K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍



#TAEKOOKAU Alpha CEO JEON knows something's missing in his life because he lost his memories from a tragic accident. Omega Senior Designer KIM strives to be the best not only for himself but also for someone who has lost her dad even before she was born! Their worlds collide!

TITLE: CLOSER YOU & I TAGS: -Alpha Jungkook (CEO of JEON Brands) -Omega Taehyung (fashion designer) -MPREG -NSFW -romantic -accident/blood -super light angst with happy ending REMINDER: everything about this AU is fake, only TAEKOOK is real! BE KIND all the time=)

It's been years since Jungkook decided to go back to work after his tragic accident. It's been years since that he's attending events & it's been so long that he's socializing with people and yet here he is wanting to escape his own party again. It's his birthday & he's bored!

He looks around and see his assistant Hoseok having the best time of his life while drinking and dancing with their guests. He even saw him changing his partners from one model to another. Good thing that the beta is still unmated or else, he'll be in trouble throwing himself

to different alphas and omegas like that. After observing his executive assistant, he turned around &walked towards the bar to ask for a drink but her cousin Seokjin is quick to block him. "Finally, the birthday boy is free! you look so bored Guk, come on it's your birthday!"

Jungkook sighs upon seeing his cousin. He knows he couldn't hide anything from Seokjin. "I don't know hyung...this, I mean.. you know I don't like this party. I only agreed to mom and dad because they never stopped using the "it's your second life card" on me. But istg. I just

wanna go home and rest. We have a huge event next week and I have lots of paper works to finish." Jungkook exasperatedly informed his cousin who also works for him as one of his designers. Seokjin feels bad for his cousin because Jungkook really has changed a lot after the

horrible accident that took away his memories 4 years ago. It's been years and everything is back to normal now but there's still an odd feeling about his cousin that makes him look so incomplete. "Right, I totally understand you my dearest cousin. how about you ditch this party

now and I'll cover up for you? I'll tell uncle and aunt Joanna that you already went home with that omega they've been trying to hook you up with." Seokjin suggested even when he knows that Jungkook doesn't really like Maila; the only daughter of the Choi's. "Are you sure?"

"Come on Guk, you know I'm not only your most trusted senior designer at Golden Collections. I'm your best cousin so go, shoo! I gotchu!" Seokjin even playfully push his alpha cousin who finally cracks a smile for the first time that evening. "Thank you so much hyung! I promise,

I'll let you take over Seoul's office from now on. I'll stay here in Busan and I'll let you run Seoul GC starting tomorrow." Jungkook said with a huge smile that made Seokjin speechless for a while before he starts screaming in silence. "Stop messing with me Guk!" Seokjin

couldn't believe how his cousin slash boss is really letting him run Seoul GC now when he's been asking him that for months now. "As much as I want to say it's a prank, I'm dead serious hyung and I want you to know that I'm deciding to let you do that not just because I owe you

tonight but because you deserve it. I know you've been sacrificing to be away with your mate to be here with me in Busan too but don't worry hyung, Hoseok hyung already taught me everything now. I can handle myself now so you can go back to Seoul already." Jungkook informed him.

"OMG, it's your birthday but here you are giving me this present Guk! What can I say but thank you so much!" Seokjin almost teared up knowing that he's going home with his mate again and this time, it's for good. "You're welcome Seokjin hyung, besides...you deserve this."

"Yes, thank you Jungkookie...oh but wait, how about Jenni?" Seokjin suddenly asked the current Director in Seoul GC who happens to be Jungkook's latest fling. Jungkook frowns a little. "What about Jen?" he asked. "Does she know I'm taking over her position? ISTG Guk I hated her

guts when you two were still dating but I hate her even more to work with. She thinks highly of herself when she hasn't proven anything yet! She got her position because of your mom who happens to be her mom's bestfriend!" Seokjin's unfiltered words made Jungkook smile again.

"No worries hyung, I've processed the papers few weeks ago. Jennie knows you'll take over SEoul GC. She will still work there as a designer but of course everything will be under your approval now." Jungkook explained to him. Seokjin smiled & thanked his cousin again.

"Right, thank you again Guk and please leave now before people starts to look for you again." Seokjin pushed him cousin away this time. He knows Jungkook needs a rest not just physically but also mentally and maybe spiritually too. He looks older than his actual age now!

********Meanwhile, in Paris... Kim Taehyung is trying his best not to break down while he's staring at the calendar hanging at the back of his bedroom door. On his right hand is his phone while on the other hand is a box of small cake he managed to buy with the remaining Euro

he has saved. It's his due date for the house rent, electric & water bill plus her phone bill as well and he has no money left to pay all those bills. He has no one to call for help too, no family to contact and no mate to ask for help too. He is hopeless & helpless.

Taehyung closed his eyes as he pocketed his phone again. He knows self pitying won't do him any good at the moment and he has someone looking forward to see him. He tightened his hold to the box of cake before he grabs his bag before he finally left his apartment.

He knows Nen & Yami are already waiting for him to fetch his little Star because they also know that it's her birthday so there's no way he will ditch her. It took him half an hour on the train before he finally arrived at his old co-workers house where Star is temporarily

staying while he's still trying to look for a new job. Taehyung looks at himself using the side mirror of the car parked in front of Nen's house before he knocks on their door. He even forces himself to smile again as if his world is not falling apart just to make sire Star

won't worry for him again. The little girl is smarter than any other pup at her age so he wanna make sure the pup won't see any trace of hardship in him. "Hey, you made it!" Nen greeted the prettiest omega she has ever laid her eyes upon before she lets him inside their house.

"Nen, I'm really sorry I'm late and---" "Shush! Come on Tae, how many times do i need to tell you that you don't have to apologize everytime! Besides, yami and I are having the best times of our lives whenever we have Star here. Now cheer up & show the alpha pup that you'll

never forget her birthday! She's worried that you're busy looking for a job and that you'll forget her birthday!" Nen explained to the Omega who obviously is not okay no matter how he pretends to be okay. Taehyung almost cried the moment he enters the living room because he saw

the cute birthday decorations Nen & Yami prepared for his alpha pup. "Tae Tae! You came!" Star immediately jumps off the sofa the moment she spotted the omega. She even almost trips when she runs to him, good thing that Taehyung is quick to catch the little birthday girl.

Taehyung tried his best not to scent the little girl but his omega instinct can't help but do it! He starts to nuzzle the little girl who cant stop giggling. "Of course I'm here you little alpha! It's your birthday and look what I got for you!" Taehyung remembers the cake.

Star's eyes immediately light up upon seeing the sweet treat. She knows in her young mind that Nen and Yami prepared her a pasta with hotdogs on stick but as a kid, she still prefers a cake to celebrate her birthday. "Woooow! I love cwake!" she screams in excitement too.

"Wait, lemme just grab the lighter so you can blow your candle Star." Yami said before she ran to the kitchen to grab the lighter. Nen is quick to turn off the light in the living room too just so Star will get the full experience in blowing her candle. Taehyung mouthed a

silent THANK YOU to the two ladies before he light up the candle on Star's birthday cake. They all sang the birthday song before Taehyung told the birthday pup to say her wish before she blows her candle. "I wish my Dada is happy in his bwirthday too." she wished in excitement.

Taehyung froze upon hearing little Star's wish but he tried his best to act naturally as he pulled out his phone from his pocket to film her. He doesn't know why all these years, he never failed to film the alpha pup in all her milestones. Maybe, deep in his heart he knows the

real reason behind it but his brain is not ready to process it now. Nen and Yami gave him a knowing look when he remains silent even after they already turned on the light. "Tae Tae, are we going home now or are we staying here with aunt Nwen and aunt Yami again?" Star asked.

"Star aren't you happy with aunt Nen anymore?" the beta asked the little girl when she noticed how startled Taehyung is with that simple question. "Of course I love it here aunty Nwen but I miss cuddling with Tata too." she pouts quickly. Taehyung's heart melted upon hearing it

too because heaven knows how he misses her. Yami subtly told Nen to entertain the kid for the meantime before he grabs Taehyung's hand and leads him to the balcony of their house. "I don't wanna assume things and I know I have no right to ask you anything Taehyung but I just

want you to know that you and little Star are both welcome here. The house is huge enough for the four of us. My sister and I can stay in her room while you and Star can occupy my room until you're ready to be on your own again." Yami offered to the obviously broke Omega.

Taehyung tried his best not to tear up nor to break down in front of his friends especially when Star is just inside the house but he's tired and he's scared for Star's future now. After he got fired from his previous job, no one else wants to take him in Paris. The alpha boss

he previously worked for is too powerful and influential that's why no matter how many times he redo his portfolio, no agency is accepting him anymore. "Yami, I'm trying my best but---" he stops in the middle of his sentence when he feels like he's about to burst out crying.

"Oh come here Taehyung. Sssshhhh, it's not your fault that this world still thinks only Alpha has the power over everything. Come here." Yami pulled his friend and gave him a tight warm hug. "You and Star will get through this. Nen and I are so willing to keep you both here."

Taehyung hugs her back before he pulled away with a small smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Thank you Yami, but I guess it's time for me and Star to finally go home. Bo already closed all the doors for me here in Paris. I have decided already, we're going back in Korea."



***TWO MONTHS LATER*** "Taetae can I go to work with you today pwease? I pwomise, I will behave." Star begs for the nth time while she watches Taehyung fix his tie in front of the mirror. They're already in Seoul and fortunately, the omega landed a job immediately so they

managed to afford to rent a decent apartment in a safe neighborhood too. Taehyung applied as a fashion editor of a small magazine company since he's still scared to try his luck as a designer again knowing that Park Bogum's power isn't limited just in Paris. He doesn't want his

heart to be broken again so he temporarily settled to this office work that pays him enough to survive everyday. He also managed to hire someone who looks after Star whenever he goes to work. Luckily, Mae is trustworthy enough for him to leave Star with her everyday.

When Taehyung is sure that he's ready to leave, he carefully kneels in front of the alpha pup who keeps rolling on their couch. "I told you that workplace isn't for little pups right? how about I'll tell Mae to bring you to that restaurant near my workplace for lunch later?"

Taehyung knows it will cost him a little more but the moment Star gave him that beautiful grin, he knows it's worth it. "Pwomise? Mae will bwing me there?" Star just wants reassurance so Taehyung nods immediately. "Yes Star, I promise." he even gave her his finger for their

traditional pinky promise before he quickly scented her again. "I have to go now pup, behave for Mae okay?" "Yes Taetae, I pwomise." the little pup replied before the Omega finally left the apartment not knowing that the universe will open a new door for him and for Star!


***SEOUL GOLDEN CLOSET COLLECTION**** "This is it?" Seokjin's voice sounds so calm but all 7 staff in front of him know him too well already so they are definitely aware that they're about to lose their jobs if they won't be able to come up with a better set of designs for their

new collection that they're about to launch in two months. "Seokjin-ssi we are actually looking for---" "Don't even try to tell me that you are all still scouting for fresh bloods when you're all senior designers in this company for years! Seoul GC has been spending millions

of won for your pay checks so that YOU give us the designs we need for the launch and not for you to scout young designers and rip them off their original designs after giving them coins from your fat bank accounts!" Seokjin is fuming now. He just learned that the designers

hired by Seoul GC are all overpaid while they're not even the real original designers of the clothes they've been launching in their collections in the past. "But Seokjin we just---" "No. You, you, you and you...all of you are fired! Get the fxck out of my face, NOW!"

Seokjin is beyond livid by now. He knows he's being harsh at the moment but he knows those lazy fake ass designers deserve it! "Aren't you being too bossy here? Not even Jungkook will do that." Jennie, who used to be the director of the branch speaks up when all other designers

are out of their sight. Seokjin frowns at the omega who's lips are redder than the over-ripen cherries. "You're lucky that your mom is aunt Joanna's bestfriend because with this portfolio you just gave me, you're supposed to be with those who just left. Now do yourself a favor

if you wanna keep this job. Please ask the PR team and tell them that I want new designers. Send advertisement to all papers in the city including the small ones., post it in all our social media platforms too. I want new faces asap. I will filter them myself." Seokjin said

before he grabs his pen and left the conference room. As much as Jenni wants to refuse to follow his order, she knows Seokjin has the right to fire her as well. Unlike the other employees in the company who respects her, she knows that Seokjin is not intimidated by her at all.

