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Spartan Psyche



6 steps to boost your self-esteem without overthinking ;

1) Act dont talk Life is a series of directed action and it's consequence The quality of your actions determine your level of self esteem. Action in the world is a reflection of action within your mind All actions are embodiment of your conscious choices

2) Acceptance If you are not at peace with yourself you will never have an elevated sense of esteem. This doesn't mean you be complacent Refuse to be your own enemy, Actively pursue to better your weaker areas Effort everyday compounds with time

3) Responsibility Take control over your existence You alone are responsible for your well being Being accountable to your well being is a big toward self esteem Be responsible about your ➼ Choices ➼ Language ➼ Action ➼ Thoughts ➼ Emotions ➼ Time ➼ Attention

4) Purpose Living with purpose is a cheat code to productivity It is a link in the chain that binds you to higher self esteem Purposeful men do not pass on burden of effort to others Accomplishments build competence Repeated evidence of competence gives confidence

5) Integrity Stand by your ➼ Ideals ➼ Conviction ➼ Standards ➼ Beliefs ➼ Values Integrity is an issue for those who compromise on their values Only practice of integrity can heal wounded self esteem Losing face in your own eyes is an early grave ride

6) Conscious living Living consciously is being aware of your environment and self 100% Moving through life going through the motions does not give you any victories that you can be proud of Be aware of your actions & thoughts This is how you leave your mark

Self esteem and confidence go hand in hand. They feed off each other. Live a life that you can be proud of, live life with your head held high. This is the way

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