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I made over 2,000% using a simple short squeeze setup And I'm giving it to you for free Here's how to get into a short squeeze BEFORE it takes off 🚀 👇👇👇

No short squeeze is the same But they all follow a similar pattern Here's what it is: I'll be breaking down this pattern so you can identify how to get in

Every squeeze starts with an initial pump This initial pump is what gets shorts to look at the stock

After the initial pump, there will be random pops where shorts add to their position They are typically mini-squeezes and happen very fast

At this point, price fails to start making lower lows I call this the "grind" phase. Price starts to slowly creep/grind up and becomes very condensed Here's what's actually happening:

Shorts are adding to their position, but buyers are stronger They are buying every dip, picking up as many shares as they can Shorts get nervous and hold Since they are still adding on pops, they have a good average and aren't in the loss yet

As price starts to creep they start adding Buyers are too strong and the stock starts to squeeze Shorts have to cover and you see an explosive move

So when would you want to get in on this kind of move? Ideally during the "grind" phase It offers the best R/R and happens at a point where it's relatively easy to recognize Let's take a look at some examples:

Here's $TSLA You can see all the phases of a short squeeze laid out here Lots of opportunity to get in at the "grind" phase

Here's #Bitcoin monthly chart This is the exact setup I used to make money on $RIOT from the original tweet It's the exact same setup

This setup happens in all markets If you can identify what is happening, you'll be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

If you found this helpful, feel free to leave a like + RT the original tweet so others can learn too I’m writing a thread everyday in June 👀 So follow me @FT__Trading if you’re interested in trading strategies and psychology

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