Kim Seokjin is usually kind and patient but he is also strict when it comes to his work because he knows hos Jungkook's parents worked really hard for them to be able to reach where they are at the moment. He just took over the Seoul branch two months ago so he wanna show his

cousin that he deserves the trust Jungkook has given him. He's already sitting on his chair behind his desk when his phone rings. "Hyung are you okay? what's going on?" Jungkook's voice is calm so Seokjin knows his cousin just received the news of him firing all their senior

designers. "Did someone inform you about me firing those untalented b*tches?" Seokjin didn't even filter his words because that only annoys him even more. Jungkook can't help but smile on the other line because he can feel the annoyance of his cousin from miles away.

"Hyung I just want you to know that I'm not going to reprimand you for making that decision. I trust you and your decisions, I just wanna make sure you're fine." Jungkook said in his calm voice. Seokjin nods even when he knows Jungkook can't see him. "Thank you Jungkook."

The Omega looks at the secretary who enters his office before he replied to his cousin. "Don't worry, I'll make sure I'll have them replaced just in time and again, thank you for trusting me. I'll call you later boss, I have some people replacement to do." Seokjin informed him

before he hangs up to sign the paper his secretary gave him. It's the advertisement they're going to publish for the job hiring he wants to do as soon as possible. "Lysa, please make sure to put in the add that I don't need old portfolios. I want new ones and I want actual

on the spot work samples too. We don't have time to waste so make sure to put all details in the ad." Seokjin ordered before he asked his assistant to leave. He's so stress out and he knows the only thing that can pacify him this time is no other than food. He grabs his key and

decided to visit his favorite seafood restaurant. It's just few blocks away from their office so he didn't even bother to tell his assistant that he's leaving. He just hopped in the elevator and left. He looked at his watch and noticed that it's almost lunch time already too.

Seokjin entered the restaurant & saw a vacant table next to his favorite spot that is already occupied by a pretty omega. He even took a double look at him because he thought he already saw him before but he really can't be sure so he just ignored him & proceeded to take a seat.

The newly appointed director of Seoul GC immediately ordered his food while looking around the restaurant. Seokjin also noticed that the omega next to his table doesn't have a food in his table too. 'Probably waiting for his order too.' He thought to himself before something

caught his eyes. The omega who looks busy in the other table is actually sketching in the tissue paper in front of him. And since Seokjin has a perfect vision, he could definitely see the stunning sketches the Omega did in the other tissue paper on top of his table. "Wow."

Taehyung who's still waiting for Star and Mae to join him in the restaurant heard the other Omega so he quickly lifted his head and saw him. "Oh, I'm sorry..please don't think I'm a creep. My name is Kim Seokjin. I just really admire your work, they're stunning." Seokjin even

offered his calling card to the other omega who is polite enough to accept it. "Thank you, uhmmm my name is Taehyung and I used to draw for a living." Taehyung introduces himself too when he noticed that Seokjin seems to be waiting for more respnse from him too. Seokjin's eyes

brightened up upon hearing the other's words. He knows it's too early for him to assume that Taehyung is a good designer but he could definitely acknowledge a talent when he see one and Taehyung definitely looks like one so he wouldn't want to waste his chance. "You mentioned,

you used to do it? I mean, do you mind if I ask what you do for a living now? Or, mind if i join you or do you want to join me here in my table?" Seokjin invited the other omega. "Oh, I'm actually waiting for someone so I think this is fine." Taehyung made a gesture about their

position while talking. "I was a designer for another brand just a few months ago before I shifted my career. I mean, I was forced to do it because you know, Alpha things happened." Taehyung cut the story short and thankfully, Seokjin understood what he meant.

"I'm so sorry that you experience what you've experienced Taehyung..so don't you wanna draw for a living again? I mean, you clearly are talented and it's such a waste if those designs will just be thrown away instead of making them real clothes." Seokjin pointed at the napkins.

Taehyung looks at Seokjin's eyes this time before his lips morphs into a shy but genuine smile. "Of course, I'd love to draw and design clothes again but I think I still have to wait for a perfect opportunity for me. I've gone through lot of rejections because of the same

Alpha who made me stop doing what I love to do and my heart isn't ready for another rejection yet." Taehyung doesn't know why he feels so comfortable telling all those things to Seokjin whom he just met few minutes ago. Seokjin almost screams in excitement upon hearing him.

"Taehyung-ssi, what if an opportunity comes into your way now? Do you think you'll accept it?" Seokjin asked with a huge smile that suddenly makes Taehyung excited and at the same time nervous because it's only then when he realized the logo of the calling card on his hand.

"Wait, OMG! Are you.. I mean, do you work for a clothing line?"! Taehyung asked, his eyes full of excitement for the first time in a very long time. "And if I said yes, will you come and apply to my office tomorrow?" Seokjin asked him back. Taehyung didn't even think twice when

nods at the older omega. "Absolutely!" "Great! Just scan the code in my card & you'll see where do you need to come for an interview tomorrow Taehyung-ssi." Seokjin said before their conversation was interrupted by a call on Taehyung's phone. "Excuse me, I have to take this."

Seokjin smiled to himself once more before he finally diverted his attention to the food that is being served by the waiter. Taehyung on the other hand answered the call from Mae. "Taehyung, I'm really sorry... Star suddenly ran off and we both didn't see the car." Mae cried.

"Mae calm down. Where are you now?" Taehyung asked, his heart pounding so fast. "Taehyung-ssi...we're at the hospital right now because the man insisted to bring us here and---" "Mae what hospital?" Taehyung cuts her off and without saying anything to Seokjin again, he stood up

and left the restaurant. Taehyung feels like the world suddenly stops moving. His brain keeps screaming that his Star is fine but his heart is making him so anxious. Good thing that the hospital is closer to his workplace, he arrived there in just 10 minutes.

Taehyung immediately asked the receptionist where Star is. "Are you Kim Taehyung-ssi?" the beta receptionist asked as she looks at him up and down as if studying him. "Yes, I'm here for Star.. she was rushed in the emergency room and---" "Suite 408B, please take the lift."

Taehyung's eyes widened upon hearing the response of the receptionist because since when the hospital treats their emergency patients inside the suite? Then he also realized that he's in a private hospital so he would probably cost him a loooooot of money too! Taehyung wants to

cry again but then he remembers that all he needs to know first is the real condition of the little pup. The pretty omega spotted Mae walking back and forth outside the suite. "MAE!" he yelled not knowing what to expect. The omega female even kneels down in front of him upon

seeing him. "Please forgive me Taehyung-ssi. I swear to the moon, I just let go of his hand for a second because I have to unchain my bicycle when she suddenly ran off the street. She's fine, she was not hit by the car but she fell down on the ground and the man insisted to bring

us here to make sure Star is okay. They're inside." Mae didn't even breathe for a second while explaining to the Omega who still looks pretty even when he's already dead worried. "You don't have to kneel like that Mae, we'll talk later. I need to see my pup first." he replied.

The baby sitter quickly stands up and open the door of the suite for the worried Omega. Taehyung entered without knowing what to expect but the moment he entered the luxurious private suite, his wolf immediately wanted to howl in relief upon seeing little Star sitting on the lap

of an Alpha! "Star!" "Taetae!" the little pup quickly gets off the lap of the alpha and runs towards him. Taehyung is quick to catch the pup in his arms too. "I'm sowwy, Star pwomise not gonna do it again." the little pup hides her face on the crook of Taehyung's neck too.

"Apology accepted pup, but please never ever do that again, okay? Are you hurt? Are you sure you're okay?" Taehyung's deep voice sounds so calm but deep inside him, he's silently melting already. He doesn't know what he'll do if something happens to the little pup!

"I'm otei Taetae, big alpha there bwought Star here. Look Taetae, he also bwought me double cheese buwger!" Star pointed at the table filled with a huge bag from a famous food chain restaurant in Seoul. It's only then when he finally turned to see the Alpha watching them.

"H-hi.." the alpha who's so fail but undeniably handsome greeted the omega first. Taehyung blinks at first because he couldn't believe the alpha is real. His skin is as clear as Snow White's and his voice is so cold and yet he finds himself comfortable around him because he's

scentless???! Taehyung frowns when he realized what does it mean. He couldn't believe the Alpha who looks handsome and powerful is still unmated. "I can leave if you don't want me here but I just wanna apologize again for nearly hurting the pup." Min Yoongi, the newly elected

CEO of Min Food Industry said when the omega remains silent while staring at him. It is only then when Taehyung realized how stupid he might look at the moment. "No! I mean, you don't have to leave. I also wanna thank you for bringing her here. Mae told me everything."

Yoongi knows the omega who entered the room is also unmated with the way he is unscented but there's something in him he couldn't explain. The Omega's eyes are brighter than the Rigil Kentaurus & Toliman, his lips looks so plump like the ripe cherry tomatoes...his nose looks so

perfect as if it was chiseled by Lu Ban, the god of carpentry! The Omega looking at him right now is probably the most beautiful Omega he ahs ever seen in his whole life. "Tu es beau." Yoongi wants to evaporate right there when he realized what did he just say only to smile to

himself when he remembers that not all Koreans speak French. He's almost relieve knowing that the Omega wouldn't probably understand what he just said until he replied. "Merci." Taehyung smiled at the alpha who's now blushing when he realized he understood what he just said!

"ISTG, I don't embarrass myself this much in a day before. I'm sorry, I hope you won't think of me as some creep." Yoongi apologized with a small smile when he saw the Omega smiling shyly at him too. "No, I mean don't worry. I think Star and myself aren't just used around an

Alpha too. Again, thank you so much for bringing her here even when you didn't have to. I couldn't imagine what I'd do if something happens to her." Taehyung unconsciously tightened his hold around Star's small body. Yoongi noticed how strong the bond of the two is and he can't

help but have the urge to protect them when he just met them. "Min Yoongi by the way." Yoongi extends his hand when he introduced himself. Taehyung looks at the hand first before he gave him a quick hand shake. He knows he has a lot of trust issues with Alphas already but he's

the kind of person who doesn't stereotype everyone. He knows there are big bad alphas out there but Yoongi seems to be not one of them because he's the only alpha he noticed who never had a problem apologizing first! That fact already speaks volume of his character too!

"My name is Taehyung and this is---" "Star. She properly introduced herself a while ago and i must say that this pup is smart. Her parents are lucky to have her." Yoongi intentionally mentioned the last sentence to confirm something. Taehyung feels like he's being studied under

a microscope with the way Yoongi is staring at him at the moment but he had worse & he's used to those kind of staring so he just smiled at him. "That's true, I'm lucky to have this pup. He's my everything." Taehyung replied confidently that made Yoongi speechless for a second.

'No ring, no bite mark...with a pup.' Yoongi doesn't know why is he so invested with the omega but now that he's getting answer from Taehyung himself, he realized that it doesn't matter if Star is Taehyung's biological pup because he already has decided that he wants to know them

more and that's what he's going to do from now on. "Well, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't name her after the brightest and highest object for nothing. Star is really a star on her own rights." Yoongi replied with a smile that truly touched Taehyung's heart because that's true!

"Thank you again Yoongi hyung. But since my pup looks fine now, I'm sorry but we have to leave. As you may have noticed, I'm only paying someone as her temporary baby sitter because I need to work for us and I can't afford to be staying in this suite so---" "Oh no, please don't

even think about it Taehyung. I got it. I don't wanna come across like I'm bragging but I already paid the suite when they admitted us a while ago. Please don't add this to your worries. And since you're already leaving, please allow me to take you both home just to make sure

Star is okay." yoongi wanna make sure he won't miss a chance to know them better. Taehyung wants to decline the invitation but Star is quick to face Yoongi. "We're going on a ride with your coolest cwar again Alpha?" the little pup asked with her eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Yes pup, only if Taehyung would agree...of course." Yoongi sheepishly smiled at the Omega who's already smiling at him too. "I don't know why I have a feeling that I'll get to ride on your COOL CAR today too." Taehyung replied with a smile to agree with the two.

