Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi

Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi



NSFW | Tattooed & Pierced Sakusa Kiyoomi | skts Although Kiyoomi didn't need to worry about money; during his college years he wanted economic independence from his parents – and never in his wildest dreams he'd think that would come in the form of an 0nly F4ns page.

He still can't believe he went along with Atsumu's idea– but ignoring the fact that he surprised even himself by opening an OF page, what was even wilder to him, was how said page blew up a mere month after posting content on it.

He doesn't even post fully explicit content. Just 'thirst traps', as Atsumu calls them– and most of the times he's not even naked. "Ye'r hot, darlin'," Atsumu told him, "and never underestimate the power of tattoos and piercings, Omi-Omi!"

To ease himself into the job, he started with simple shots of his hands– showing off the veins that run on the back of them.

He posted pics of himself manspreading in his sweats with nothing else on; tons of pictures of his chest ("show 'em tiddies, Omi!) in countless different angles; and one embarrassing photo of him exposing his abs by keeping his shirt up with his teeth.

He never showed his face in any of these pics, but he always made sure to tease the sight of his pierced nipples and his tattooed arm and side. The picture that /really/ made his page blow up though – it's a rather lewd one.

One that Atsumu insisted he'd take. One where he's on his knees, only a towel covering his dick – the obvious tent on it wasn't intentional, but how was he supposed to /not/ get hard when Atsumu looked at him with such aroused hunger in his eyes? It was inevitable.

He didn't mind if people saw the print of his dick on that piece of cloth– and who knows? Maybe someone would notice that his nipples were not the only body part he had pierced.

He's wearing a collar, and if people spared more than one second to look at the photo; they'd see the word 'slut' written on it. There's a leash attached to the collar– a leash that he's gripping tightly with one of his hands. A leash that leads directly to Atsumu.

He's not 'wearing' anything else; tattoos fully on display. The sleeve of ink doesn't resemble anything at first– it's just black ink twisting around his arm; edges irregular, like tendrils of smoke in the air, but the closer it gets to his shoulder, the more it takes shape.

By the time it reaches his side, the tattoo unmistakably depicts a snake. His followers had seen that tattoo already; but what they had yet to see was the one on the opposite side of his body– one that runs along his hip bone and then partially down his thigh.

The design is the same used for the edges of the snake tattoo, so that the art on his body looks cohesive as a whole. He still didn't want to show his whole face, but he showed just enough for his snake bites to be seen.

Later that night, they didn't even bother to set aside the camera and the rest of the equipment – Atsumu jumped him as soon as he saw a pic that satisfied him.

"Ye'r not gonna ask how I want ya?" Atsumu had said, breath labored from the incessant kissing, as he straddled Kiyoomi's hips. "Why would I?" Kiyoomi asked him back, hands gripping Atsumu's thighs at either side of his, "you think you're going to top?"

"I'm the one holding the leash, aren't I?" To prove his point, he tugged at the leash. "And," Atsumu's gaze lowered towards his collar, and lightly traced the word engraved on the leather, "wouldn't ya love to be a good slut for me?"

Kiyoomi had then dug his fingers in the meat of Atsumu's bum, pushing him down on his hardness to grind their groins together. "How about you let this slut mount you?" Kiyoomi began, kissing up Atsumu's neck till he reached his ear, "just like I know you love to, sweetheart."

Atsumu groaned, and easily gave up. "Let me suck yer cock first," Atsumu said, and when Kiyoomi raised an eyebrow at him, he added, "please. I never wanted to suck a cock so bad in my life. Ya look so hot in that pic."

He has a lot to thank that pic for. Besides expanding his platform, and therefore bringing him a steady income, that picture also led to one of the best sex experiences of his life– as of yet. 🍆 Fin 🍆

Y'all it's basically un-betaed so... don't perceive anything that doesn't make sense, pretty pls 😭 ALSO!! IF YOU WANNA SEE THE PIC THAT MADE OMI'S PAGE BLOW UP...Or if you just wanna see tattooed & pierced Omi on his knees with a collar on...

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