Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



cw / fem Atsumu Fem Atsumu who wears the shortest skirts to school and no bra under her white shirt uniform and lets everyone talk about her and how much of a slut she must be when in reality she’s a virgin that just dresses like that to tease her brother.

Osamu who always gets Atsumu alone behind the volleyball gym to roughly kiss at her neck, cup her tit and thumb at her clit until she cries , telling her how pretty she is and how she’s all *his*.

Anyways Atsumu who is a little bit of a slut for Osamu and allows her brother to finger her in her pretty inarizaki uniform and eat her out in the locker rooms but who isn’t allowed to fuck her until she says so.

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