Needless to say, Min Yoongi managed to sneak in to their life just like that. They also invited Mae to get in the car but the baby sitter is too embarrassed anymore so she asked Taehyung if she could go home early already. And since Taehyung already called their office about

what happened, his boss allowed him to take a leave for his pup too. In the end, Yoongi invited the pup and the Omega to his own restaurant to eat late lunch since he also learned that Taehyung hasn't eaten his lunch yet before he came to the hospital. The three of them ate

delicious food served by the chef himself before the alpha took them back in their apartment. It is only when the three of them are inside Taehyung's apartment when the omega realized how reckless he was for inviting a total stranger inside their home. Yoongi immediately senses

his panic through his upset scent. "I'm invading your privacy, didn't I?" he asked before standing from the couch, ready to leave. Taehyung appreciates how the alpha is so humble and sensitive so that really appeases him. "No, it's not as if I didn't invite you myself. I just

realized how Star is so comfortable around you Yoongi hyung so thank you." Taehyung confessed. Yoongi found a sense of pride upon hearing that. "Is it too early to ask for your number? I mean, I would love to check on Star just in case she---" "She's fine hyung, you don't

have to worry about her. Even the doctor and the nurses told us that she's fine. But since you're nothing but so nice to us, you even brought us to your restaurant, here's my phone number." Taehyung smiled upon giving him his own calling card. Yoongi accepted it with a smile.

After the alpha is gone, Taehyung finally closed and locked the door of their apartment before he carried Star to their shared bedroom. He let her sit in the middle of their bed before he kneeled in front of her. "Are we okay?" Taehyung softly asked with his loving tone.

The little pup nods her head while she clasped her tiny hands together. A habit she's starting to develop whenever she's guilty or anxious. "I just want you to know Taetae is not mad okay? I'm just really worried and I thought something bad happened to you." Taehyung said.

"I'm sowwy Taetae, Stwar made you newvous today. I pwomise I won't do it again. Stwar will hold MaeMae's hand always. But Taetae, are we going to see Minmin again?" the little pup asked innocently with a pout on her lips. Taehyung doesn't wanna show it to her but he's really

so surprised to see the pup looking forward to meet Yoongi again when they only spent few hours together today. It is then when he realized that Star is growing and sooner or later, she'll start asking again..she'll start noticing things too. "Uhmm, he got Taetae's number so

maybe he'll call us again? But baby, I don't want you to be waiting for Minmin okay? you know he's a very busy alpha and he does a lot of things at work." Taehyung doesn't want the pup having a false hope just in case Yoongi won't ever show up again. "Oh, just like my Dada?"

Taehyung suddenly feels like there's a lump in his throat upon hearing her. He was just thinking about those kind of questions in his head a while ago and here's the pup speaking it out loud. "Y-yes pup, just like your Dada." Taehyung replied, forcing himself to smile.

The pretty omega is holding his breathe while silently praying that the pup won't ask another question anymore because he really doesn't want to lie to her anymore and thankfully Star just crawl in the bed so she could hide her face on the crook of Taehyung's neck again.

The two of them stayed like that for a while until Taehyung finally hears the small puff of breathe from the little alpha. Star fell asleep in his arms again which is a good thing because now that his mind is clearer again, he suddenly remembers Seokjin and his card!

Taehyung carefully put down the alpha pup in the middle of the bed before he starts to undress himself after making sure he got Seokjin's card. He already scanned the thing and learned that Seokjin is a director of Seoul GC, a newly established luxury clothing line in Korea.

He also learned that the brand is currently expanding all over the world and now they're also hiring new designers. Taehyung even kissed the card before he put it down on his side table before he hops in the shower. He knows it's traumatic to be rejected again but he won't waste

this chance this time. He will attend the interview tomorrow and he will do his best to impress his interviewers. He will bring his special collections that he managed to compile in the last few months. Taehyung fell asleep with a smile on his lips that night.


***THE NEXT MORNING*** Taehyung woke up with an excited heart. He prepared Star's meal for the day but didn't wake her up anymore because he wants her to rest. He then took a shower and put on his most decent clothes while waiting for Mae to babysit Star again. He's about to

leave when Mae arrived when he heard a familiar tiny voice from his pup. "Taetae!" "Oh, good morning my little Star." Taehyung crouched down so he could give his baby a morning kiss. The little pup nuzzled him this time, scenting him accidentally too before she lets go.

"Take cware at your work Taetae. I pwomise I'll behave with Maemae." the little girl obviously haven't forgotten what happened yesterday yet so Taehyung reassured her that everything will be fine today, except that the universe has other plans for him and for the little pup!

****SEOUL GOLDEN CLOSET**** Seokjin is staring at the folders laid in front of him and to his disappointment, he couldn't see a familiar name he's been waiting for. He wanna regret not getting Taehyung's phone number yesterday but then he's still holding on to the last thread of

hope he has that Taehyung's gonna come for an interview. The director who's also a senior designer interviewed few designers already but none of them passed his standards. One is so conceited but talented while the other thinks he's applying for a modeling job with his thick

concealer and make up. Seokjin called his assistant Lysa to tell the others that their portfolio didn't pass the initial screening already to avoid wasting their time too. He's about to stand from his swivel chair when a purple folder caught his eyes. "What, you based your

screening on the color of their folders now?" Jungkook who's silently watching his cousin asked when he saw him finally smiling from ear to ear while staring at the only colorful folder. Seokjin almost forgot Jungkook flew from Busan to Seoul today to attend the interview too!

"Wait what? Of course not Jungkookie! But this folder right here is what I'm waiting for! I met this designer yesterday and invited him to join the company. He will be a great asset to the company, plus he's a pretty unscente slash unmated Omega! What a jackpot!" Seokjin informs

the CEO who inherited Golden Closet from his parent's mother company. "Oh, sounds interesting. We've seen great portfolios a while ago but none of them delivered in impromptu design. Do you think he candle handle that?" Jungkook challenged the director but Seokjin gave him a

proud and confident smirk. "Definitely. This designer could bring out a gem out of trash. Just wait and see." SEokjin reassured his boss before he pushed the button of his intercom. "Lysa, let Taehyung in please." SEokjin said before he followed Jungkook who stood up to get

water from his fridge. Seokjin smiled to himself thinking how nice Jungkook really is for flying all the way to Seoul to make sure he's alright. Ever since they've learned that he's finally carrying Namjoon's pup in his belly, Jungkook became more protective about him too

and he appreciates that a lot. He knows Namjoon and Jungkook are good friends even before he has mated the older alpha so it really touches his heart knowing that Jungkook also cares for his unborn pup. Jungkook is looking at the view on Seokjin's window when the Omega entered.


Seokjin is smiling so wild when he welcomes Taehyung inside his office. The younger omega smiled back to the director until his nose caught a scent that immediately made his wolf lose its minds. Taehyung froze on his feet when the man standing by the window slowly turned around.

Kim Taehyung knows the universe loves to play tricks on him ever since he was born but never in his wildest dream that this day will come when he'll be face to face with the same Alpha who made him realized that! "J-jungkook." is all that he managed to utter before he fainted!

Seokjin freaks out upon seeing Taehyung's pale face that almost fell off the ground. Good thing that Jungkook is quick enough to catch the Omega's body before he collided with the floor. The alpha carefully carried Taehyung and put him down the couch without breathing because

he suddenly feels weird the moment his skin touched the omega's. "What the hell just happened?" Jungkook doesn't even know why he's so mad while watching the Omega with his close eyes as if he's just peacefully sleeping while Seokjin is already calling a doctor instead of

bringing Taehyung to the hospital. "I hate going to the hospital so I called Dr. Lee so he could look at him. I honestly don't know what just happened Jungkook. I guess I'll have to reschedule the interview for the remaining applicants. I wanna make sure he's okay."

"Hyung, what if this person is really ill or just another con?" Jungkook is usually a nice person so Seokjin doesn't know why where is the rudeness coming from. "You know what Jungkook, you can go back to Busan now. Let me handle this." Seokjin sassily replied to him.

Little did the cousins know, Taehyung is slowly regaining his consciousness. The omega hates it when he panics because he won't only tremble or sweat heavily but he faints! He hates how he couldn't control himself when he's panicking but now, he wants to thank his body for

shutting down because he really doesn't know how to face Jeon Jungkook; the man who turned his life upside down! Taehyung continues to pretend that he's unconscious while gathering courage and strength to face the alpha again after many years! His eyes are still close when he

heard Jungkook speaks again. "Seokjin hyung I'm saying this because of you. You are pregnant! You can't just let any strangers near you alone. What if he suddenly attacks you and the pup on your---" "OMG Jungkook, stop being dramatic! Taehyung seems like a good person."

"But we don't know him hyung aside from the fact that you met him at the restaurant yesterday!" Jungkook insisted, his voice sounded so desperate to get rid of the sleeping omega. Taehyung can't help but freezes on the couch. Why does Jungkook acts like he doesn't know him?!

"NO! no no! OMG, Jungkook! I know you cracked your head open few years ago but this ain't it! Can you see how pale he is? Probably skipped breakfast so he could come here on time! Will you stop judging him and just wait for him to be conscious again?" Seokjin reiterated but

Jungkook is adamant to prove that he is right. He doesn't know why but the presence of the Omega is making his wolf lose his mind. "Not because I lost my memories back then hyung means that I couldn't think straight. Just call your staff and let them bring him to the clinic."

Taehyung can hear his heartbeat pounding on his chest while listening to the two. 'He lost his memories? He fxcking lost his memories that's why he never came back to us? He didn't purposely abandon us because he fxcking lost his memories?' Taehyung's mind is spinning!

There's a lot of questions floating in the omega's head at the moment. He can't believe that the universe is this cruel to him because just when he thought he'll never see Jungkook again, here he is right in front of him now. The memories starts to flood his brain.

****FLASHBACK IN PARIS**** Younger Jungkook who hates everything about their family's business decided to leave Busan and flew to Paris to pursue his real passion. He wants to become an architect so he has decided to leave his luxurious life in Busan to pretend like a broke

college student in the City of Love. But as the only heir of Jeon clan, his parents continue to support him. They even sent Yugyeom his personal butler with him just to make sure he's living a decent life even when he's away and alone in a foreign country. Jungkook refused their

help in the beginning only to surrender to them when he's already in 4th year in the university. Everything suddenly feels so expensive and he got more projects to do so he won't be able to work and sustain his needs without his dad's black card. Later on, he also starts doing

favors for his family. Mr. & Mrs. Jeon would constantly ask him to attend Gala nights or social events to represent their family and company. Jungkook declined the invitations in the beginning until his mom started to use the 'you're my only child' card so as much as he hates

to attend such gatherings, he also doesn't want to upset his mom. In the end, Jungkook learned to juggle his social life as the only heir of Jeons and his broke university life with his few friends. He even started to like the events for free wine until one evening when he

attended the ball for Korean chaebol he bumped into his ex girl friend. "Jungkook!" Jieun immediately recognized the handsome alpha even from a far. The omega knows that if she only has a choice, she would still choose Jungkook over her fiance who was chosen by her parents.

Jungkook clenches his fist upon recognizing Jieun with her fiance waving at him. "Hey Jieun, what's up!?" he pretends to be cool about this interaction because he doesn't want to look like a pathetic ex in front of Jieun's new boyfriend. "Well, aside from we're getting married

next fall, my fiance also passed the BAR just a couple of days ago so we're actually leaving for Maldives tomorrow to celebrate." Jieun flashes him her proud smile as if she's mocking him again. Jungkook hates how he didn't ask one of his chicks to be with him tonight just so he

could show the omega that she's not the only one living her best life. "How about you? I heard from Yugyeom that you're dating a real pretty Omega. Is she or he here tonight?" Jieun asked, knowing that Jungkook didn't bring anyone in the ball. The alpha pokes his tongue inside

his cheeks just so he could control himself but it seems like Jieun is set to embarrass him tonight so she continues to ask if he could introduce his omega to them. And since he's an Alpha who who never back off from a challenge, his eyes quickly wonders in the event place.

