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Today we will discuss the shroud of Turin and how NASA is one of the most corrupt organizations on earth. This is my most important thread to date, and it will be long

My journey to Christianity from hardcore atheist materialism began in one innocuous moment 4 years ago. I was walking to the bars with an American friend of mine when he casually said “dude, I’m in this class right, and the professor told us that the shroud of Turin is real."

It was a weird sensation. For a split second I experienced this inexplicable fear, could the Jesus stuff possibly be real? I quickly brushed it off but remained curious. 4 years later that professor he told me about is one of my closest friends.

To cut to the chase, the guy is the smartest man I’ve ever met. Ex priest, PHD in Classical Philology and something like 7 other degrees. Speaks like 8 languages. Basically, he studied under one of the heads of STURP.

STURP, or the Shroud of Turin Research Project, was a team of scientists who studied the Shroud in the 70s and 80s. Their findings were astounding and yet largely ignored. The final report concluded:

"We can conclude for now that the Shroud image is that of a real human form of a scourged, crucified man. It is not the product of an artist. The blood stains are composed of hemoglobin and also give a positive test for serum albumin....

...The image is an ongoing mystery and until further chemical studies are made, perhaps by this group of scientists, or perhaps by some scientists in the future, the problem remains unsolved."

Of course, this was academic speak for the bare minimum of their findings. There is much more to the story. But first, lets discuss why the Shroud is so often immediately dismissed as a forgery. In '88 samples were taken from the shroud for radiocarbon dating by Oxford scientists

The team of Oxford scientists (this was after and unrelated to STURP) in charge of the sampling concluded that the shroud was created in the 14th century. Case closed right? Wrong

Oxford literally had to be petitioned to release ALL of the reports findings. Finally in recent years they acquiesced. Every single one of the samples taken were from parts of the shroud that were from a Medieval restorations after the shroud had been damaged from a fire

Basically, all they proved is that there was a medieval restoration. And then two decades later, a more accurate stereoscopic dating study was conducted, which concluded that the shroud was very old, approximately 2000 years old…..

But what evidence did the original STURP project find in the 70s for the veracity of the relic?

The image has no brush strokes, no dyes, chemicals, or scorching. The image was not painted. Pollen samples found on the shroud are native to Palestine.

The only known explanation for the creation of the image is an intense burst of vacuum ultraviolet radiation (equivalent to the output of 14,000 excimer lasers) emitted from every three-dimensional point of the body in the Shroud. Basically, the image was the result of UV light.

Time to get weirder. Basically, the image that anyone who viewed the shroud before the last 100 years would have seen is the one on the left. Then in 1898, a man took the first photo of the shroud. While developing it he saw the black and white negative. (img on right)

How could a medieval forger possibly anticipate the development of photography? First we have no idea how he could have made this image, and even if he had access to some bizarre technique why would he take the time to create something that would only show after 500 years

I won’t list all the other mainstream evidence for the shroud, google is your friend. Id rather now discuss something completely overlooked, and where things get weird. Lets discuss the veil of Manoppello.

The cloth is allegedly the sudarium of Christ, possibly the veil of Veronica. Here is what is strange. According to my professors old mentor, the STURP guy, a forensic study was conducted comparing the image on the veil and the shroud, and

they were so similar that it would be admissible evidence to convict a man of a crime in a court of law.

When my profs mentor originally tried submitting this evidence to NASA, they were completely ignored. So they tried again, and were ignored. And again. Finally, according to my professor, his mentor the Jesuit scientist was approached by one of his superiors and told

In the most crude language possible, to stop. He was then blacklisted from the scientific community. The NASA report contained all the data he submitted on the shroud, but refused to include their evidence comparing the veil and the shroud

So what am I getting at here. Why is the veil image with open eye and the shroud with closed? According to my profs mentor, if we are to believe this, during the resurrection, christ passed first through the shroud with eyes closed, but

by the time he passed the veil on top, his eyes had opened.

And the blast of energy produced stained the two cloths with Christs face, as if it was imprinted by a nuclear explosion. Let that sink in

Now, lets talk about our friends at NASA

As most of you probably know, NASA has always been quite sus. Operation Paperclip is an open secret at this point, but the extant of the Nazi infiltration is suppressed. NASA absorbed some of the evilest SOBs in the after WW2 known to man

I'm digressing here a bit but I just want to drive some things home about nasa before I continue

Remember the movie the Exorcist? It was based on a true story of a kid exorcised in Georgetown. Did you know that it just came out that the kid ended up becoming a lead NASA engineer? lol

Anyone familiar with Gravitys Rainbow also knows how's weird the nasa rabbit hole goes

Now lets get REALLY weird. The guy who funded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA? Extremely prominent Thelemite occultist


why, please tell me, is the jet propulsion lab in charge of reviewing shroud evidence

We can get back to NASA later, but first lets discuss why oh why would the Vatican not acknowledge the Shroud as legit?

Well according to my old professor, he had asked his mentor the same question. his response? "People simply cannot handle the reality of the resurrection."

Of course this is a typical jesuit response lol, the true answer is probably the fact that the Vatican has been so heavily infiltrated by the smoke of Satan that they will do anything they can to play down the miracles of Christ

Also, if any of my followers reading this are catholic, just know I was born and raised catholic, and when I eventually returned a few years ago to Christianity I of course returned to Catholicism. Im not some rabid prot claiming the Pope is the antichrist

But my eyes were opened. Rome has fallen. The Vatican is complicit in some of the most evil sht possible.

I have it on good authority that 80 percent of Catholic priests are pedophiles and that's a conservative estimate

But the rot goes deeper than that. There are priests regularly conducting Satanic rituals. Here is a "fun" microcosm. Here in Rome their is a church in Piazza del Popolo called basilica di Santa Maria in Montesanto. This probably merits its own thread, but hell namo

This is the kind of art the church is now commissioning. A mock pieta was showcased in this holy church for several months. Instead of showing the holy pieta of madonna and jesu, it showed this:

How is this in any way christian? why does this belong in a church? An older male crying over a dead younger one? Explicitly in the model of Michelangelo's original?

And FYI, the figure in the bald mans hand is neither male or female, it is completely androgynous, sans genitalia. No where can you find any info on what its portraying. The smoke of satan has taken the church

Well I will grace you with a little more insider knowledge told to me from an unrelated Vatican insider, it is an open secret that this is a depiction of a satanic ritual

ok enough with this Vatican tangent. All ill say more is this, if you want a good starting point for researching the Vatican then read this book

But back to the shroud, it is very much real. And I'm hoping that this inspires atleast one non believer who comes across this thread to inquire further. For this knowledge to effect you as it effected me four years ago. God bless

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