rook 🔞 ♠️ hiatus-ish?

rook 🔞 ♠️ hiatus-ish?



happy birthday miya twins!!! #skts birthday sex, morning sex, bottom atsumu, established relationship “mm. . . ?” atsumu has always been a hard sleeper. he rolls over, releasing a half-awake kiyoomi from his grip in favor of facing the nightstand instead. his husband, who’s

been awake and on his phone for quite some time now, drapes an arm around his waist. it’s past sunrise now, approaching the reasonable hour that kiyoomi planned to wake his husband up. it’s the first birthday they’ve had since being married, and it isn’t kiyoomi’s strong suit,

but he wants to make it special for atsumu in every way he can. one of the first things he opened up about was birthdays, and how he always felt overshadowed by his brother growing up; not today. he would make sure that his husband feels as special as he truly is. his arms snake

further around atsumu’s waist, pulling him more closely against him with a light tug. he smells faintly of the shampoo he uses, apple and cherry blossom, when kiyoomi nuzzles his head into the crook of his neck. “atsumu. . .” he whispers against his skin, allowing his hands to

gently explore the familiar, toned skin of his torso. “happy birthday, my love.” “mm?” atsumu hums again, more conscious than the last time. he turns his head so that his cheek meets kiyoomi’s head and he brushes against him affectionately. “birthday,” he says with a yawn,

“today’s my birthday.” “it is,” kiyoomi replies, a chuckle lacing his voice, “i’d like to start it off properly, is that alright?” he presses morning wood against the small of his boyfriend’s back and he nods eagerly, turning his neck more, just enough to begin kissing him.

it’s lazy and slow. it’s so different from the way their relationship started, all hot, and drunk, like it was a race to the climax. kiyoomi’s lips find the sensitive spot beneath his ear and begin to suck while his hands wander more purposefully, teasing the exposed skin on his

pecs, down his stomach, and across his waistband. his husband melts into him with a happy sigh, reponding to each touch with small shifts of his body, and parting his thighs when kiyoomi begins to push his knee between them. “baby,” atsumu mumbles out. his hand wraps around

one of kiyoomi’s and pushes it across his waistband, toward the center. kiyoomi knows his cock is likely hard already, if he were to move his hand down a few more inches. “good boy,” kiyoomi praises, “ask for what you want, and you get it.” his fingers slip beneath soft pajamas

to find atsumu bare beneath them. he wraps his fingers around his length, cold compared to the warmth of his husband’s body, and begins to stroke him with a loose hand. he groans, and the noise rumbles from the depths of his chest. they don’t need to speak for a while, kiyoomi

cages him in with his arm and jerks him off slowly while he softly rocks his hips into his grip, no end in sight, and no need for one. “omi, ya gonna fuck me?” atsumu’s voice isn’t teasing as it often is, just honest, with a hint of needy. kiyoomi’s hand has felt the dribble

of precum leaking from him by now, damp across the tips of his fingers. he swipes it now and brings his fingers up to atsumu’s lips, where true to character, and obediently as all hell, he takes them into his mouth and begins to suck. “of course i am,” kiyoomi replies in that

same soft tone he’s spoken in all morning. a gentle bite to atsumu’s neck, and kiyoomi continued to pump his fingers in and out of the blonde’s mouth, grinding his own hardness against his back as he imagines the rest of their morning. when they’re slick with spit, he takes his

hand and brings it close to him. he gets atsumu’s pajama pants down with a hooked thumb, then presses two wet fingers to his soft hole. “i bet you don’t even need this after last night,” kiyoomi notes, but he presses fingers into him anyway. one finger at first, but once he’s

got it settled inside of him with little resistance he adds a second right after. atsumu lets out a soft sigh and the rocking begins again, his hips pressing back against the movements of kiyoomi’s hand. “feels good, omi,” he’s nodding, and kiyoomi almost wants to just finish

him like this. he looks so pretty, it’s simple, and lovely, it’s everything good. he fingers him for a long while without approaching his prostate, only dragging out the pleasure of being worked open, and of being together. “i want you,” kiyoomi’s cock is twitching for him by

now, his breath is heavy against his husband’s ear. “please,” his responds in an exhale. kiyoomi has no plans of ignoring the birthday boy’s request. he opts to take a moment to break contact to maximize their later pleasure and reaches over atsumu to get a pump of lube from the

nightstand. his long wingspan allows him to reach it without much disruption, and he slathers it onto his cock once he manages to roll his boxers down his legs far enough. “happy birthday.” kiyoomi presses a sweet kiss to atsumu’s cheek as his head presses against his hole.

atsumu is silent with his breath caught in his throat as he pushes in, so slow, like they have all day to enjoy this singular moment. when he feels himself flush against atsumu’s ass, truly and fully inside of him, he presses his head down on his shoulder and wraps his arms

around him again. “i love you.” he fucks into atsumu without ever pulling out to the tip. the thought of now being as close to him as possible right now is unthinkable. as his husband groans and sighs he follows his cues, holding his hips at just the right angle to help him

feel full and satisfied. when he wants to hit his prostate he does so easily; he knows exactly where it is. “omi—- omiiiiiiii—“ he can’t believe that even for a moment as kids, he disliked that nickname. it’s so beautiful when he says it. “ride it out baby, i’ll take care of

you.” he pumps atsumu’s cock again, in time with his thrusts. the blanket barely covers them, having been jostled so much by their movements, but atsumu finds a hem to grip onto now. “feels s’good— omi— love ya s’much—“ he loves atsumu like this most of all. he loves him

always. “mmph—“ kiyoom is quieter in bed than atsumu, but the moans come. this one is louder than the others, because he feels his orgasm bubbling up in his stomach, ready to spill into atsumu’s heat. “aah—“ atsumu’s there too, making incomprehensible noises as kiyoomi feels

cum begin to coat his hand. atsumu thrusts helplessly against it, and the added tightness of his hole as he convulses sends kiyoomi over, pushing cum deep into atsumu while he jerks him to completion. “shit,” atsumu curses tiredly. one of his hands is reaching back to kiyoomi’s

hair, pushing curls from his eyes. they know each other so well that atsumu knows to do it when kiyoomi fucks him from behind. he can’t help but to smile. “can every day be my birthday?” he asks. kiyoomi lets out another chuckle and keeps him close. they need to clean up, but it

can wait a few minutes. “i could only wish,” he replies.

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