Jungkook is fuming but he can't help but smile to himself when he spotted an Omega who is obviously still unmated standing alone near the salad bar as if he's waiting for someone. He turned and smile sweetly at Jieun and her fiance. "Yes I'm with my Omega here, there he is."

Jungkook even pointed at Taehyung who magically lifted his gaze at the same moment so even before he could ask or say anything, Jungkook is quick to take a step towards him and without saying a word, he grabs the Omega by the waist and kiss him on his neck before he whispered

to him. "Please save my life. Just keep saying yes until we're out of here. I promise in the name of my ancestors that I will explain everything to you later once we're out here." Jungkook is not even breathing when he whispered that as fast as he can. Taehyung who's there to

deliver a special commission ordered by another rich couple is beyond startled but since the Alpha looks so desperate as hell, he just nods into him and let the other hold his hand as he guides him to the couple who's staring at them. "You truly have an Omega with you, what's

his name and where did you two meet?" Jieun asked, not really impressed that Jungkook managed to find a replacement of her immediately. Jungkook almost panics when he heard the question, good thing that the omega he's holding is quick witted. "My name is Taehyung."

Jieun raised her eyebrow at the Omega in front of her. Of course she's not blind, she can see how beautiful the man in front of them is but she would never say that out loud. "Oh, hi Taehyung-ssi. I didn't know Jungkook is dating again after you know, I canceled our engagement."

To say that Jungkook is embarrassed is an understatement. He stares at Jieun in disbelief because he didn't expect that the omega is this petty. It's true that she's the one who canceled their engagement before but they both know that it was also in favor with Jungkook.

The alpha would've just ignored Jieun's pathetic attempt to embarrass him if her new fiance wasn't there. Jungkook was supposed to say something too in his defense but the Omega he just introduced as his boyfriend already stepped in. Taehyung is never a fan of rich people.

He hates their guts. He hates how feeling entitled they all are but what he hates the most is rich people who thinks the world revolves around them and that's exactly what Jieun is doing. At first, Taehyung told himself that he'll just help the alpha save his face from the girly

omega and the ugly older alpha beside her since he looks really desperate but now that he's getting the gist of what really is happening among the three of them, he suddenly have the urge to put the girly omega in her right place. He intentionally lean his head on the alpha's

broad shoulder while he wraps his hands on his sturdy arms before he looks at the couple in front of them. "Oh, so you're the ex girlfriend I need to thank then? Thank you for letting go of MY alpha, if it's not because of you..I would've not met him." Taehyung said in his

sultry voice that surprised Jieun, her boyfriend and even Jungkook because he really never expected the omega to act that way especially if they both know that they really don't know each other. Jieun's smile slowly turns sour while she watches how Jungkook wraps his other arm

around the omega's small waist. Jungkook used to hate public display of affection but here he is proudly showing off his new omega. Jieun is already annoyed but she's not the one who just backs off easily. "No need to thank me Taehyung-ssi, I'm sure Jungkook knows he can still

call me anytime he wants." she said while purposely giving Jungkook a mischievous smile, not even minding the other alpha beside her anymore. Taehyung wanted to roll his eyes because he can't believe how shameless the girly omega is. "No worries noona, I'm sure my alpha will be

super busy with me now so he wouldn't even remember you anymore. Anyway, I was just about to tell my alpha that we need to leave now. I still have to go the university tomorrow. Excuse us and nice meeting you." Taehyung didn't even let the girly omega reply to him before he drags

Jungkook away. The pretty omega made sure that they're away from Jieun's sight before he finally let go and push Jungkook away from him. "What the hell did just happen?" Taehyung suddenly blurted out when he remembers how Jungkook just suddenly kissed him a while ago!

Jungkook looks at the omega in front of him and it's only then when he realized that the smell of delicious red plum mixed with sweet melon and freesia that he's been smelling a while ago is coming from him. "Why do you smell so sweet? Don't you know that people are dying

because of diabetes?" Jungkook suddenly asked when he couldn't find a word to tell the omega. Taehyung opens his mouth to yell at the alpha only to close again when he realized that the smell Jungkook just described is his inner natural scent. "You can smell me?" he asked.

Taehyung's eyes widened when he saw Jungkook nods at him! You see, in the realm of wolves, no one else could ever figure out your inner natural scent except your immediate family and your mate! It is impossible for the alpha to be his brother nor father so it only gives him

the last option which he would never accept because the man in front of him is not only arrogant and rich but he's also obnoxious and loud; a total opposite of his dream mate! "Of course I can smell it! Where do you even bought that cheap perfume? It smells!" Jungkook added!

Taehyung close his eyes before he slowly opens it again so he could look Jungkook in the eyes before he slaps him right across his face. The alpha's eyes widened at the sudden action because never in his entire existence that he thought someone would be able to slap him!

"You are so arrogant and rude! You fxcking drag me in your own little drama with that tiny b*tch to save your face and instead of thanking me for saving your ass, you're gonna insult my sce---my perfume?! Fxck you!" Taehyung is so livid. He can't believe how the alpha just

insulted his scent! Maybe he wouldn't be so upset and mad if he's really wearing a perfume because he would admit that he never bought any expensive things for himself but Jungkook called his natural scent, 'CHEAP'?! He's beyond fuming! Jungkook was just about to say something

when the omega turned to face him again. "Don't you dare use your alpha voice on me because it won't work! I hope to never see you ever again!" Taehyung yelled at him once more before he marched out of the venue leaving Jungkook still caressing his face while staring at him!

Jungkook clicks his tongue inside his mouth when he realized what just happened. He followed the omega with his eyes but to his disappointment, he's already gone. "Taehyung" he mumbles to himself with a smile. ****END OF FLASHBACK***

****BACK IN SEOUL GC; Seokjin's Office**** Taehyung can't help but blush in his state when he remembers his first ever encounter with Jeon Jungkook. He still can't believe that he managed to leave his hand print on the alpha's face that evening. He took a deep breathe and try to

compose himself before he finally slowly opens his eyes. Seokjin and Jungkook are both staring at the Omega when they both noticed his tiny movements. The alpha doesn't know why but there's unsettling emotions in the pit of his stomach while looking at the pretty omega.

"Taehyung-ssi! OMG! you sacred me and my unborn pup! What just happened? are you okay? are you hurt? Do i need to ask Jungkook to bring you to the hospital?" Seokjin asked that made Taehyung and Jungkook reply at the same time. "No!" "No!"

"Oh..okay, you both don't need to yell at me like that. I'm just worried, that's all." Seokjin even took a step back from the two. "I'm sorry Seokjin-ssi, I'm really okay. I guess it must be my sugar, I haven't taken anything before I left the apartment because I'm too excited."

"For goodness sake Taehyung! You never leave your house with an empty stomach! Don't you know that there are so many obnoxious &arrogant alphas out there that might take advantage of you if you just faints like that?!" Seokjin scolded the younger omega. He is genuinely concern.

On the other hand, Jungkook is frowning again because he could definitely smell a sugar on the omega. 'Is he pretending? is this his way to secure his job? is he trying to trick Seokjinnie hyung?' Jungkook thought to himself while scrutinizing the omega who's now ignoring him.

Taehyung would've laugh out loud the moment he realized what Seokjin just said because he remembers that those are the exact words he used to describe Jungkook when he first met him and now, he's just few feet away again from the man he thought who abandoned them!

"Thank you so much for your concern Seokjin-ssi and again I'm so sorry that I got you worried. I also didn't know you're having a pup soon." Taehyung smiled fondly at the older omega who's still softly caressing his still flat tummy. Seokjin finally smiled at his fellow omega.

"No worries Taehyung, for some reason I knew you'll be fine. But anyway, are you sure nothing feels off to you now? Do you think you can handle the interview or shall we reschedule it so you can rest for now?" Seokjin suggested to Taehyung's utter surprise. "No. I mean, I do

really appreciate your kindness to me Seokjin-ssi but I already troubled you so much so please let's proceed unless..." Taehyung's eyes suddenly widened when he realized something. If Seokjin is carrying an unborn pup and Jungkook looks so mad at him for upsetting the preggo...

'Is he the unborn pup's father?' Taehyung's brain feels like it's shutting down anytime soon again. He's about to panic and faint again when he heard Seokjin speaks again. "Alright, since you said you can manage then let's proceed. Taehyung I want you to meet Jeon Jungkook,

the CEO of Golden Closet who happens to be my first cousin. His dad and my mom are sibs." Seokjin introduced the alpha to him and did he just say he's a CEO?! Taehyung's mind is really about to short circuit with all those information! "CEO., Jeon Jungkook is a CEO?"

Jungkook doesn't know why he's so bothered with the Omega's perfume. He feels like it's kinda over sweet or something and as much as he wants to deny it..he finds himself wonder how does it taste. He's still in his deep thoughts when he heard the deep voice of the Omega uttering

his name. "Yup, that's me...the CEO of Golden Closet. And I know you're wondering why I'm here for an initial interview of our new designer but I want you to know that I only came for Seokjin hyung. You may proceed with the interview so don't mind me here." Jungkook said before

he walks towards the opposite of the couch. Usually it's their HR's job to screen their applicants but Seokjin is adamant to do it by himself this time to make sure they won't waste their time. He would immediately see any potential with their applicants once he meets them.

Taehyung really wants to pinch himself to see if this is just part of a dream if it's his wolf making a scenario in his head again because there's no way that JEON JUNGKOOK, the alpha he met in Paris years back is the same man sitting in front of him. He just can't believe that

the alpha who used to wake him up in the middle of the night inside their shared tiny apartment so that they could cook and eat instant ramen is the same man who's now claiming to be a CEO. He always thought Jungkook is someone else when they were still in Paris. There's a point

in their past that he sensed this side of Jeon Jungkook. There's always been a voice in his head that he is someone else beyond that broke university student in France. He has an aura that exudes power and wealth but he pushed that all behind his head because he was drown to

the simple and plain Jungkook. There were days when the alpha used to surprise him with really expensive gifts back then but Jungkook used to shrugged it off whenever he asked him how he afford it. Now it all makes sense to him, Jungkook is not the Jungkook he met back then!

Taehyung suddenly have the urge to punch the CEO straight in the face when he realized something. 'Did he just pretend all those months? Did he really plan to do everything that he did? Did he purposely left us? But why the fxck couldn't he remember me? What was the accident

he was talking about? Does he have an amnesia? No way! There's no way we're living like a k-drama sh*t!' Taehyung's brain is overheating at the moment already when Seokjin suddenly breaks his train of thoughts. "Taehyung-ssi? Are you ready?" the older omega asked with a smile.

Taehyung tried his best to ignore the alpha's presence in the room. He knows that he's been wanting to see that face for years now and his wolf is starting to feel so anxious knowing that the alpha is just there, a few feet away from him. "Yes Seokjin-ssi." Taehyung replied.

Seokjin guides Taehyung to sit on of the chairs in his conference slash work table inside his office. He also took the folder of Taehyung's work and put it in front of them before he starts the interview. "As I've told you Taehyung, I'm the director of Seoul GC but I'm also the

senior designer of the brand. I'm conducting this interview because we need fresh ideas and creative designs that will carry us forward to our global goals in the future. Now I know you're wondering why I am doing this instead of our HR, the thing is...I've learned that many

tenured designers are stealing the young one's designs and for me to be able to pick someone for this job, I have to see the designer with my own eyes. This is not a typical sit down interview because just like what I've said, I need creative and unique designers and not good

speakers." Seokjin suddenly sounded like a real businessman while explaining how they'll conduct the interview. Taehyung smiled at the older omega. "I totally understand that Seokjin-ssi. I'm actually a victim of those tenured designers too, alphas specifically." Taehyung said.

