whether it was that they would keep coming back to this room, or the room would keep making them do this kind of thing.

ZZH said, "The 1st option seems worse than last time, right?" He looked at GJ, "What is it trying to do?" GJ thought about it. "I might not really die. Have you watched Inception? Maybe if I die here, I'll just wake up in the outside world. So if you want to pick the 1st I..."

ZZH's glower got increasingly dark, so GJ trailed off. "Even if this hypothesis is true," ZZH reached out a finger and jabbed at the back of GJ's hand, the latter instinctively pulling back. ZZH said, "See, you'll still feel pain."

ZZH suddenly stood up and grabbed a pillow from a bed, then strode toward GJ with determined look. For a wild moment, GJ thought that ZZH had decided to use a more civilized and less bloody method and suffocate him with the pillow.

But ZZH threw the pillow at his feet. GJ looked down at the pillow, then looked up at ZZH. In the space of 0.1 s, his brain rapidly connected the situation with ZZH's words &current actions, &arrived at a staggering conclusion. It was perhaps the most eureka moment of his 30years

"Wait!" GJ lunged at ZZH, grabbing his waist and halting him in the middle of kneeling down. ZZH tried to struggle out of his hold, "Let go." GJ held on with a death grip, "Wait!" ZZH said, "What's there to wait for, do you have a better idea?"

"I..." GJ couldn't get anything out. "Just please wait..." ZZH was trying to kneel again, "I can't let you die, and can't let you actually stick it in me, so what other way is there? Right?"

ZZH was extremely difficult when he chose to be stubborn. GJ was losing his grip and ended up wrapping his arms around him, "But you can't do this!" ZZH was trying to pry at his fingers, "Let me go." GJ: "Just calm down!"

ZZH: "I am calm! How am I not calm. Don't worry, I know the theory, just tell me if it doesn't feel good, we'll get it over with--" GJ refused to let go of his waist, "This isn't a matter of getting it over with, Zhehan, just wait, let's talk about it..."

This is crazy, GJ thought. He never dreamed that one day he would be hanging onto ZZH like someone about to jump off a bridge and begging him not to give him a blow job.

"What is there to discuss?" ZZH was still trying to struggle out of his hold. "There's nothing to talk about!" GJ closed his eyes, "Discuss a different position!" ZZH stopped in the middle of his struggles.

ZZH stopped in the middle of his struggles. GJ felt him still in his arms and raised his head to look at him, "Let's use a different position, okay?" GJ said, "Your knee can't take it."

GJ felt like his face was burning hot as if he had just consumed 5 bowls of extra spicy Jiangxi noodles. How shameless was he, to make position demands of someone offering to blow him. ZZH seemed to be thinking about it, "What position?"

GJ couldn't help it. For a few seconds, every single position that he had ever tried or heard of or imagined flashed across his mind's eye. But in the end, his morals got the upper hand. "How about..." GJ said, "You sit, I'll stand."

* ZZH sat in the chair against the wall. GJ stood in front of him, still feeling his face burning. He lowered his eyes, afraid to meet his gaze, and fumbled with his belt. The metal buckle jangled loudly in the silence as GJ finally got it unclasped and unbuttoned his fly.

He was about to pull down the zipper when ZZH touched the back of his hand, "Wait." GJ froze immediately. He didn't know if he hoped that ZZH was backing out, or feared that he was backing out. "Don't be in such a hurry," ZZH pulled his hand away gently.

He scooted forward a bit in the chair, getting much closer to GJ's legs, so close that GJ could feel the warmness of his breath when he spoke, "We still have time." He cupped his whole hand lightly over GJ crotch area; GJ instantly pulled in a sharp breath.

He raised his eyes to look at GJ, half-amused, "It wouldn't do to scare him." GJ opened his mouth, "You..." and was brought up short by ZZH's hand rubbing him.

There was no regularity to his movements, he seemed to be doing this totally spontaneously. But each move he made felt like a tiny hook, grabbing onto GJ's nerves, making his abdominal muscles tighten, and a shiver run up his spine.

ZZH changed directions, his hand moving down deeper between GJ's legs. His agile fingers teased and prodded the base, while his palm rubbed at the tip, gradually feeling the shape solidify under the fabric of the pants.

