japan army fanclub magazine arrived and i love these cute photos with stickers! vmin

jin and joon and sopekook!

i'm sorry i can take better pictures but here are the rest of the units! there's also individual photos and even more with other styles!

sopekook unit!!

just so everyone knows, this is the bts japan official fanclub magazine volume 10! so unfortunately if you are not in japan you'd have to get it secondhand :( hopefully someone with a scanner will post better pictures soon! this year the book is much thicker & full of pics!

okay it's lunch so i tried to take better photos. unfortunately this is the best i can do without a scanner. but i took some individual shots to make up for it! vmin first



hyung line individual pics! there are also more individual pics but i will let the scanners get those

maknae line individual pics! thanks for all the love everyone! feel free to repost all of these. i'm sorry the quality isn't better!

someone requested, so here are the rest of the individual pics! hyung line

and maknae line! apologies about the quality! these are all the sticker pictures in the book 💜

some people have been asking for a picture of the cover. here it is! the fc magazine only just arrived today so it might be a little while before anyone sells it secondhand. it is volume 10!

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