Jungkook's who's pretending not to care about the two omega couldn't help but turn his head to see Taehyung. He doesn't know why but the word 'victim' doesn't sit right to him. He wants to comment on that too but then SEokjin already beat him to it. "I'm sorry you have to deal

with assh*le alphas Taehyung. Don't worry, in Golden Closet we don't tolerate such behavior." Seokjin reassured him. "Thank you Seokjin-ssi and yes I have dealt with many assh*le alphas in the past. I wish I don't have to deal with another one." Taehyung said before he stole a

glance at Jungkook who happens to turn around and look at him too. The two of them stared at each other for few seconds before Seokjin broke the tension between them again. "No worries Taehyung, rest assured you and your designs will be safe here." Seokjin smiled at him.

"Wait...uhmm, Seokjin-ssi we haven't even done the interview and you haven't even seen me do my thing so why are you saying that as if---" Taehyung's words are cut off when Seokjin extends his hand in front of him. "Welcome to Golden Closet Taehyung. I saw how you work

at the restaurant yesterday. You can literally make a masterpiece out of the table napkin and this portfolio of yours, wow! This alone is more than enough to launch a new campaign! I hope you accept this job Taehyung, you're hired." Seokjin's smile is so wide that Taehyung

momentarily forgot that Jungkook is there in the room. He stood up quickly to accept Seokjin's shake hand and he even pulled the Omega into a quick hug. "Thank you so much Seokjin-ssi. This..OMG! I never thought I could ever do this again. After what happened to me in Paris, I

really thought I'll never have this chance again." Taehyung blurted out that got Jungkook's attention again. 'PARIS' Seokjin grins at the younger omega. "Paris? Oh yes. I saw in your CV that you graduated in Paris College of Art right?" Seokjin asked. Taehyung can feel the

weight of Jungkook's stare at him as if the alpha is waiting for his reply. So to answer some of his questions in his head, he looked at Jungkook when he replied to Seokjin. "Yes Seokjin-ssi, I graduated in Paris College of Art but I took a unit from University of Evry too."

Jungkook might have forgotten a lot on his past because of his surgery after the accident, but he knows he graduated at the same university! "Evry? what a small world! Our CEO graduated from Evry! Well, he technically graduated there but because of a horrible accident he wasn't

able to attend his graduation. He came home to tell his parents that he's finally graduating after running away from home for years and when he's supposed to go back in France, the accident happened." Seokjin explained not knowing that he's basically telling Taehyung information

he needed to hear for years. The younger omega froze in his feet upon hearing Seokjin's words. His eyes widened when he saw Jungkook staring at him too and as much as he wants to control his feelings, he can't help but start to tear up realizing that Jungkook didn't abandon them!

"Y-you got into an accident?" Taehyung didn't know he's already asking Jungkook directly. "Yes." Jungkook didn't even know why he suddenly feels like someone just squeezes his heart when he saw the forming tears in the omega's eyes. He hates how his wolf is losing his mind

thinking that Taehyung is hurt or in pain. "And you lost your memories?" Taehyung confirmed not knowing what to say next but Jungkook nods. "Yes." Heaven knows Taehyung tried his best not to cry right at that moment but his tear ducts betrayed him as he starts to cry.

"Oh moon, Taehyung are you alright?" SEokjin blurted out when he saw the younger omega crying. Taehyung smiled bitterly at the older omega before he looks at Jungkook again. "I'm fine Seokjin-ssi. I'm sorry I got emotional because I remember someone when you mentioned that

Mr. Jeon got into an accident." Taehyung explained himself hoping that Seokjin won't ask anymore. The older omega just nods at him but unfortunately, Jungkook got curious who has the ability to make Taehyung cry like that. "Who? Who is it?" Jungkook's deep voice startled

the two omegas in the office. Taehyung looks the alpha straight in the eyes before he replied to him. "Someone who promised me that he'll never leave us got into an accident and never came back to us." Jungkook doesn't know why but he felt something cracked inside him!

Seokjin can definitely feel the tension between the two but since he also has no idea that the two has an untold story, he just ignored his gut feeling to ask more. He just chose to focus on Taehyung as his newly hired designer. "Alright Taehyung, so I know you mentioned about

your current job. When will I expect you to join us?" Seokjin asked the omega who's subtly looking around for a tissue so he could wipe his tears away. He's supposed to ask Seokjin for a napkin when Jungkook suddenly stood up from his sit and pulled out a neatly folded

handkerchief. "Here." Jungkook offered. Taehyung looks at Seokjin first as if he's asking permission to accept it. The older omega gave him a reassuring smile as if telling him that it's okay to accept it so he did. He said a little thank you to the alpha too and the moment he

lifted the tiny piece of cloth to wipe away his tears, he almost breaks down. Jungkook's scent is the most calming in the world but at that moment, Taehyung feels like his world just shattered to tiny pieces again because that same scent reminds him of things that broke him!

Seokjin squinted his eyes while looking at the two in front of him. He's certain that they both don't know each other but there is that aura that tells him that the two wolves are familiar with each other. It's weird and it's freaking him out thinking that Jungkook never showed

any interest over anyone or anything aside from Golden Closet but this right here..in front of him, he witnessed how lots of different emotions flashed on the CEO's eyes while simply looking and listening to Taehyung. 'Maybe, it's time for my cousin to finally settle down.'

Seokjin is smiling to himself thinking that he might have a chance to hook up Jungkook with the new omega until he remembers that Jennie and Jungkook used to have a thing together. He hates complication in his workplace so he just decided to forget about his initial plan.


Seokjin ended the meeting with Taehyung getting job while Jungkook excused himself from them after giving the handkerchief to the omega. The older of the two omegas gave Taehyung a couple more days so that he could properly resign from his job and so that he could also find

a closer apartment to his office because he also already told Seokjin his situation with Star. The older omega is delighted to know about his little pup and even told Taehyung that he could definitely bring him over to their office since he'll get his own space there too.

Taehyung is beyond thankful to the Omega and his heart feels it's gonna give up on him already once he's inside the cab going home. He's still clutching the white handkerchief given to him by Jungkook when he arrived back home. Good thing that Star is already sleeping so he

doesn't have to explain to her why is he crying again. It's been a year now since the last time he cried because of the same person so it really hits him differently when he saw Star sleeping peacefully in the middle of her bed because she reminds him of everything over again.

**********FLASHBACK************** Taehyung is late and he knows it upon seeing the huge wall clock hanging in the corridor. He's supposed to have a class at 8 AM in Evry but here he is still looking for his classroom because he's not really familiar with the university yet.

"Room 123...where the hell are you?" he mumbles to himself while looking at the numbers engraved on top of each room. His eyes widened in excitement when he finally spotted the door with the number he's looking for. He walked faster towards the room and when he's about to get

inside, the door suddenly burst open and an unknown man suddenly walks out as if he's getting chased by the zombies and since he's blocking the way, the man bumps into him! Jungkook doesn't want to be an embarrassment for the whole class so he tried his best to act as if he's

feeling okay despite the fact that he's already burning with fever and his stomach is already churning. He only gets up on his seat to excuse himself when he rally couldn't stop himself from feeling nauseous. The professor is kind enough to tell him that he can go to the school

clinic to rest so he immediately grabs his things and left. The thing is, it must really be his unlucky day because the moment he opened the door, his nose is filled with the sugary smell again making his stomach churn again. Jungkook's about to run and throw up in the toilet

when the person who smells the sweetest thing in the world bumps into him making him throw up right there and then! "OMG!" Taehyung screams while holding the person who just throw up on him. The professor quickly joined them to make sure Jungkook is okay and upon seeing and

knowing that Taehyung is a late student of his, he quickly ordered the omega to take care of Jungkook in order for him to admit him in his class later since he's already late. Taehyung wants to refused and be mad because of the mess the alpha just did to him, he can't help but

feel sorry for the guy because he really feels so hot all over. "Hey, are you okay? Let me bring you to the infirmary." Taehyung said before he lifted the alpha's face. "Are you kidding me?!" Taehyung blurted out again when he finally recognized the alpha!

The Omega is so ready to dump Jungkook in the nearest trash bin he just spotted while he's dragging him to the infirmary but his inner wolf is so adamant to help the other so he tried his best to ignore his annoyance. He's not a weakling but Jungkook is built like a rock so he

really needs to exert more effort so that he could assist the other. Good thing that the beta nurses in the university clinic are quick to spot them so the two immediately took the alpha from the omega and guided him to lay on the bed while the other omega nurse assisted Taehyung

inside the clinic so that he could change his shirt that is covered with the alpha's disgusting vomit. The two of them stayed in the clinic for a while because Taehyung couldn't leave Jungkook alone as per their professor's order. He knows he needs to be patient to avoid

unnecessary sanctions from the alpha professor. He knows that there are so many assh*le alphas out there so he just really wanna be careful. Taehyung is still in his own thoughts when he spotted the other beta nurse who assisted Jungkook. "Uhhhm, excuse me." he tried to catch

the nurse's attention. "Yes?" the beta gave him a questioning look. "Can I leave? I mean, he's fine now right?" Taehyung asked sheepishly because he's not really sure if the alpha is already fine because he's still laying silently on the bed. The nurse frowned at the omega.

"Listen kid, I know y'all like hooking up here while you're young and y'all relationships ain't serious but you don't leave your future mate like this when he's having a hard time. You know what, that's right. Of course you can leave now...take him to his dorm now."

Taehyung is dumbfounded. He even tilted his head to analyze what the nurse just told him but...oh wait---"NO!!!!" the omega suddenly blurted out when he finally realized what the nurse meant. "What no? He ain't your mate? I heard that before. Now take your alpha to his dorm."

The nurses in the infirmary gave each other a knowing look. Of course, they're medical practitioners and they've run a test on Jungkook's DNA. Positive, the alpha's wolf is having a fever because it was triggered by its omega's scent. With Jungkook's reaction to Taehyung's scent,

they have proven that the two are absolute mate. The nurses aren't sure what's the status of the two but they are certain that it will not take a long time for Jungkook's human form to succumb to his inner wolf. It's not rare to see absolute mating in their realm anymore so they

know that the two will soon discover that too. "But Ma'am, that alpha is not my mate nor my future mate! I've only met him once before I saw him here today." Taehyung wanted to cry because by the look the nurse is giving him, he just knew she doesn't believe him.

"I can't believe kids nowadays! Just take him home. Here's his address. I already called the emergency driver, you don't have to call a cab. Don't worry about Mr. Chen, I'll let him know that I released you already." the nurse insisted before she left. Taehyung is speechless.

The omega doesn't know what to say anymore because it seem like the universe just decided to run his life for him because the next thing he knew, he's already standing in front of an apartment right beside the alpha who looks like he's about to faint again. "ISTG, if you faint

here on me I'll let everyone know in your university how baby of an alpha you are!" Taehyung said while trying to figure out how to open the door. Jungkook looks at the omega and swallowed. He wants to scream or yell at him for treating him like a push over but his wolf is

threatening him. Of course, he would never hurt any omega..especially this one who smells like a pure seduction! "Keys, can you give me your keys!" Taehyung said without looking at the alpha. Jungkook's eyes widened upon hearing the omega and without having a second thought,

he grabs the omega by his tiny waist, pinned him against his closed door before he leaned closer so that he could kiss him! Taehyung's eyes widened. He's about to scream so he opens his mouth but to his surprise, Jungkook grabs that opportunity just so he could kiss him deeper!

Jungkook is confused. He's really surprise when Taehyung asked him for a kiss a few seconds ago but now that he's devouring him, he doesn't regret giving into the omega at all. Taehyung is the most delicious and sweetest thing he has ever tasted in his whole life. He smells so

good that it almost drives him insane. His body is so soft against him, his hair is fluffy but smooth. The alpha is still daydreaming while kissing the omega when Taehyung finally got pout of his reverie too! With all his remaining strength, he pushed the alpha away!

