en 🔞 | new skts fic!!

en 🔞 | new skts fic!!



nsfw #sakuatsu sakusa’s been trying to quit smoking for ages, but nothing seems to be working. at least, not until his boyfriend atsumu offers a preposition. whenever he gets the urge to smoke, he can just blow atsumu instead. +

atsumu said that as a joke, but he should’ve known sakusa would take him very, very seriously. next thing he knows, sakusa is cornering him everywhere, getting down on his knees to suck atsumu off.

in the locker rooms after practice, in the bathrooms of the izakayas that the team goes to for their weekly dinners, in the back of their car when sakusa just can’t wait for them to get home. sakusa is simply insatiable.

the way his eyes close in ecstasy when he wraps his lips around atsumu’s cock could fool anyone into thinking that atsumu tastes more addictive than nicotine ever did. atsumu thought sakusa was a hot smoker, but fuck, he’s even hotter when down on his knees with his mouth full.

sakusa has a tiny mouth and a horrible gag reflex, but that doesn’t stop him from taking atsumu’s thrusts like a champ, swallowing every last drop of cum atsumu gives him. even after atsumu goes limp, sakusa begs him for another round.

“please atsumu, please- just give me one more, i want another taste,” he says as he gives little licks to the tip, making atsumu shudder in overstimulation. “you promised you’d help me, didn’t you?” and although atsumu knows sakusa fully quit smoking awhile ago, how can he deny?

atsumu is starting to think this was a bad idea. a simple way to help sakusa stop smoking very quickly turned into a new habit for the both of them, one that’s full of pleasure and lust.

atsumu fears sakusa may be on his knees more often to suck cock than to receive volleyballs at this point. it’s really getting out of hand. but unlike smoking? atsumu doesn’t think he wants to break this “habit” any time soon.

/end? idk what this was but head full many horny thoughts of kiyoomi sucking on atsumu’s dick like a fucking lollipop. (did i think of bj alex when i wrote this? yes, yes i did.)

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