「 Queenhykawa 」Naruto era

「 Queenhykawa 」Naruto era



SakuAtsu // NSFW, Captain Kink, Praise Kink, Bottsumu It had been just one little comment. Made in passing, not even supposed to reach his ears. And yet it threw Kiyoomi off. Badly. "Atsumu's got a thing for captains, always has actually."

For some reason it made his blood boil. And perhaps he had always entertained the idea of being with Atsumu. At this point, they had been dancing around each other for months. But now he actually found a reason to close the gap and take the leap. Soon, he thought.

He actually didn't think it would be this easy. The team went out at the end of the month since it was finally the end of the season and they wanted to celebrate accordingly.

They found themselves back at Kiyoomi's apartment after a particularly tension-filled evening at a bar, where they couldn't stop throwing heated glances across the room.

It was exactly how Kiyoomi imagined. No, it was even better. The sight of Atsumu on his knees, mouth wide open and his tongue eagerly wrapping around the head of Kiyoomi's cock, as he pushed in slowly.

He hit the back of his throat because of course Atsumu didn't have a gag reflex. Atsumu closed his lips around the base of his cock and started sucking while swirling his tongue inside his mouth. It felt like heaven, wet and hot and oh so good.

Kiyoomi groaned and guided Atsumu by gripping his hair and moving his head along his shaft. His climax was quickly approaching and he almost lost it when Atsumu curled his tongue back to lick the underside of the sensitive part of his cock.

Fuck, he didn't know if he wanted to cum in Atsumu's mouth and watch the milky liquid drip from his lips. Or if he should be patient and wait until he had him on his lap. Kiyoomi decided to go for the latter but not before he fucked into Atsumu a few more times.

Then he pulled away and sat back onto the couch and patted his lap to beckon Atsumu to stand up and make his way there. Once he did, Kiyoomi immediately pulled him closer by the waist so they were pressed flush from the waist up.

Atsumu's lips were plush and pink and he wasted no time and devoured them right there. He kissed him roughly while firmly holding his waist to move him slightly on his lap. The movement caused Atsumu to moan as he could feel Kiyoomi's still hard cock against his own erection.

Kiyoomi used the chance to slide his tongue in tasting the sweetness only Atsumu could provide. He could get drunk on that taste, on the sweet noises that escaped Atsumu's mouth. When they parted a string of saliva connected them and Kiyoomi followed it as Atsumu licked his lips.

"Strip." He commanded and Atsumu immediately obeyed, throwing off his shirt and quickly discarding his pants and boxers in one swift movement. Then, he gasped as a neon green jersey landed on his face. Atsumu looked at it and a knowing smirk formed on his face.

"I thought ya wanted me to strip? That's kinda counterproductive, Omi-kun." God, how Kiyoomi wanted to wipe that smirk off his face. Preferably using his lips. He watched hungrily as Atsumu put on his old high school jersey, the one from his third year.

It was the same one he had worn when they played against each other in their final year at nationals. Atsumu on the opposite side with his own captain jersey. It had been a memorable match. He didn't want to think about Volleyball now, though. "Now turn around." Atsumu did.

He needed it, he needed to see Atsumu with his jersey and his name on the back. Something hot and possessive stirred deep inside his gut. "Good boy." The tips of Atsumu's ears turned pink upon hearing that praise. He got up and gently pushed Atsumu off his lap.

"I'll be right back." He promised and quickly went to his bedroom to get lube and condoms. When he returned he reverted them back to the original position so Atsumu was facing him again. He drizzled lube onto his fingers and rubbed them together to warm up more quickly.

Once he was content with the temperature, he started to finger Atsumu open, one digit at a time. He knew Atsumu would be loud, but the sinful moans he let out and beautiful begging for more left Kiyoomi breathless. He scissored his fingers, opening Atsumu up to prepare him.

"I think you are ready, now." He whispered into Atsumu's ears, biting down gently which caused a shiver to run through the other man's body. "Please, I need ya. I need yer cock. Omi-" Atsumu babbled, his mind only providing incoherent thoughts.

"Hm? What was that? That's not my name, baby." He stood up and carried Atsumu toward the window of the living room. It was one of the best views, he thought, of the Osaka skyline. Kiyoomi put Atsumu down and pushed him to bend over until his hands were grabbing the windowsill.

"Omi, Kiyoomi, please fuck me." Atsumu wiggled and pushed back to rub his ass against Kiyoomi's cock. The drag was delicious and he almost give in. Almost. "Adress me correctly and I'll consider it." He rubbed the head against Atsumu's entrance.

Never really giving in, simply grazing the fluttering ring of muscle. "C-Captain Sakusa, please fuck me." "There you go. Good boy." He turned Atsumu's head to the side and draped himself across his back to give him a sloppy kiss before he lined his cock up properly.

Slowly, he pushed into the hot and slick entrance. "Fuck, you are so tight." After a few minutes, Kiyoomi pulled out a bit and trusted in again. Atsumu whimpered and pressed his hands against the window, the reflection showed his flushed face and glossy eyes.

He was beyond gorgeous like this. Putty in Kiyoomi's hands. Constantly blessing his ears with sharp gasps, loud moans, and a plethora of Kiyoomi's name. Kiyoomi picked up the pace, gripping Atsumu's waist hard and snapping his hips against his butt.

It wasn't long until Kiyoomi felt his climax approaching again. He moved his hands from Atsumu's waist and started playing with his nipples instead, pulling and twisting them until Atsumu came with a silent scream on his lips. He followed shortly after.

They were now lying on Kiyoomi's bed, freshly showered and Atsumu looked unfairly adorable in one of his shirts. That thought quickly flew out of the windows when he saw the mischievous glimmer in the other man's eyes.

Atsumu flashed him a shit-eating grin. Much too smug for someone who just got railed within an inch of his life. "Did ya get that jersey specifically made for me, Omi Omi?" Kiyoomi rolled his eyes. "I was a captain too in our third year, did you conveniently forget about that?"

"Nah, I'm talking about the JNT one I saw in your closet the other day. Sakusa and #1? Are ya trying to compete with Ushijima?" Kiyoomi thought back to the very first training day when he and Atsumu joined the JNT roster.

When Atsumu looked at Wakatoshi as if he had seen him for the first time. With stars in his eyes. He pouted. "And what if I am?" "Oh Omi, I didn't peg ya to be the jealous type~" Atsumu was still grinning. "Don't worry yer always be my favorite."

He puckered his lips and Kiyoomi cursed. How dare he be this infuriating and yet... His words made something within Kiyoomi flutter. Butterflies, probably. Kiyoomi had always hated bugs but right now he couldn't care less. "Shut up." "Make me" Was the immediate reply.

He grabbed Atsumu by the neck, pulling him in to reconnect their lips. His lips were soft and warm and pliant and he made the sweetest noise when Kiyoomi nibbled at his bottom lip. Yeah, this was definitely better. _____________end.

I didn't have NSFW thoughts in forever, but thanks to the TL and this tweet & convo that fueled them today:

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