Jungkook is so confused when Taehyung finally managed to pushed him. "What is wrong with you!?" the omega yelled at the alpha who's looking at him as if he's the bad person who took his candy away from him. Jungkook frowns in confusion. "What do you mean?!" he asked.

"What...what do you mean, what do I mean?! is it normal to you to just grab random people in the street and kiss them like that? What the actual fxck were you thinking?!" Taehyung is so frustrated and so mad at the alpha who has stolen kisses from him twice now!

Jungkook looks at the omega with a fire on his eyes. "Grab random omega? What the hell are you on?! You're the one who asked for that kiss & now why are you making it seems like I'm the one who liked it first?!" he asked, genuinely upset because he couldn't believe the audacity

of the omega to throw hurtful words at him after asking him for a kiss. Taehyung opens his mouth only to cover it with his own hand when he realized something. "Are you dvmb?! I'm asking for your door keys, idi0t!" Taehyung even pointed at the door. "Wait, what?!"

The two stood up in front of the door in silence. Taehyung knows he has a choice. He could leave now and forget that he ever come across with this stvpid alpha. Same as Jungkook, he knows he could just get inside his apartment and forget about the sweet taste of Taehyung's lips

but they both stood there without saying anything until Jungkook's phone starts to ring. "Hello Mr. Chen? Yes, I'm at my apartment now sir. Thank you." Jungkook speaks with the person in the other line with respect so Taehyung guessed it's their professor. "Yes sir, he's here."

Taehyung doesn't even need to ask what Jungkook meant when he replied to their professor. It only took another few seconds before Jungkook is passing him the phone. "Mr. Chen wants to speak with you." Jungkook said before giving him the phone. Taehyung hesitantly accepts it.

"Mr.Chen, this is Kim Taehyung and I--" "Taehyung-ssi, listen to me well. You have to make sure Jungkook is well okay? I know this is too much to ask but I will really appreciate it if you'll make sure he has something to eat before you leave his place. I'll talk to you next

week. Good bye." the professor didn't even let him respond. Taehyung is so close to smashing the phone on the wall because he suddenly remembers how shameless alphas are. "So?" Jungkook asked the omega after the phone call but Taehyung is so done with them already so instead of

replying to him, he just decided to give him back his expensive looking phone before he turned around and started to walk away. Jungkook panics. His wolf started to howl inside him because he doesn't like the idea of Taehyung leaving so he followed him. "Where are you going?"

Taehyung paused. "Where am I going? Obviously I'm not telling you but I'll make sure it's away from you! I'll go wherever you can't go!" Taehyung replied before he continues to walk again. Jungkook didn't like what he just heard from him so he blocks his way this time.

Taehyung squinted his eyes on the other. "What are you doing?!" the omega asked, he's fuming. "Mr.Chen said you have to make sure I'm well before you leave." Jungkook knows that's pathetic for him to say but his wolf is desperate. He can't let go of the omega...just yet!

"You...omfg, you have the nerve to use Mr. Chen to---" Taehyung wasn't able to finish his sentence when Jungkook suddenly picks him up from the ground and carried him in his shoulder like a sack of rice! The omega wants to scream but Jungkook is quick to remind him that they're

already bothering a lot of other wolves and him screaming will only put them both in trouble. "Put me down!" Taehyung starts to hit Jungkook from behind while trying to wiggle from the alpha's hold but surprisingly, the alpha who looks dying a while ago is now stronger than

anyone. Jungkook secured Taehyung in his one arm before he pulled out his key card from the small pocket of his backpack. "Ssshhhh, you're so scandalous!" Jungkook entered his apartment and without warning, he threw Taehyung in the couch as if he just got burned.

Taehyung was never fan of profanities but at that moment he's so ready to spit out all the bad and horrible words at the alpha. "You're an assh*le!!! What the fxck are you thinking?! Let me get out of this sh*thole apartment of yours! You stinks! OMFG, are you okay?!"

The omega's mad state immediately jumps into a worried one when he saw Jungkook running to the kitchen and hide himself behind the kitchen counter. Taehyung's about to step closer to check on the alpha who looks so red but Jungkook stops him. "Stop! Don't come closer!"

Jungkook wishes the ground to swallow him at that very moment because he'd rather disappear than to embarrass himself in front of the omega. He's fully aware that alphas go on a rut during full moon so he's certain that he's not getting his anytime soon but what he feels is

different and it's starting to worry him when an unmated deliciously smelling omega is inside his apartment. "Ya! What's going on? You're scaring me." Taehyung asked while slowly and carefully taking a step forward to the alpha. He's saying he's scared but his wolf is saying

otherwise. He is not scared even a bit because deep inside him, he knows the alpha won't hurt him. Taehyung remembers that night he slap Jungkook in the party... the alpha could've killed him on the spot but Jungkook didn't so he's confident he's not gonna hurt him.

"I said, stop! Don't come closer! Stay where you are." Jungkook yelled again while he's trying to calm down. His wolf is already taking over him and as much as he wants to deny it, he's really so drawn to Taehyung's sweet scent. "But are you okay?" Taehyung asked again.

"Do I look like I'm okay to you?" the alpha gritted his teeth because he could feel his body is starting to burn up. He knows he is control, he will be in control but it will be really painful for him. Taehyung squinted his eyes and was about to say something when he finally

realized what's going on with Jungkook. He also starts to smell the alpha's scent that includes a blend of lemon, bergamot, basil, lavender, and juniper. The scent is a good balance so he smell fresh, clean, and woody. "Do you want me to leave?" Taehyung asked. He knows he

needs to ask instead of just leaving without saying anything because he doesn't want to upset an alpha in pre-rut. He is still annoyed at the alpha but he's not stupid to aggravate him even more. He still has many dreams he wants to achieve so he needs to be alive. "No, stay!"

"But alpha...y-you're in rut." Taehyung stated as if it's still not obvious. "I said stay. Go inside my room, lock it in but stay." Jungkook ordered, his eyes starts to turn gold. Taehyung saw the glimmer of gold on Jungkook's eyes so he knows the alpha is about to get a full

blown rut. "What if I'll just leave so you can---" "Taehyung I said get inside my room, now! ISTG, I don't wanna do this but my fxcking wolf is already howling inside ready to jump on you any moment and you don't want me hunting you at your place. I'm an alpha and the first

born descendant of my pure blood alpha father. I don't want to cause you more trouble. Please...just lock yourself in my room." Jungkook begs instead of threatening the omega who evidently soften when he heard him asked nicely. Taehyung swallowed, he knows how alpha's head

works when they're on rut so he slowly nods to Jungkook. "Okay okay, just calm down. I'm going inside your room. It will be just for 24 hours, right?" he asked because he doesn't want his roommate to get worried for him. "Yes, just 24 hours. There's food inside my room fridge."

Taehyung nods at the alpha who's now visibly in pain and as much as he wants to obey Jungkook's order to just lock up himself in the alpha's room, the omega in him chose differently. "Jungkook, what if you lock yourself inside and I'll stay here?" Taehyung suggested hoping the

other won't get mad at him. "No, if I get into that room I'm sure you'll leave." Jungkook replied in a very upset tone. "No, I promise I won't. I was just wondering, you'll be needing food. I assume, you're not gonna h-hurt me right?" Taehyung asked with his soft voice.

Jungkook frowns upon hearing him. "Of course not.. hey, I am not gonna hurt you. I...i just..i mean, my wolf just want you to be near me but I would never hurt you." Jungkook sounded as if he's the one in pain knowing that he scared Taehyung a bit. "Then, can you trust me?"

The alpha stared at the omega for a few seconds before he starts to step closer to him. He only met Taehyung twice but there's something inside him that tells him that he should trust the other. Their two meetings are both failure in other people's point of view, but now that

Jungkook got to take a closer look at the omega's blue eyes...he knows those encounters are heaven's way for him to learn other concepts aside from his big dreams. "You're not leaving, right?" he asked once more. "I will wait until your rut is gone. I'll be right here."

Jungkook then close the gap between them. He pulled Taehyung by the back of his neck only to plant a small light kiss on his forehead. "I'm sorry I got to ask you this, I promise I won't bother you again once my inner wolf is pacified." Jungkook whispered before he left

Taehyung alone in the living room. When Jungkook is already inside his own bedroom, it's only then when Taehyung realized what just happened. The alpha didn't just kiss him on his forehead, he actually scented him! "What am I even doing here?" he asked himself while staring at

the closed door of Jungkook's room. He knows he could just leave now. He knows it wouldn't be easy for Jungkook to find him but his wolf reminds him the promise he made to Jungkook. 'You wouldn't want anyone breaking their promise to you.' his inner wolf reminded him.

And right at that moment, Taehyung knows he wouldn't break the promise he made to Jungkook. He took another glance at the alpha's door first before he proceeds to the kitchen & look for something he could prepare for the alpha to at least lessen his pain. ***END OF FLASHBACK***

***PRESENT TIME**** Taehyung knows he promised himself that he'll never cry again, that he'll never entertain the thoughts of the alpha who promised to give him the world only to crushed his own. He thought he's already healed and that he already closed the door of his past

leading back to Jungkook but here he is holding Star's little hand while the pup is innocently sleeping on their shared bed. "Jeon Byul, baby you wouldn't believe who I just bumped into today." Taehyung whispered to the little alpha while she's still sleeping. He knows he won't

ever have the courage to tell Star that when she's awake, not until at least he gets all the answers to his questions. "I'm not sure what happened baby because I still can't believe I'll ever see him again. But starting tomorrow, I guess I'll see him more often soon."

The sleeping little girl slowly moves in her sleep and to Taehyung's surprise, she starts to smile and giggle while her eyes are still close. "Are you that happy baby? that even in your sleep you still want me to see him again?" Taehyung whispered with a bitter smile.

When Star didn't answer, the omega just decided to lay down beside her too. He stayed there for few more minutes before he got up to finish everything he needs to do. After all, he still has a resignation letter to submit so he could finally start in Golden Closet soon!


The next day, Taehyung finds himself staring at the mirror a little longer than usual and he might not want to admit it but he knows it's because he's so anxious knowing that there's a huge possibility that he's going to see the alpha he's been dying to see for years. He isn't

quite sure of the reason why he wanted to see Jungkook again because he's been mad, hurt and broken because of the alpha but a part of him still wants to believe that there must be a reason why he never came back to them. "Get a hold of yourself Kim Taehyung." he mumbled to

himself before he grabs his bag. He opened the door when he heard a knock from it and saw Wooshik already smiling at him. "Hyung! thank you so much for doing this. I promise, I'll try to find a new baby sitter who will take care of Star." Taehyung said to the beta.

Wooshik rolled his eyes at the omega. "We've been housemates in Paris for a very long time and I've been telling you to come home already but you're just so hard headed. I told you Taehyungie, you don't need to hire a baby sitter! I can look for Byulie since I got nothing to do.

My mate just wanna make me have the best things in life and you know that my studio is more than enough to bring happiness to me. I can fetch Byul everyday or if you want, you can drop her off my place before you go to work and just fetch her there when you got off work." Wooshik

knows his friend is one prideful omega but he loves him and his pup so he's so willing to help them both. "I miss hearing you call my pup with her name. But hyung are you sure of that? It's too much and---" "OMG Taehyung! I already told you, it's totally fine with me! Besides,

you know how Seojoon adores you both too. Now if you still can't decide about this, then go to your work today and let's talk about this over dinner later. Okay?" Wooshik suggested to the omega. "You are an angel. Thank you so much for doing this for us hyungie." he replied.

The two hugged each other once more before Taehyung finally decided to leave his pup with his friend. He took a cab going to SEoul GC since they haven't find an apartment close to his new workplace now. It took him almost half an hour before he finally arrived at the building.

Seokjin is so delighted when he saw Taehyung at the entrance of their office. He just also arrived so he greeted the younger omega before they both get into the elevator. "I'm really so excited to work with you Taehyungie but today, I'll have to introduce you to our team first."

