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I've grown my Twitter account to 86.8K followers at lightning speed. Without EVER: • Paying for ads • Buying retweets • Begging big accounts Give me 3 minutes and I'll share 28 of my BEST tips to grow your own account. Even if you're at 0 followers now. >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<

1. Go VERY niche when starting out. Become the goldmine of content for ONE specific type of person.

2. Focus on replying to big accounts to borrow their eyeballs until you’re at 1,000+ followers.

3. Once you start getting some traction you should double down on threads. The more threads you write = the more followers you’ll get.

4. Tweet often. Tweet different kinds of tweets. Each type of tweet will hit a different pool of audience and will increase your unique reach and engagement.

5. Always think “value”. Help people solve problems and educate them. Both with your tweets and threads.

6. Once you have some followers it’s time to provide value to big accounts. Create relationships. Become friends. They’ll help you grow if they like you.

7. Consume great content to create good content. Read books and watch courses. And mainly share your real-life results.

8. Tweet about your results often. People who want similar results for themselves will follow you.

9. Analyze your tweets and threads. Keep an eye on what works. Do more of that.

10. Find why you’re unique. Make sure to let everyone know. In your bio and in your content.

11. Frame your content as broad as possible for faster growth. (After 1,000-2,000 followers).

12. Tweet low and high-sophistication tweets. Some will get you an audience and others will position you as an expert.

13. Ask people to do what you want. To follow you. To retweet you. People online need to be guided.

14. Engage with your audience as much as you can. Both in replies and DMs.

15. Identify your most engaged followers and give them value. They’re your 1k true fans. Your base. Your home.

16. Retweet other creators. Don’t be cheap. Some of them will retweet you back. This creates strong relationships that’ll get you more engagement. Now and always.

17. Always keep an eye on trends. See what’s working for big accounts. Model. Don’t copy.

18. Repeat your unique message from time to time. You wanna be known as “the guy who believes in X”. (or girl).

19. Polarize your audience. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions even if some won’t like them. The ones who will - will feel a stronger connection to you.

20. Remember what the goal of your account is. Don’t chase numbers. Chase your goals. They’re not always the same.

21. Play nice and be kind. People are people. Even ones you think are stupid or ignorant.

22. It takes a long time to build a reputation. And mere seconds to destroy it. Never promote anything you’re not willing to fully stand behind.

23. Avoid short term money-making illusions and focus on the long-term. Selling $27 affiliate programs won’t make you rich. But it will crush your positioning.

24. Tweet about your personal life to create a deeper connection with your followers.

25. The magic happens in the DMs. That’s where the deals are closed and relationships are built. Don’t hesitate to DM people you find of interest.

26. 10K is the magic number. The moment you hit that number - you’ll start getting people interested in you. That’s when the gates get wide open and the deals start pouring in.

27. Use tweets about your profile/bio/header/follower count to get people to click on your profile. From there it’s just a conversion rate game for how many will follow you.

28. HAVE FUN or it won't work. Find a way to make this process fun for you. Gamify your own process.

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