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Responsibilities a man has towards his woman. Sad that most men fail at fulfilling half of this. Thread

1.Leading her towards a better future, by helping her out find her way in her actions, thoughts and emotional overload.

2.Protecting her from every possible mental and physical threat. This covers threats that arise from the outside and from within her. Protect her from feminine chaos as well. Quick tip - Her safe place is your arms

3.Providing her with all the necessities of her and with all her luxurious desires. Remember if you expect her to stay at home and take care of your house, you must take care of things outside the house.

4. Giving her children, this may sound awkward to a lot of you but you can’t understand the beauty of being a mother like a woman can. Give her kids.

5. Giving her the love she deserves, Forget everything redpill says, do what your heart says as long as it doesn’t mess with the polarity.

6. Making her feel wanted and desired, women need emotional stimulus from their man, it is your utmost responsibility to take care of it. Desire is one of the strongest emotions, do not ignore it.

7. Being her forever support means she can rely on her every need and support. A woman is a man’s something but a man is a woman’s everything thus it is a man’s responsibility to be there for her with everything she needs.

8. There is no secret to a perfect love life, it is a myth. Never let go in the ups and downs and you've got your forever love. Men, remember it all starts with you, it all depends on you.

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