Taehyung smiled back at the older omega. "Thank you Seokjin-ssi, I'm really so excited to meet the time & to work with y'all too." Taehyung replied while following Seokjin getting off the elevator. The director leads Taehyung to another spacious sophisticated conference hall.

"Awesome day golden creators! Without wasting time, I want you all to meet our new designer who came all the way from Paris the city of Love to join our powerhouse team from now on, Kim Taehyung." Seokjin introduced the omega who's automatically welcomed by the other staff.

Taehyung thanked Seokjin and greeted everyone in the room. They all smiled at him and gave him welcoming gestures except of the other omega female who's still staring at him from head to foot. "So, another failed attempt to have a name in Paris huh?!" Jeni commented rudely.

Jeni also known as the previous directress of Seoul GC who's now a senior designer is the only one who's not pleased with the additional member of their team. Aside from the fact that she's already upset for being demoted just few months ago, he doesn't like the idea that

another unmated omega with a pretty face, not that she will admit that out loud would join the company. She knows she's already having a hard time catching Jungkook's attention again now another threat was just added to her chance of making Jungkook her future mate.

Taehyung heard the female unmated omega clearly but he still try to take a look around him to make sure that the woman is talking to him. He just couldn't believe that it's already 2022 and there's still a wolf like her who put down her fellow omega. "Excuse me but are you

speaking to me?" Taehyung still asked just to make sure but to his disappointment, she continues to give him a mocking smirk. "You're not only a familiar in Paris but you're clearly stvpid, are you? Who else do you think I'm speaking with?" Jeni uttered with that arrogant grin.

The pretty male omega is so used in dealing with rude alphas but he rarely experience that kind of treatment from his fellow omega. He looks straight into the woman's eyes before he steps closer towards her too. "Oh, I thought you were speaking to yourself because clearly,

Seokjin-ssi who is the directress of this branch informed me that this space is safe for Omegas like US. I honestly thought you were memorizing some acting lines." Taehyung replied with a confident smile. Jeni might be pretty & probably her senior in the company but she would

never let anyone including any alpha who would look down on him ever again. Jeni on the other hand is too stunned to reply because she honestly didn't expect Taehyung to reply to her like that because he looks too nice, angelic even. "Ya! don't you know who I am?" Jeni snarled.

Taehyung tried his best not to be a b*tch at that moment but Jeni seems to be looking for it so he dramatically folded his arms in front of his chest as he looks the female omega up and down. He's about to say something savage when the entrance door opened. "Jungkook!"

Jeni's b*tchy face suddenly turned angelic, to Taehyung's surprise. The male omega doesn't know what really surprised him because he also didn't expect Jungkook to be in the office since Seokjin already told him that the CEO of the brand lives in Busan. He's also surprised to see

Jeni suddenly acting like she's the most demure and nicest individual in the office. "I'm so happy to see you here alpha." Jeni even bats her eyelashes while she wraps her arms around Jungkook's arm. Taehyung is holding his breathe. He's trying not to rip off the omega's head.

He is not jealous, no. He is not fuming in anger at the moment to see the alpha totally enjoying the omega's advances, no. 'Oh, memory lost? Sure.' he sarcastically thought to himself while watching the interaction of the two until Jungkook lifted his gaze and saw him looking.

Taehyung froze because he doesn't honestly know how to react to the alpha who's now staring at him. It's been years since they saw each other and a lot of things already happened. The Jungkook in front of him now is clearly a total different person. The CEO's eyes don't sparkle

while the Jungkook he knows is holding the whole fxcking galaxy in his eyes everytime he looks at him. The alpha that he knew is passionate, warm, loud and most of all-- Taehyung forces himself to stop thinking of other beautiful words to reminisce the alpha he once knew.

The male omega's about to greet their boss when Jeni speaks again, and this time it's so obvious that she's really trying to keep Jungkook's attention on her. "Jungkookie, it's been so long since you came to visit the branch. How about we go to lunch together later?" she asked.

Taehyung raised his eyebrows but remain silent while watching the two. Good thing that Seokjin heard the woman's suggestion so he immediately joins in their conversation. "You know what Jeni, that's an amazing idea. I'll call Yoon to set up lunch for the whole team today."

The older male omega smiled at Jungkook when he saw his cousin giving him a questioning look. "You haven't been treating your employees well Jungkook-ssi, let we have this, okay?" Seokjin even have the audacity to wink at his boss who's now fondly smiling at him.

"Sure Seokjin hyung, that would really be great. But please, make sure there's no seafoods again." Jungkook said with a little smile. Taehyung froze on his feet upon hearing the alpha. "Jungkook, how many times do I need to tell you that you don't have seafoods allergy."

Seokjin is still wondering why his cousin keeps insisting that he's allergic to seafoods when it was Jungkook's favorite before he got the amnesia! "Hyung I told you, I could literally see glimpses of myself throwing up and had difficulty of breathing. Better safe than sorry."

Taehyung has to cover his mouth with his own hands before he quickly excuses himself from everyone after hearing Jungkook's words. He found himself inside the bathroom. He's still shaking and he couldn't control his heart pounding anymore because Jungkook indeed doesn't have an

allergy because it was him who actually have one and the glimpses Jungkook kept remembering wasn't himself! Taehyung starts to tear up when he remembers the first time he had an allergy after eating the fried rice with shrimp Jungkook prepared for him back in Paris.

He literally thought he's gonna die that day because he felt like he already emptied his stomach including his organs. Jungkook was there for him. He kept apologizing while trying to soothe him with his scent. And ever since that day, Jungkook never allowed him near seafoods!

Taehyung allowed himself to tear up a little more before he composed himself. He knows a lot of things happened already and clearly, the Jungkook he once knew is the same Jungkook he's working with now but that doesn't mean he still need to connect the two. No, he's decided that

he'll just continue to work under Seokjin now and once he could finally saved up enough money for him and Star to start a new, he will then leave and continue to live his life with his little pup away from Jungkook. The alpha has his own life now and he doesn't want to mess that.

The male omega then proceed to his new space. Seokjin is generous enough to give him his own work area. The room is painted with white so it really looks so clean and bright. Taehyung loves the huge working table he has at the center. Few more minutes and Jungkook is already out

of his head already. He starts his job immediately. As one of the junior designers, Taehyung is given a lot of tasks aside from designing clothes. He's also assigned in compiling new designs that they could possibly add in a collection of new line they're about to launch.

The omega is so focus at the things he's doing so he didn't even noticed the pair of eyes watching him from the outside of his office. The person outside could see him from the glass door and instead of greeting him, the alpha just decided to watch him silently. Jungkook doesn't

even know why he's standing outside their newly recruited designer because he doesn't have anything to say to him but his wolf is too drawn to his perfume. Taehyung smells so sweet and as much as he doesn't want to admit it out loud, he really...no, not him but his wolf likes it!

Jungkook is still standing outside Taehyung's workspace when a familiar voice called out his name. "Jungkookie! I'm looking for you everywhere. The food has arrived already. Seokjin-ssi is already calling everyone to the pantry so we could all eat together." the female omega

smiled to the alpha sweetly. "Oh, thanks Jeni. How about Taehyung-ssi? Can you call him now too?" Jungkook is quick to remember that the omega inside is too busy working. 'He'll probably skipped meal again.' Jungkook doesn't even know why he had that thought but he just

shrugged it off before he started to walk towards their pantry. Jeni hates how she got no choice but to inform the male omega that it's lunch time already because of course, she doesn't want to be on Jungkook's bad side. "Ya, stop pretending that you're working hard!"

Taehyung closed his eyes in a good few seconds to calm himself down upon hearing the b*tch who just barged into his work space before he turns around to face her. "I'm not quite sure from which pack or ancestors you came from but I'm damn sure that in mine, our elders taught us

how to knock on the door & respect other people's privacy. Oh and also, in the pack where I came from we do not just yell at people at our workplace because that's what we call basic human decency. Now, would you like to try it again?" Taehyung even pointed at his door.

Jeni is visibly fuming. She couldn't believe the male omega would be that confident and brave to reply to her that way. "Are you sure you're speaking to me that way? You're not even a permanent employee in this company and you reply to me like that?" she glared at him but

Taehyung remains unfazed. "As far as I know I applied for a designing job. My only job here is to create art and help this company grow. I didn't sign up catering to a...well, a child." Taehyung replied while looking her up and down. Jeni is about to say something again when

another staff knocked on the door. "Oh, Jeni I didn't know you're here. Seokjin-ssi asked me to call Taehyung. It's lunch time!" the beta smiled without knowing that two omegas are about to rip off each other's head. Taehyung smiled back at her. "Right, Jeni just told me that."

Jeni rolled her eyes on the two before she stomped her way out of Taehyung's space. "So, you've met Lucifer's wife!" the beta offered Taehyung a sheepish smile when Jeni is finally out of their sight. "Wait, did you just call Jeni that?" the omega asked while trying to put away

the magazine he's holding. "Well, not just me but everyone else in the building. Jihyo by the way. I wasn't able to introduce myself to you a while ago." Jihyo, the beta offered the omega a friendly smile. "Oh hi Jihyo, it's Taehyung or you can call me V." he smiled back.

The two immediately became bffs while they're on their way to the pantry. Taehyung is even surprised when he saw everyone already sitting on the table because he didn't know that a fashion company would have such a spacious pantry. "Hey Taehyung come here."

Seokjin even pointed at the chair opposite him which coincidentally right beside the CEO. Taehyung almost immediately decline the invitation and just reason out that he wants to sit beside Jihyo but Jungkook is already looking at him as if the CEO is waiting for his reply.

"T-thank you Seokjin-ssi." he just decided to act as if he's not bothered at the presence of the alpha at all. Everyone is already sitting at the table and happily eating their delicious meal when Taehyung accidentally dropped his knife when he's cutting his steak.

Taehyung froze in embarrassment and he's about to pick up the knife when Jungkook suddenly moved quicker than him. The alpha picked up the knife and put it on his side instead of giving it to Taehyung. Without saying a word, he even took the omega's plate from him and started

to cut the meat himself before he put it back in front of the stunned Omega. Seokjin and the other staff are all speechless with their eyes wide open while watching the interaction of the two. "T-thank you M-Mr. Jeon." Taehyung hates himself for stuttering but he can't help it!

Jungkook didn't even reply to the omega because he also is so surprised at his own actions. Jeni who also witnessed the whole scenario starts to give Taehyung a dirty look as if the male omega purposely dropped his knife a while ago. "Taehyung, I think you should just eat the

greens or fish if you couldn't even slice your meat properly. I can't believe you even made Jungkookie to cut that for you. Are you four?" she didn't even try to hide her insecurity and jealousy anymore. Taehyung is so close at snapping at her at the moment but good thing that

Seokjin intervened. "Jeni you don't have to be so mean about it, accidents happen all the time. Besides, I'm sure Jungkookie here doesn't mind cutting the steak for Taehyung, right Jungkookie?" Seokjin gave his cousin a teasing look that only made Taehyung blush even more.

"No big deal, let's enjoy the food." Jungkook replied without looking at anyone. he suddenly feels like his own plate is the most interesting object in the world because the truth is, he really also can't believe he did what he just did. He's the type of alpha who usually don't

care about everything that doesn't concern him. He likes minding his own business only because he doesn't like anyone meddling with his own. So he's wondering why he's so suddenly attentive when it comes to the sweet smelling omega. 'Fxck this alpha wolf.' he thought to himself.

Surprisingly, they all finish their lunch at Seoul GC without Jeni throwing another unnecessary remarks towards Taehyung. Everyone is happy and full because the food was delicious. Taehyung is already on his way back to his workspace when he remembers why the label of their food

looks familiar to him. It was the same logo where the alpha they met a few days ago took him to lunch before. "I wonder if he even still remembers us." Taehyung told himself with a fond smile not knowing that the said alpha he remembered is also thinking of him at.

