whormi πŸ”ž busy

whormi πŸ”ž busy



cw / age gap, shota, atsuosa, plushophilia pro volleyball player atsumu gifting two of those giant atsumu nitotan plushies to his baby brother osamu. their mom thinks it’s silly but nothing more; osamu sleeps and cuddles with one every night, the other stays in the closet.

at least it stays there until atsumu visits, and then it emerges from the closet covered in osamu’s cum because they spend their nights together with atsumu sat in a chair, guiding his baby brother to hump the plushie that’s in his older brother’s likeness, makes him beg to come

until he’s spilling all over it while atsumu sits and jerks off to the sight. maybe has osamu crawl over and use his mouth when he’s all done with the toy.

maybe one day he helps fit it with an onahole so osamu can imagine fucking his brother too, all while atsumu tells him how, tells him that when osamu’s a little bigger, atsumu will do the exact same thing to him.

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