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SunaOsa / NSFW, spanking “fuck, oh fuck—“ Osamu gasped as Suna slid inside him. Suna loved Osamu’s ass. Even after he stopped playing, Osamu kept a regular work out routine that always consisted of working on his glutes and thighs.

it drove Suna crazy and Osamu knew this. It’s the only reason why he continued. Suna watched as his dick disappeared— Osamu taking him all the way. “So fucking good, Samu— /goddamnit./“ Suna gritted his teeth as Osamu begin to rock back against him, it made his head fuzzy.

Suna had to stop it before he blew, not even 5 minutes into fucking. But without even thinking, Suna’s hand came down hard on Osamu’s ass. They both heard the sound of the impact before either felt it. Osamu inhaled as he his grip tightened on the sheet below.

Osamu freezes, eyes fluttering closed before he speaks, “Again, please,” Osamu arched, pressing back into Suna’s hip. “Again— hit me.” Suna smirks at the new discovery. oh, he was about to have so much fun with Osamu. /end

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