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Lewin | Wealth Pill 💊



Men, INVEST in these and you'll solve 99% of your problems.

1. Invest in books Save yourself from society's beliefs with books. What's common is comforting and a lie. Spare 100 minutes of your day to read and write. This will help you; • Sharpen your thinking • Improved self organization • Reduce anxiety and depression

Start by reading these books; • Art of thinking clearly • Human nature • Flow Which book saved you?

2. Invest in experience Experiences will shape you Date more, travel and take risks You'll be ahead of your peers in • Maturity • Confidence • Self mastery Bad or good, experiences will help you grow, mature and progress as a person.

3. Invest in courses School system won't make you rich, only skill can Build specific knowledge and sell it online You can learn alone but a mentor will help you learn 10x faster

Use the knowledge you obtain and earn with it. The ultimate modern flex is; • Staying anonymous • Being filthy rich • A great physique Simplicity is the new rich

4. Invest in yourself Be your own first priority Focus on your health. Your health is your ultimate wealth Be fit; • Physical • Mentally • Emotionally Do this; • Eat a healthy diet • Hit the gym 5x a week • Keep distance with toxic people

5. Invest in friends 80% of your decisions are influenced by your peers Choose few friends who can push you Your inner circle need to be discussing more on; • Business ideas • Investments • Success

You don't need those friends whose conversation revolves around; • Politics • Gossiping • Complaining They will be your greatest setback

6. Invest in businesses. 99% of people chase money, only 1% make it. Have online and offline businesses Join Wealth Brew and be guided on how to earn from your Twitter account

It's Masculinity Saturday Follow @Wealth_Pill and learn more on; • Business strategies • Mental frameworks • Relationships • Social skills Men, this world wants you to be fit physically, mentally and financially Let's meet on next Saturday for more.

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