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Black Seed Oil: the (not so) secret natural remedy pharma doesn’t want you to know about THREAD

Black Cumin Seed, also known as Nigella Sativa or "Nature's Panacea", has a rich and interesting history It's a spice that grows in the Mediterranean region and Western Asian Countries Its various health benefits were discovered over 3000 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians

From skin conditions to digestive issues, Black Seed is said to cure you of "anything but death" For centuries, it was used far & wide in medical practices It was only in 1963 where scientists finally isolated the seed's healing compounds

The main healing compound in Black Seed is Thymoquinone Thymol, a potent antifungal, was also found in the plant along with Thymohydroquinone Each of these bioactive molecules are what provide this seed it’s miraculous healing propertie

Benefits of thymoquinone include: -Antioxidant properties -Anti-inflammatory -lowers blood sugar -Anti-cancer properties Thymohydroquinone supports your nervous system by stopping the breakdown of Acetylcholine This helps prevent serious brain diseases like Alzheimer's

Thymol is a potent antimicrobial/antifungal It's been shown to be highly effective against viruses, bacteria and yeasts Great for SIBO or any other gut dysbiosis Who wouldn't want that?

Black seed can: Enhance liver health Optimize lung function Balance cholesterol Improve fertility Help you lose weight Minimize eczema Treat infections Lower neuroinflammation (brain/anxiety/stress) A true healing gift from Mother Nature

A common question is the worry that black seed oil is inflammatory like other seed oils While it does have some omega 6 It’s cold pressed unlike the heated/hexane extracted industrial oils people cook with

The thymoquinone in Black seed oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits This counteracts any of its native inflammatory properties And is therefore an excellent addition to your health regimen

The best way to consume Black seed is in an oil/extract instead of the seed themselves When it comes to choosing a good & effective product, you need to look for a high % of Thymoquinone I’ve used this one for many months I love it! and so will you

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