GJ took a deep breath and stretched out his hands to brace himself against the wall behind ZZH. The distance between them was even closer now, ZZH trapped between GJ's arms. When GJ looked down, he could see the crown of his head, the red tips of his ears,

and the pale back of his neck disappearing into his shirt collar. In this moment ZZH seemed so... small. Perhaps it was the way he was enclosed in his arms, perhaps it was just the way he looked right now, so young.

GJ could smell the mint of his shampoo, crisp and fresh, but somehow more provocative than any cologne or men's fragrance. It makes you want to know how this clean scent would smell after it's been heated by heightened body temperatures, and mingled with dewy perspiration.

Even the scuffle of fabric sounded seductive, teasing at his eardrums. "Hard?" ZZH asked. GJ nodded.

ZZH glanced at him quickly with a smile, like a cat pleased with itself, "look at what I did". It was such an incongruously innocent look, with his T-shirt and clean buzzcut, that GJ suddenly felt like some creepy 30-yr-old uncle who had tricked a college boy into bed with him.

But ZZH seemed determined to prove with his actions that he was the more experienced one. He pulled down his zipper and paused on seeing the sizable bulge in his underwear. GJ couldn't see his eyes, only his lowered lashes and the delicate tip of his nose.

He imagined that ZZH's expression must be one of stoicism and resignation, after all no straight guy would want to use his mouth-- ZZH's next move made GJ's entire abdomen instantly contract and every thought disappear from his brain.

ZZH took the elastic of his underwear between his teeth and slowly but unhesitatingly pulled it down, as if he was unwrapping some anticipated gift. His slightly open mouth turned this almost into a private tease show for GJ.

GJ couldn't tell if the upturned corners of his lips was just an illusion, or he was really smiling. The fully hard thing in his underwear snapped out and hit ZZH in the face, and ZZH didn't even flinch. He just moved back a little, so that it slid down his face to his mouth.

"See," he said, glancing up at GJ again & there really was a smile on his lips, "I told you it was easy." GJ couldn't really be sure if ZZH was talking to him or to himself. But he continued, "All men will respond like this, if you really don't like it, you can close your eyes."

GJ wanted to deny, "I don't..." ZZH's glance slid away toward the bottle of lube on the table, then hesitatingly turned back. He put his hand on GJ's thigh and decided to do without it. The taste of lube was too weird.

ZZH moved closer and tentatively closed his lips around the tip, then quickly pulled away. GJ drew in a sharp breath. ZZH ignored him and, giving up trying to take it in his mouth, stuck out his tongue & licked the top, then licked again, and started to lick in circles down,

making GJ's dick slick with moisture. This whole licking-a-popscicle thing was making GJ's veins pop out. He clenched & released his hands braced on the wall, trying to resist the urge to grab the head moving near his crotch & shove his dick in.

"What are you doing?" GJ said in a restrained voice. ZZH paused, his hand still on GJ's thigh. He looked up at him and said, earnestly, "It's too big, I can't take it in, so I have to get it wet first."

GJ let out a breath. This conversation was already so preposterous that he gave up and asked, "How wet does it need to be?" ZZH considered the thing before him and offered the opinion, "I guess it's probably wet enough." GJ said, "Then try sucking it."

ZZH was a man of action, so he responded to GJ's words by opening his mouth and wrapping it around his cock. There was a significant improvement over last time. ZZH got almost half of it into his mouth, then slowly pulled it out, and said, "Yeah it's wet enough."

GJ's hands were fists on the wall. In this moment he couldn't be sure if ZZH was purposely toying with him, but he also didn't care. "Then suck it again," GJ said.

He said it so bluntly that ZZH couldn't contain his smile, looking up at him. GJ knew from his expression that he was going to make fun of him again, but there was a fire burning inside him, and he didn't care anymore, he just needed this so badly.

He put his hand on the back of ZZH's neck and pressed lightly. His cock rubbed at the wetness of his lips, coaxing him to open his mouth. "Suck it again," GJ said, his voice low, somewhere between a command and a request, "Open your mouth, suck it."

ZZH clearly hadn't expected this, and glanced at him again, surprised, flustered, but quickly adjusting to compliance. He lowered his eyes and did as GJ ordered.

He took half of it into his mouth, pulled back a little, then went in again and took in a little more. The inside of his mouth and his tongue were soft and pliant, opening for GJ as if in submission, wrapping around his member.

