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This is the most important thing I did to scale to $3.5M in 10 months. ....and, it is the number one reason why most stores never hit $1M. [Creating a High Ticket Store - Thread 9 of 10] Keep reading to find out what it is: // THREAD // 🧵

Step 10: Building a Culture and Team Once you surpass $200K/month in sales, how hard you work starts to matter less and less. There’s so much to do that you could work 25 hours a day and still not come close to completing everything. Solution: a team 👬👭

1. You cannot have an amazing company without amazing people. Once you are out of the day-to-day of the business, it’s difficult to argue that anything is as important as hiring. (i) To see our overseas hiring process, I recommend you read this thread:

(ii) Creating a Job Post: Be sure to clearly define the role with specific descriptions of exactly what the person will be doing on a daily basis. Ask yourself who might be good at these tasks. Imagine your ideal candidate in your mind in terms of personality.

I recommend hiring someone talented right away who will eventually be your daily “operator”. Having an operator is the fastest way to remove yourself from the business. Hiring this person from the start will familiarize them with all aspects of the business and save time.

2. Most eCom stores lack culture. They simply sell products for more than they purchased them for. Don’t be like this. Put together core values that your company stands for.

>What values are most important to your company? >How do you want to treat your customers? >How about your suppliers? >How about your employees? >How about the global community at large? >What do you do better than everyone else?

These things are the essence of your company and you need to have clearly defined answers for each. Once complete documentize this. Hire someone on Fiverr to make a nicely designed sheet that you can distribute to your new team members in the onboarding process.

3. Keep your people motivated. Never think as yourself above the team. Even if you only think so internally, it will show. In fact, never refer to them directly as employees or VAs. Refer to them as junior leaders. Your the senior leader.

Communicate the values and culture from step 2 clearly in your onboarding process. Have onboarding videos where you discuss each core value: >What it means >Why it's important >What it would look like in practice daily

You need to meet with your team on a consistent basis. This is what I do: > 1 x Town Hall/month We review financials, goals, and look at the broader picture/direction that we are trending

> Bi-weekly company huddle Discuss individual wins, losses, and as a team we discuss solutions and different ideas that we could implement to improve. We also do a game or something to keep a light-hearted mood.

4. Treat your people well. Seems obvious, but most people treat their overseas team members horribly. Here’s some ideas:

(i) Pay them well. Does it really make a difference if you pay them $7 an hour instead of $5? Likely not, but for them, that difference is life changing. Their performance will also more than make up for it.

(ii) Provide them insurance. Even though they are technically freelancers, we provide our team members $100 a month insurance upon submitting a receipt. This has allowed some to get life and health insurance for their entire families. They've been extremely grateful.

(iii) Provide PTO. Everyone of our employees has 24 PTO days per year. Because our cultures have different holidays, the 24 days are to be used for any days they take off (sickness, holidays, christmas, etc).

(iv) Provide learning hours. Buy your team courses, allow them to read books, listen to podcasts, etc, to improve their skills for at least a few hours a week.

(v) Incentivize your team with bonuses. When the company wins, allow them to share in the upside. Create both individual and team-based bonuses.

5. Monitor performance with KPIs. Your goal is to remove yourself from the day-to-day of the business. The only way to ensure you have a proper pulse on things is by establishing KPIs that you can check on moments notice to assess how things are going.

I recommend checking out the following two threads where I go deep into Sales KPIs and Customer Service KPIs. Sales: Customer Service:

6. Automate and Systemize In high ticket eCom specifically, you need to find a way to automate and streamline: (i) Supplier research (ii) Supplier reach outs (iii) Supplier onboarding (iv) Content creation (v) Customer service Try to add 3-4 suppliers per month at minimum

Customer service can be extremely stressful and time consuming. While you need to provide excellent service, it’s best if its not the business owner doing it. There's higher ROI activities that you sholud be focusing on.

BONUS - Here is a thread on some scaling tactics once you hit over 6 figs/month:

That’s all for Part 10: Building an Excellent Team and Culture. If you learned something, please like and retweet the first tweet to share with your audience. Follow me @ecomwithbrook for more eCommerce content.

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