#miyacestober2022 Day 4: Confined Spaces Nsfw - Elevator blowjob Winning the championship finale against the Adlers is the culminating point of his still young career and Atsumu's head is spinning a bit with all the emotions he is feeling. +

From the moment they scored the winning point to the moment they got out of the showers, none of the members of the Black Jackals have been able to calm down. They keep chatting, laughing, shouting. It's an amazing feat they've accomplished tonight. +

When Atsumu meets eyes with his brother, he's not sure if he's been brought back to earth or if he's been sent further down the chaos of his mind. But as much as Atsumu's emotions are a jumbled mess, the look in Osamu's eyes can not be mistaken. +

You can see Osamu is impressed and proud, but most of all, he's hungry. And it's the kind of hunger that Atsumu loves to see. The kind that promise a long night drowned in pleasure. +

He shots a quick glance at his teammates, who didn't notice him going quiet, and goes to join his brother next to the exit after telling them that he'll join later for dinner, after getting changed at home. +

When Osamu sees him approach, he doesn't bother to wait for Atsumu and starts walking at a rapid pace in the direction of Atsumu's appartement which is just two streets away. Atsumu has to run after him, even if his thighs burn from the game. It's worth it anyway. +

When he finally catches up with his twin, they don't talk. The tension is thick in the air and both of them know better than to make it crack by saying something (anything, really). +

They quickly enters Atsumu's building, arousal sitting deep in both of their stomach. They make their way to the elevator, one that is not built to fit two grown men like them comfortably. +

Being this close to eachother, skin against skin, sets their nerves alight. Still, they have to wait a bit longer, not even a full minute, and they'll be able to get satiated. When the elevator stops, Atsumu is startled. "What is going on?" +

Osamu gulps and move his hand away from the control panel. Atsumu realises that he pressed the emergency stop button. His eyes widen, why would he do that? Osamu drops on his knees, face amazingly close to Atsumu's crotch. "I couldn't wait any longer." +

Atsumu gasps as he feels hot air come in contact with his dick when Osamu drags down his shorts and pants hungrily at the sight. "You looked so sexy, amazing, talented and hot out there Tsumu." He starts to lick the underside of the cock, now in full hardness. +

"I don't think I've ever been more in love with you than I was during this match." He starts to pepper on kisses along the length. Atsumu lets out a pleading whine. His back is now fully resting on the elevator wall, escaping is not an option. Not as if it ever would be. +

"You looked so perfect, Tsumu. I couldn't keep my eyes out of you." He finally takes the tip in his mouth, his tongue licking around it for a while before he goes down further. +

Atsumu's hand are gripped tight in Osamu's hair, his mouth is open widely and he's letting out obscenely loud noise. The praises and the way his twin takes him /so well/ has him reduced to an incoherent mess. +

He can't form a sentence, thoughts of SamuSamuSamuSamuSamu- are the only ones bouncing around in his head. As Osamu starts to move up and down, the last thread of sanity Atsumu held, snaps. His hands grip tighter and he starts to use his twin mouth to chase his own release. +

The little chokes Osamu lets out only probe him to go deeper, faster. As he push forward, the back of Osamu's head come in contact with the opposite wall of the elevator. He has no way to retreat. He can only take it. +

As Atsumu chase the high, one sweeter than any victory he could obtain on the court, Osamu starts to stroke himself. Seeing his twin, the one who's in control on the court, be so dependant on him makes him go crazy. +

He moans and chokes around the cock of the man he loves so much. His hand going faster as he feels his orgasm coming. When Atsumu stills, deep in his throat, shaking as he releases semen deep inside of him, Osamu is elated. There is nothing more perfect than this moment. +

He comes in his hand, shaking as tears starts to roll down his cheeks. One could think his tears are from being choked on Atsumu's cock for so long, but these ones are tears of happiness. +

Happiness because right now he's been proven yet again that he's the only one who can get Atsumu out of control. As both of them come down from coming so hard, Atsumu takes out his cock from his twin mouth and slides down the wall. +

It's cramped. Their legs are crossing and it feels hot, but they smile at each other. "Damn Samu. Couldn't wait a few more seconds?" "Shut up scrub. You didn't seem to be complaining." +

"You're right I wasn't! That was the best head I've ever received. It even made you cum!" He laughs. "What do you want me to say. You made me so goddamn horny with the way you played earlier." "Thanks Samu. But I don't know if I have any stamina left to help you with that." +

He gestures at Osamu's dick, hard again. "Don't worry your pretty little head about it. Let's get out of here. We still have around an hour or two before you have to go, right?" "Yeah, but I just told you-" "I'll ride you. Winner's reward." +

Atsumu is quick on his feet, eager to finally reach his appartement. (He might have a bit of stamina left) /End/

Yooo, so this one is prompt-ish. Like I got elevator sex in my mind and went down with it. Not sure it's fully what I wanted and if it fully fits the theme but here you go. I also hesitated to do a "7 minutes in heaven" but decided otherwise. Might do it for another day.

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