GJ lightly squeezed the back of ZZH's neck, his hand slipping to his ears and rubbed the lobe gently. "Good boy," he sighed. ZZH quivered slightly, but didn't say anything-- GJ suddenly realized, he had his dick in his mouth, how could he talk?

This seemed to be the first time that, between the two of them, GJ had the upper hand, and ZZH was completely stripped of the ability to retaliate. The only thing he could do was quietly swallow GJ's cock.

ZZH's oral skills were even better than GJ had anticipated. He was inexperienced, but everything seemed to indicate his pliance and willing submission. The softness of his mouth and tongue were a contract to the boldness of his person, as he carefully sucked on GJ's hardness.

Just taking the whole thing into his mouth was almost too much for him, making him swallow his saliva with difficulty, as if he was still trying to maintain some composure, hoping that throughout this whole process he can still be as self-possessed as he has always been,

still the one that controlled the initiative between them. ZZH soft throat closed with his swallowing, and GJ couldn't resist pushing into his mouth a little more.

ZZH felt his movements and made muffled sounds in protest, indicating that he can't go any deeper. GJ ignored him and, securing the back of his back with his hand, said, "Zhang Laoshi, didn't you say that we should get it over with?"

ZZH widened his eyes & tried to shake his head, but GJ held onto his neck. His mouth was stretched to the limit, saliva that he couldn't swallow dripped down his chin. Lack of oxygen made his cheeks & the corners of his eyes blush a vivid red, like a tiger with its teeth pulled.

GJ had no fear of angering him, all he could think about was fucking this soft and pliant mouth.

BTW this is the master thread for this fic, next time I'll remember to put it at the beginning of the chapter

He pushed into ZZH's mouth. ZZH instly made a sound like kitten mewling. GJ seemed to take pity for a moment &backed out a bit, but quickly shoved in deeper. ZZH could only get out a few broken moans from the back of his throat, his hand pushing at GJ's leg to get him to back out

"Don't struggle, Zhang Laoshi, don't struggle," GJ soothed. "You'll get hurt. Just bear with it for a bit, please?" He pressed on ZZH's chin to force him to open his mouth wider, but in the end refrained from pushing in the whole length, only a little more than half.

But he plunged in faster and faster, the softness enveloping his cock addictive in its pleasure. ZZH's fingers tightened on his pants, making deep creases. He whimpered, but GJ didn't relent.

"Shh, shh, Zhang Laoshi," GJ said. "It'll be quick, please, I can't help it, Zhang Laoshi, it'll be quick..." ZZH seemed to remember why they were doing this in the first place and closed his eyes, small whines escaping the back of his throat.

GJ knew that he couldn't force him much longer. His hand on back of his head, he slammed in a dozen more times before coming in his mouth.

After his orgasm, reason returned and GJ quickly grabbed a handful of tissues from the table, holding it under ZZH's mouth and asking him to spit out the stuff in it. ZZH, without looking at him, stood up, grabbed a bottle of water, and walked into the bathroom.

GJ stood there for a few seconds, then buttoned up his pants and quickly followed him. In the bathroom he saw ZZH standing in front of the sink rinsing, his eyes still red. He glanced at GJ in mirror, then lowered his head and spat out the water in his mouth.

"Zhang Laoshi, I'm sorry..." GJ said. For a moment, ZZH didn't reply, then he said, "You don't need to apologize, it's not like I didn't agree to it."

His voice was a little raw & his lips a little too red, but other than that, he and GJ were both fully clothed, with an appropriate social distance, their conversation polite & restrained, nothing to indicate that the very intimate act of oral sex had just happened between them.

One that GJ ranked in the top 3 of his life. The other two spots he was leaving blank for now, after all he wasn't even 30 yet, he couldn't foresee the future. "Go see if we can leave now," ZZH said.

"Okay," GJ said. He turned to go, looking for all the world like a golden retriever with its ears drooping, then suddenly turned around and said, "Zhang Laoshi, are you about to start filming?" ZZH nodded, "Very soon."

GJ said oh disappointedly, then asked, "When you have time, can we have dinner together sometime?" He added, "When you're free, it's up to you." ZZH said, "We'll see. The filming location is pretty far." GJ said oh again, the disappointment clear in his voice.

ZZH looked at GJ's crestfallen face in the mirror and frowned, "Really Gong laoshi..." GJ looked back at him in the mirror. ZZH shook his head and sighed, turning around to look at GJ, "Fine, I'll call you." (END CHAPTER 2)

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