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We got sick because we messed with the wrong hormone – INSULIN How our constant stimulation of insulin has bred disaster. THREAD γ€‹γ€‹πŸ§΅

Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, neurodegeneration such as Alzheimer’s . . . all increasing. As different as these conditions may seem, they all stem from one thing β€” Elevated insulin levels.

Elevated insulin levels (hyperinsulinemia) and the resulting insulin resistance form the root cause of modern diseases. As widespread as it is, and with serious ramifications, Nobody (even doctors) seems to know well enough about it.

The failure to understand this root cause means that, The approach to diagnosing and treating most modern diseases has been all wrong.

Just as an example: Insulin resistance (the root cause) is present long before diabetes is clinically diagnosed. But you'll not be diagnosed with diabetes until your blood glucose (symptom) gets out of hand...

When it comes to treatment, The focus is solely on containing the symptom (blood glucose) Instead of reversing the root cause (insulin resistance) This is the same story in all the other diseases where insulin is implicated, Even for heart disease, the world's no. 1 killer.

Prolonged exposure to any hormone is detrimental to human health. The body defends itself through the circadian rhythm, That ensures high hormone levels are produced at only specific times, Afterwards, the hormone levels quickly drop & stay very low.

The prolonged low levels ensure resistance doesn't develop, and the body doesn't suffer any harm. Just quick examplesπŸ‘‡ - The Growth hormone is only produced in deep sleep & drops to undetectable levels in the day. - Cortisol spikes just before waking up & quickly drops after

- Melatonin hormone remains extremely low during the day & starts rising in the night. - Parathyroid hormone only peaks in the morning. But we have ruined this counterbalance when it comes to insulin. Our insulin levels are predominantly high. I will tell you how...

Insulin is produced after meals to enable uptake of glucose by the cells. Your body was made to only tolerate a maximum of 3 insulin spikes daily. Because you were meant to only have a maximum of 2-3 meals per day.

But we keep stimulating insulin production with our current feeding habits. Our insulin levels are ever high.. something the human body isn't adapted to handle. Prolonged & excessive exposure to this hormone causes insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a precursor of: - Obesity - Type 2 diabetes - Hypertension - Heart disease - Alzheimer’s - Cancer - Dyslipidemia - Infertility - Erectile dysfunction ...the list goes on and on. Basically, insulin resistance is heavily present in every chronic disease.

Throughout human history, Insulin has always been that humble hormone secreted by the pancrease. But our modernity has made it the grim reaper behind every death from NCD.

But the solution – Maintaining low insulin levels, and avoiding sharp spikes, Is simple and hides in plain sight. So, how do you maintain low insulin levels and avoid sharp spikes? If you follow me, you already know how to do it. But here's a quick recap:

MAINTAINING LOW INSULIN LEVELS 1. Stick to 1-3 meals a day 2. Refrain from snacking 3. Intermittent fasting AVOIDING SHARP INSULIN SPIKES 4. Eliminate sugar 5. Eliminate refined carbs 6. Eliminate white flours 7. Prioritize protein & fats 8. Reduce intake of modern fruit

If you didn't notice, this is virtually the opposite of what everyone is doing. And that's the point. Doing the exact opposite of what everyone does will ensure you don't get sick like everybody else. Do this and modern diseases will come nowhere near you.

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