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Direct Action Day (Part 1) Direct Action Day is a chapter from history that was purposefully deleted so that Indians can never know what atrocities Hindus faced due to the secularism n non violence of Gandhi. In this thread u will know what was Jinnah 1/26

Initially Gandhi was not if favor of partition of India. Jinnah said if they don’t get Pakistan then they will destroy India. Gandhi said Hindu Muslim r bhai bhai n a M will never kill his bhai. Jinnah smiled n said : Lets see, We will start direct action on 16th August 1946 for

separate country. Direct action started from Kolkata on 16th August 1946 n lasted till 22 Aug in Kolkata n then second round started in Oct 1946 in current Bangladesh N Jinnah brought Gandhi on knees n Gandhi started to think abt partition What happened in these 3 months

Muslim League n Congress were 2 main political parties in Constituent Assembly of India in 1940s. Muslim League had demanded, since its 1940 Lahore Resolution, that the Muslim-majority areas of India in the northwest and the east, should be constituted as 'independent states'

The 1946 Cabinet Mission to India for planning of the transfer of power from the British Raj to the Indian leadership proposed a three-tier structure: -Centre -Groups of provinces -Provinces. The "groups of provinces" were meant to accommodate the Muslim League demand.

Both the Muslim League and Congress in principle accepted the Cabinet Mission's plan. That means there will be special states in India that will be handled by Muslims only n Central govt will take care external functions of country Till then there was no plan of Partition

On 10 July 1946, Nehru held a press conference in Bombay n declared that although the Congress had agreed to participate in the Constituent Assembly, it reserved the right to modify the Cabinet Mission Plan

It made Jinnah furious n he started to demand partition of India n separate country for Muslims. Gandhi rejected the proposal of Partition. The next day, Jinnah announced 16 August 1946 would be "Direct Action Day" and warned Congress

"We do not want war. If you want war we accept your offer unhesitatingly. We will either have a divided India or a destroyed India." N here Gandhi under estimated Jinnah n overestimated his secularism n Hindu Mus1im Unity.

He was in misunderstanding that Muslims will never kill Hindus for separate country. In That time there was united Bengal that consist of current west Bengal n current Bangladesh Kolkata was capital n Huseyn Suhrawardy (Butcher of Bengal) was the CM of Bengal n Loyal of Jinnah

Bengal was then a Muslim-majority province with only 42 per cent Hindus, but Calcutta had 64 per cent Hindus and 33 per cent Muslims. Bengal was the only province in British India where a Muslim League government was in power.

16th Aug 2022 Calcutta Ramzan month was going on that time. Huseyn declared strike on that day. All Muslims closed their shop. The meeting began around 2 pm though processions of Muslims from all parts of Calcutta had started assembling since the midday prayers.

A large number of the participants were reported to have been armed with iron bars and lathis After the afternoon namaj, mob of around 1 lac Muslims attacked Hindus n started to butcher them. Mob were shouting “le kar rahenge Pakistan” “nara a taqrir allah hu akbar”

Armed with weapon, They attacked on Hindi majority area n killed them. A mob attacked on Victoria college. All girls were raped in classroom, then killed n hung naked on windows. Hindu girls’ naked bodies were hung from hooks at Raja Bazar beef shops

Though Kolkata was Hindu majority but most of Hindus were educated n were not ready for this attack. Till 20th August they kept killing. How many Hindus were killed, how many women were raped no one knows but there were streets full of dead bodies.

On 20th August Hindu mobilized under leadership of one man Gopal Patha n retaliated n by 22nd August they were able to save Calcutta. (will talk in detail in 2nd part of this thread series) Jinnah Calcutta plan was failed so he started second round of Direct Action Day in Oct

Second round started in all cities of East Bengal (Current Bangladesh) Worst massacre of Hindus happened in Noakhali city. Riots started in Noakhali from 10th Oct 1946. 30000 M attacked on Hindu area n whoever they saw chopped their head.

They snatched babies from mothers n chopped them in front of them. In Kolkata they raped woman but in Noakhali they raped in front of their family. Lot of women's naked body recovered without breast. They chopped their breast.

Total number no one knows but people say first day 15000 Hindus were killed n thousand of women were raped. The attack on Noakhali was led by Muslim league leader Ghulam Sarwar. Rajendralal Roychowdhury, who was the president of Hindu Mahasabha,

His head was chopped n presented to Ghulam in a plate while his daughters were handed over to guards. In next 1 week, Raipur, Ramganj, Begampur, Lakshmipur, around 1 lac Hindu were killed n 1000s of women were raped n captured as sex slave, More than 1 lac people left their home

Thousands of Hindus were forcefully fed cow meat n converted to Islam. Their plan was to Kill all Hindus of Bengal so that they can take entire Bengal n Assam in Pakistan. How many Hindu women were raped n made sex slave no one knows.

After the incident a social worker Leela Roy rescued alone 1307 hind girls from Muslims. August to October, the soil of Bengal became red by blood of Hindus. Gandhi’s ego of false secularism and Hindu Mslm unity had broken n he was ready for partition

Jinnah brought him down. Jinnah’s direct action day was successful, after killing lacs of Hindus n raping unlimited Hindu women finally Pakistan was going to be formed. N today lot of Indian leader calls Jinnah secular.

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