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27 Unwritten rules every man must learn: 1. Put away your phone when around your family

2. Open doors for everyone 3. Speak less than you take in

4. Argue to learn not to fight 5. Be humble in success 6. Be ready to pay for the meal at all times

7. Always let ladies go first 8. When introducing someone always introduce the eldest first 9. It’s ok to be mad but don’t show it

10. Don’t fall into the trends of society 11. Realize you can’t believe everything you hear 12. Take leadership seriously

13. Know that others always look up to you 14. Respect yourself 15. Don’t makeup something that’s not there

16. Realize everything happens for a purpose 17. Always thank people for having you over or out 18. Learn how to cook the basics

19. Prepare for the future work for today 20. Have proper hygiene 21. Always look the person you're shaking hands with in the eye

22. Don’t worry too much about others' opinions. 23. Don’t force things to happen 24. You are a protector

25. Never get addicted to anything 26. Have confidence in yourself 27. Pay attention to small things

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