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I took the time to watch every F1 race from 1978 to 2018 (except one). Here’s what I learned

Any thought you’ve ever had about F1 has probably already been voiced before. The races being boring, the competition being lopsided, new (at the time) tracks being worse than classic ones, inconsistent or alleged biased stewarding, “it’s just the car” takes. All rinsed to death

Even complaints of bad camera work or random cutaways have been issues since broadcasting began. Here’s one of my favorite examples (pay close attention to the last few sentences for my next point)

There is no “golden era of F1”. There are good individual seasons slapped between mediocre to passable seasons that contain a great race or two and that’s only sometimes. The list of actual great races to boring ones is so skewed it’s not even funny

There were even a few seasons I really had to drag myself to even get through. 1979, 1988, 1994, and 2015 were the worst of the bunch with 1984 and 2013 teetering right on the edge but had certain races that salvaged them

F1 has been trying to cost save since the 70’s and has failed miserably every time until now. Proposals of reduced engine sizes (as small as 1.2L turbos), cost caps in the 80’s, simplification of aero, etc. Things that could’ve saved countless manufacturers all wasted

Another problem yet to be fixed is inconsistent stewarding however I don’t think it’s out of malice, more the fault of human subjectivity. Having a rotating panel of stewards is never going to give you a consistent result even if they are professional racing drivers

The answer to this would be “just have a fixed steward” and this has already been tried in the late 2000’s and nothing changed lol. Unfortunately we’re doomed. The most we can hope for is a more objective rule book to be revised

Another valid complaint is that in the modern F1 era the cars race worse than their historic counterparts and that’s down to: ~braking distances ~the overall weight of the cars ~and the need to lengthen the cars to accommodate upgrades in safety, the modern PU, and for aero

+ when I say historic counterparts I don’t mean the late 90’s-00’s cars. As much as fans harp on them being nice to look at because they were twitchy, they raced horribly due to dirty air and braking distances that were much too short, issues that started to intensify after 1990

Fans haven’t really changed much at all. The numbers may have grown but the core toxicity has always been a constant. DTS is a scapegoat so that people aren’t forced to address that the issue has been alive and well long before hand

Without making this thread 100 paragraphs long my main take away is that nothing about the F1 landscape has changed all too much. Same issues, same complaints, same fans, different cars.

Feel free to ask me any questions too :)

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