nsfw miyacest (atsuosa) , dubcon , humiliation // atsumu sometimes acts like a dumbass in public whereas osamu generally seems more composed, but we all know that he’s actually just as much of a dumbass, he’s just smart about it. +

so when he /does/ accidentally slip up and get caught, he just blames it on his twin. cue osamu getting caught sucking someone off in public, getting fucked in an alleyway. he doesn’t even have to /try/ to explain himself to anyone now, they all just assume it’s atsumu. +

atsumu goes over after the scandal breaks out and is like “/you/ did this to me!! you’re about to fuck up my whole career!!!” +

to which osamu says “it’s not my fault ya don’t know how to behave yerself in public. if anything, it’s /your/ fault. if you hadn’t done so many stupid things in the past, maybe the public wouldn’t be so quick to believe this was you.” +

and atsumu is just simmering with anger and goes, “oh i’ll show ya how i behave myself. i’ll /show/ ya just what stupid things i can /actually/ do” and then fucks osamu. +

osamu: w-what are you doing? atsumu: i’m gonna fuck ya osamu: oh fuck atsumu: oh fuck is right. if you’re such a slut to take it from strangers in a shitty alleyway then you won’t mind yer twin fuckin’ ya will ya osamu: *furiously jerking himself off* +

atsumu: fuckin’ knew it. you’re fucked in the head, samu. osamu, as atsumu penetrates him: no more than you are, tsumu. +

and from then on, atsumu ‘allows’ osamu to get into trouble, to continue going on his dalliances. atsumu will deal with all the consequences that may follow, so long as osamu always comes back to him after and lets him have a go too. +

atsumu, fucking osamu’s already come-filled hole: you’re fucking disgusting, ya know that? osamu: actually, the media’s gonna think it’s /you/ that’s disgusting and that just makes atsumu fuck him harder 🥰

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