after analyzing 60+ games and services, we found 200 000 bots. on average, every web3 game has 40% bots. link to the database with the results at the end of a thread ๐Ÿงต

we detect bots and multi-accounts by linking wallets belonging to the same person we take a list of token holders, put them on a graph, and link wallets using our algorithm. The result is more like a petri dish! See the colored clusters? these are bots at @Era7_official

here is a @tinyworldgamefi graph. it's a Top-3 game on @BNBCHAIN with 35k MAU 70% bots

bots are not only in games! all services with a profit are flooded with bots. here is a @MOBOX_Official graph. - Top-2 gamefi platform on @binance - 39k MAU - 55% of bots

bots are everywhere! just everywhere! here is @Biswap_Dex token graph. they introduced a referral program and voila! 13k bots. the funny thing is that we found this token by analyzing it randomly and only then realized why the bots were there.

how does Jigger solve this? we do unobtrusive PoH. if we see from the data that the user is most likely a bot, we will ask to go through a lightweight check through a selfie. just to make sure you are a unique person!

you can see all the data and graphs in our gallery we update the data periodically, so you can subscribe to @useJigger if you want us to check some other tokens fill out the form

@AnRKeyX 84% of bots @ArivaCoin 87% of bots @Lovely_finance 28% of bots @RadioCacaNFT 23% of bots @SeedifyFund 49% of bots @SensparkMeta 34% of bots @coin98_wallet 69% of bots @cryptovoxels 65% of bots @binary_x 42% of bots @BombCryptoGame 42% of bots @Lovely_finance 28% of bots

@PositionEx 26% of bots @chainoflegends 39% of bots @ninnekogame 54% of bots

@decentralgames 64% of bots @fightoftheages 41% @nftbmarket 38% @seascapenetwork (PolyCrowns) 52%

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