The hours passed by without Taehyung noticing it. He was too engulfed in making his own space according to his own liking. He believes that he could work better if he's on a really personalized space. He even made a note what to bring in the office the next day to make sire he

could create pieces that could be included in the upcoming launch of the brand. He's already packing his things and ready to go home when someone knocks on his door. "Come in!" "Taehyung, it's your first day and you're already spending too much time in your work place. Please

go home and rest. I'm sure someone's waiting...oh, I almost forgot! You're unmated, aren't you?" Seokjin dramatically covered his mouth with his hand. In fact, he already knows the fact that Taehyung is not mated yet but he just wanna make sure of that, for scientific purposes.

Taehyung felt the sudden squish in his heart upon hearing Seokjin's question. Unfortunately, even with the love he shared with the alpha whom he gave himself with--yes, he remains unmated. "You are right Seokjin-ssi, I'm unmated but someone else is waiting for me at home."

The younger omega still managed to smile upon remembering that he really got a tiny little alpha waiting for him. "Oh, I know that this is none of my business but are you dating someone? you don't have to answer if you're not comfortable with it. It's the omega thing."

Taehyung grins at the older omega. Of course he could definitely understand him. Omegas like them are tend to be more inquisitive and caring and he doesn't mind it at all. Seokjin is so kind to him from the very beginning and he's now his boss so he doesn't want to hide anything

from him, except of course the fact that Jeon Jungkook his cousin was a huge part of his life. He doesn't think anyone in Korea is ready for that fact so he just decided to keep it that way. "No worries Seokjin-ssi, I don't mind it at all. Uhmm, actually Star is waiting for me."

"Taehyung, will you stop calling me like an old man for goodness sake! You can call me Jinnie, or hyung o maybe both. I know I'm your boss but please, we're on a team now so I hope we could also be good friends. Anyway, who's Star?" the omega asked with curiosity in his eyes.

The younger omega can't help but laugh at the older omega's way of inquiring about his personal life. It's been a while since he opened up himself to anyone for friendship but with the concern Seokjin is telling him now, he can't help but find himself starting to trust again.

Taehyung went through a lot already and most of the times, he found himself being betrayed and destroyed by the people he trusted. So the moment he got Star, he started to be more assertive and private. He doesn't want anyone else to know about his personal business but Seokjin

just got his trust. "Star well, she's a fierce alpha you don't want to mess with." Taehyung chose to share. He knows sooner or later Seokjin will also meet the pup but for now, he wants to keep whatever is going on with their lives. He just wanna make sure Star won't get hurt.

Seokjin smiles falter for a moment when he heard that someone's already making Taehyung smile like that. He's about to ask question again when they both heard another knock on the door. This time, Seokjin's smile is back on his handsome face because even without seeing the new

comer, he already knows who it is. "Oh, my husband is here to fetch me now. Come here Taehyung, I'll introduce you to my mate." Seokjin said as he walks towards the door. The younger omega grabs his bag and follows the older omega who's visibly glowing with the mere existence

of his mate. Namjoon smiled so brightly upon seeing his mate when Seokjin finally opens the door. "Joonie!" the older omega immediately wraps his hands around Namjoon's neck and let the alpha scent him for a few seconds before he turned back to Taehyung. "I miss you."

Namjoon whispered to his mate as he also subtly caresses Jin's tummy. Taehyung can't help but look down when he saw the interaction of the two. He knows mated wolves are really clingy to one another but seeing a couple right in front of him with so much adoration to one another

makes his heart aches a little. Namjoon even planted a small kiss on Seokjin's forehead before they both pulled away from each other. "Taehyungie this is Kim Namjoon, my mate." Seokjin introduced the younger to his husband who's now staring at Taehyung with a curious look.

"Hello Namjoon-ssi, it's a pleasure to meet you." Taehyung greeted him with an awkward smile but the alpha just knitted his brows while staring at him. "Babe, is there something wrong?" Seokjin asked already because his mate is acting strange in front of the younger omega.

"No babe, none at all but Taehyung-ssi...have we met before?" the alpha asked with a frown because he really is so sure that he saw that face before but he couldn't remember where and when unless Taehyung has a twin brother. Taehyung looks at Namjoon for a few seconds before he

shakes his head off. "I believe that this is the first time someone introduced us Namjoon-ssi" Taehyung replied while he's wishing to all saints & angels above that Namjoon won't recognize him. They have seen each other before but Jungkook refused to introduce him to the alpha.

************FLASHBACK IN PARIS*************** "Baby come on, you'll gonna be late in your class." Taehyung smiled to himself while trying to wake up the alpha who's still buried on his own bed. He came over to Jungkook's apartment the other day because the alpha is craving for

a ramen and according to him, he couldn't enjoy it without him so despite of his hectic schedule he finds a way to be with the alpha. It turned out that RAMEN isn't just the noodles but including himself because later that previous night, Jungkook didn't just devour the noodles

but also himself. Taehyung is still smiling because they're both tired and he's even more sore than the alpha but Jungkook always got a problem waking up in the morning so he made it his personal mission to wake the alpha in the morning to make sure he won't miss his classes.

"Tae...please 5 more minutes baby, come here." Jungkook mumbles before he pulled the still naked omega beside him. Taehyung loves the warmth of Jungkook's skin so he lets the alpha embraces him for few more minutes before they heard someone ringing the door bell.

"Are you expecting someone this early Gukkie?" Taehyung asked while fumbling with the hoops in Jungkook's ears. "Nope, probably wrong apartment." Jungkook replied as he buries his face on the crook of Taehyung's neck again but the omega isn't having it. Taehyung giggles as he

shoves the alpha away from him and since he doesn't have time to find his discarded clothes from last night, he just grabbed Jungkook's boxers and hoodie he spotted on the floor before he went out of the bedroom to check who's waiting at the door. Without a second thought,

Taehyung opens the door with a smile. "Hi." "Jungkoo---oh, you're not Jungkook." the tall alpha frowns upon seeing the pretty omega in front of him. "Owww, uhmmm yeah, Jungkook's inside and--" "Namjoon hyung!" Jungkook interrupted them both before he slams the door.

Taehyung's eyes widened at Jungkook because he couldn't believe the alpha would act so rude in front of another person. "Jeon Jungkook!" "Oh sh*t, I'm so sorry baby. I didn't mean to be that rude but that's Namjoon hyung out there and he's still an unmated alpha and the thought

of you around him just triggered my wolf and---" Jungkook wasn't able to finish his sentence when Taehyung starts to laugh at him. "You're such an idiot! Oh gosh, possessive big bad alpha huh?! Fine, go and apologize to your hyung and I'll wait inside your room." Taehyung said.

Jungkook smiled happily knowing that the omega isn't upset of the behavior he just shown. He grabs Taehyung's face and planted lots of kisses into it first before he finally let's him go. The omega is still giggling when he went back inside Jungkook's bedroom. The alpha then

opened the door and quickly apologized at his cousin's boyfriend. "Namjoon hyung please forgive me for that behavior. I panicked, I thought it was some other alpha and T--my baby is out here so I slammed the door." Jungkook tried to come up with an excuse but Namjoon just laughs

at him. "Guk, you slammed the door after yelling my name. I get it, you don't want any other alpha near your omega." Namjoon replied with a teasing smile. Jungkook's eyes widened upon hearing the older alpha's words. He's been dating Taehyung for quite sometime now but they're

keeping it casual. They even haven't talked about mating or marking yet because they're both too busy with their own schedules. But now that Namjoon just mentioned it, Taehyung being his omega sounds perfect to his ears. "Uhmmm, well.. yes hyung, you're probably right."

Namjoon nods at the younger before he speaks again. "Right, so I actually just came to drop this for you. Your Seokjin hyung sent you warm tight hugs as well but you smell like your omega at the moment so im not gonna hug you anymore." Namjoon gave the younger the bag full of

Kimchi that Seokjin has personally made for his cousin. Jungkook thanked the older and tried to offer him drinks but Namjoin is not dense, of course he knows Jungkook already wants to kick him out so he quickly bid goodbye to him. ****END OF FLASHBACK*****

K's Note: It's 1:08 am now and I need to get up at 4am besties so I'll have to stop the update here. But before i go to sleep tonight, I just wanna thank those people who keeps liking, retweeting & commenting on this AU🥺 thank you for inspiring me to do this again! xx, K

***PRESENT TIME**** Taehyung feels guilty for pretending not to know who Namjoon is when he clearly remembers who he is. Jungkook told him before that the alpha is his cousin's future mate. The younger male omega only realizes now that it is actually Seokjin who sent all those

kimchis and Korean foods to Jungkook before. He's still in his deep thoughts when Seokjin speaks again. "So Taehyung, you mentioned before that you're looking for a place closer to this office. Have you found one?" the older omega asked while they start walking towards the

elevator. "Yes hyung. In fact, I'm going straight to my friend's house now because they're going to help me check the place first and eventually move in." Taehyung replied while trying to avoid Namjoon's scrutinizing eyes. "I see, please let me know if you need help, okay?"

"Thanks Seokjin-ssi, I mean Jinnie hyung. Thank you for your offer." Taehyung replied. Namjoon remains quiet until they all part ways in the exit of the building. Taehyung waved at the two before he left too. "I am certain that I met him before." Namjoon told Seokjin.

The male omega frowns at his mate because he knows Namjoon has the ability to remember people even from his younger years. "Are you sure about that my alpha? According to his CV, he grew up and studied in Paris. He was born here in Korea but he lived in Paris ever since he's 9."

"Well Jinnie, I said I certainly saw him before and I didn't say it's here. Remember when I used to visit...you know what, nevermind. Probably I just thought of him as one of the actors we've been watching in k-dramas." Namjoon decided to say to end the conversation.

"Alright, let's go home then Joonie." Seokjin replied with a smile before they both get in the alpha's car. Namjoon remains quiet through their ride while Seokjin told him about the lunch and the incident where Taehyung dropped his knife and how Jungkook was quick to assist him.

The alpha suddenly remembers something. "Oh so Jungkook was at the office today? He knows Taehyung too?" he asked. "I introduced them to each other during Taehyung's interview so of course they already know each other a while ago. They kinda look cute together."

Namjoon smiled at his mate as he continues to drive safely. "Yeah, they kinda look together." the alpha replied while he's trying his best to juggle his memory because he's sure he saw the younger omega before. He just needs to make sure that he's not mistaken.

Meanwhile Taehyung arrived at Wooshik and Seojoon's place, the two live in a luxury apartment and he only dreams to live in that area with his little Star too but of course hw knows he can't afford it so he just appreciates the view. "Taehyung come in, Star is taking a nap."

Wooshik offered the younger omega an apple juice before they settled in the living room. "Thanks hyung. Your place is really beautiful." Taehyung complimented the interior of the house. "And you know you can also live here with Star. There are 3 more bedrooms here Tae and--"

"Hyung you know I really appreciate you and Seojoon hyung but you know I can't take advantage of that. Also, you promised me that you'll accompany me in the new apartment near the office right? I think Star and I will love that place too." Taehyung said with a fond smile.

Taehyung and Wooshik chatted for quite some time until Seojoon arrived and joined them too. Taehyung realized how blessed he is for meeting the couple in Paris way back in the university because he honestly didn't expect to bump into Wooshik in Korea again. Now he can finally

see a start of better future for him and his little Star. The three of them talked about Taehyung's plan of moving to another apartment and when Seojoon finally can't hold back anymore, he voices out the question that keeps bugging him since they saw Taehyung again.

"I'm glad you're taking care of yourself Taehyung, but how about Byul's alpha father? Does he even know his pup exists?" Taehyung lower his gaze because the truth is, he isn't ready to speak about it yet. Good thing that Wooshik is quick to divert their topic. "Seojoonie..."

"How about instead of you talking about nonsense here, let's just drop the two of them at their apartment? Come on honey, let's not add stress to my beautiful friend here." the beta half jokingly told the alpha. Seojoon feels bad for asking when he saw Taehyung's face so he

quickly apologized to him. Taehyung told him that he doesn't have to apologize and he'll speak about the topic when he's ready. The three of them went to check on Star before they all get into the car and drove home. To Taehyung's surprise, someone's waiting at their door!

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